16 richest kids in the world in 2021

The world today is changing at a fast pace. Many people in this world are becoming millionaires and billionaires as the days go by so as children. Nowadays, we have some of the children already being millionaires and billionaires without even attaining the age to start school. Some of the money acquired by these rich kids come from an inheritance from their wealthy parents or guardians, some have put in their hard work and bore fruits. Over the years, most people have started shifting their attention from searching and learning more about the too ranked most wealthy people in the world to the top 16 richest kids in the world 2020. 

Adults are considered to be wealthy, as they have the knowledge to become billionaires, invest in their money and gain a lot of money, but kids have come to the spotlight, becoming millionaires and multi-million area without having to work for it. Most of them come from rich families and royal families. These rich kids live the lavish life, rude around with some fancy cars, some of them even have buildings and assets to their name. Here are some of the top 16 richest kids in the world in 2020. 

Top ranked richest kids in the world. 

1.George Alexander 

Prince Alexander is the richest kid in the world as up to date. His value is worth 1 billion dollars. Gorge was born in the year 2003 and acquired all his wealth from royalty and is regarded to as the Prince of Cambridge. 

2.Phoebe Gates 

Phoebe Gates is the last born from the family of the well known Bill Gates, who is the owner and founder of Microsoft. It’s no doubt that she will inherit more than one billion dollars from the family. 

3. Blue Ivy 

Blue Ivy, the daughter of American rapper, Jay Z and his wife Beyonce. It comes with no surprise that this couple is one of the richest in the States hence Blue Ivy has a lot of money and assets to inherit. 

4. Suri Cruise 

Suri Cruise, the daughter to rich and famous couple between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Her inheritance net worth is upto 800 million us dollars. Her instagram in partnership with her own cloth brands contribute to her being one of the richest kids in the world at only 13. 

5.Knox and Julie Pitt 

These twins are children of movie superstars Brad Pitt together with Angelina Jolie. They are definitely among the top 15 richest kids in the world 2020 as a result of their parents verse wealth. 

6.Maximilian and Emma Muniz 

They are one of the richest kids out there. Their wealth is as a result of their parents Marc and Jenifer Lopez. Their net worth can be said to be 200 million dollars. 

7.Dannielynn Birkhead 

She is the daughter of the famous Ann Nicole who passed away , where Birkhead inherited her mother’s wealth and estates. Her net worth is estimated to be 59 million dollars. 

8.Nick Dioslo 

Nick is a genius in computer programming .He already owns a company at a tender age and is an the inventor of Summy an application that was sold to Yahoo for 30 million dollars. 

9.Abigail Breslin 

She is a very famous singer and also an actress. She is known as the richest actress in the movie Industry. Her net worth is close to 12 million dollars. 

10. Jaden Smith 

He is definitely one of the top 15 richest kids in 2020. He is the first born son of the famous actor Will Smith. He started his acting career at a tender age starring in the movie named pursuit of happiness where he acted alongside his father. His net worth is close to 8 million Us dollars. 

11. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons – 11 Years Old

Estimated worth; 6 million US dollars

12. Rajiv Ruparella

Estimated net worth: 5 million US dollars

13. Elle Funning

Estimated net worth: 5 million US dollars

14. Willow Smith

Estimated net worth: 5 million US dollars

15. Cody Simpson

Estimated net worth: 4.6 million US dollars

16. Rico Rodriguez

Estimated net worth: 4 million US dollars

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