10 Unique Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 100,000 Shillings Capital

10 Unique Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 100,000 Shillings Capital

Starting a business is a risky path, especially whith little to no experience and expertise. However, with the correct research and insight from experienced business people, you alleviate most barriers and maximize sucess. Today, we are going to take you through 6 Unique Businesses that you can start with less than 100,000 shillings, that are actually profitable. We believe in starting simple and growing, taking into account the average Kenyan economic abilities. Also, getting a guide book for little cash might save you from running into losses of your hard earned capital.

Remember, you are bound to experience challenges which are a must for any sucessfull business. You also need to register your business and comply to all other legal requirements before starting. The internet is a good source for information about all requirements and also research. Remember to do physical assessment and market research to determine the viability of a business in your target location.
Here are 6 Unique Businesses you can start with less than 100,000 shillings capital

Cleaning & Fumigation Services

Cleaning services have especially had a hike in demand during the Pandemic. As lucrative as the business is, you need some equipment, and a small team to start you off. However, the demand for cleaning and fumigation services is on hight demand in companies and individual businesses. Think of reaching out to Matatu sacco companies, and many others who are always ready to get their place cleaned.

Remember to perform the best cleaning and offer atleast something new. By doing this way, you shall get referrals and over time expand intend of your teams and equipment. You don’t have to have an office in the start, take advantage of social media marketing and get clients off facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram and so forth working from your home or any cheaper option. Open up as you get more clients.

Sell Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are those normal size trees grown in containers and conditioned to dwarf by prooning their crowns and roots. Bonsai trees can be developed from any tree species and natured to be a dwarf version of it in a pot or any other stylish containers. Watching your bonsai and caring for it can be a daunting task, however, the results are worth it with a single bonsai going for a thousands of dollars.

Day care business

With the ever increasing working population, a daycare is a timely idea every time in Kenya. Most of these people are mummies and daddies who no longer prefer nannies but professional daily care for their young children. By creating a good kid-friendly environment and a few staff, you can get you day care business up and running.

A car wash.

However generic this idea might sound, starting a car wash can still give you a hit in Kenya. With a good staff, a creatively selected location and legal requirements compliance, you can start-off your car wash with less than 100,000 shillings. You must have a steady supply of water and remember the bills shall be a deal, but don’t worry for high bills means that you’re working. With a staff of 5-8 guys, you can get 100 cars washed per day for 300 each. The secret to a successful car wash is the choice of location, choose a location near high traffic areas or besides parking or resting places such as hotels and you won’t regret it.

Open a small Butchery

Kenyans, including myself love meat, therefore, setting up a small Butchery can earn you serious profits. Keke the car wash business, the hack here is finding the correct location to set up your butcher. Find a clean, secure and hight traffic area, preferably near heavy residential areas. Meet the legal requirements and start your butchery business.

Consider finding your source of meat, setting up a butchery near a slaughter house is a good idea to cut on the meat transportation excersise. You also need one employee to run the actual day-to-day butchery services.

Selling Mitumba or second hand clothes

Mitumba or second hand clothes can be very rewarding with little capital to start. In fact, with as little as 1000 bob, you can get your Mitumba resale business running. All you need to know is in this book below. Getting this cheap e-book shall save you from starting in the dark and any possible wrong-turns that might cause you losses. Download and get started in your journey to sucess.

Start a Salon or baber shop

Start by getting the skill, you candy opt to start small by going to your clients homes or directly by setting up a shop. However, you need to know the plan, pros and cons, profitability, inputs and so on before starting. We highly recommend that you download the below e-book to ensure you do everything right and avoid losses while getting the huge profit margins of 70,000-100,000 shillings per month.

Start an M-pesa Business

No matter the overcrowding in this business, the demand is high with over 90% of the adult population using this service. With the correct master plan and an ideal location, you can start a lucrative M-pesa business. With less than 100,000 shillings, you shall set up a good m-pesa Kiosk with a possible return of up to half or full the investments capital. Download the below m-pesa business guide book to ensure you do everything right at every stage.

Fruit Vending business

With increasing health condition risks, Kenyans are turning to healthy lives, including eating atleast one fruit a day. This need presents an opportunity for enterprenuers to start a lucrative fruit Vending business. Identify a location, preferably a high traffic middle-income residential area. Depending with the amount of capital, you might want to operate from a stall, kiosk or a movable cart.

Remember to do all the legal requirements and get basic starting resources such as a blender, fruits, party cups, some chairs and so forth. What we can promise is that a fruit Vending business, if planned and executed well, shall turn around to be a multi-million business.

Start a local keg bar business

Local Keg bars are very popular in Kenya nowadays. The big reason are the huge profits behind this business. However, bar business needs a lot of research, considerations and legal requirements before starting. So you ask yourself, how much capital do I need, how do I go about the linsensing, choosing location and getting customers. Well, download the below e-book to help you avoid mistakes, start like a pro and succeed.

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