20 best DJs in the world in 2021

Music as you well know has become part of the people’s way of living. You can sometimes start to feel monotonous after you keep playing your favorite song on repeat but listening to the DJ tracks that offer unique beats and an excellent combination of the other tracks of which helps to lighten the mood wherever you are. Who is currently the best DJ in the world? Don’t go anywhere as we are going to find out the 20 best DJs in the world in 2021. 

The biggest and the best DJ in the world go beyond adding bass to their speakers. Most of the DJ’s make sure that their own playlist include of songs that are very catchy and melodious that will lift the spirits of the crowd in place. Down below is a list of the 20 best DJs in the world in 2021. 

Precise list of 20 best DJs in the world in 2021

  1. Martin Garrix 
  2. Marshmellow
  3. Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas 
  4. Diplo
  5. Hardwell
  6. The chainsmokers
  7. Illenium
  8. Zedd
  9. Tiesto
  10. David Guetta 

1.Martin Garrix 

He is undoubtedly the best DJ currently in the world right now. He was born in the year 1996 and was named the best DJ from the year 201 to the year 2018. Based in the country, Netherlands he is also a well known record producer. He has also performed in the biggest stages and music festivals in the world that include Coachella, tommorow land and  creamfields 

2.. Marshmellow 

He is one of the best DJs currently in the world although he is not well known by the public. He gained a lot of followers and attracted a lot of interest from the remix songs that were made by Zedd and Jack U. He is said to have made roughly 21 million dollars in an year. 

3. Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas 

The pair are blood brothers with record making hits and are most definitely  among the top 20 best DJs in the world in 2021. They gained a lot of fame and attracted fans by the help of their hit making songs that include mammoth, hum and the tremor. They have been in the scene since they were young and have toured all over the world. 

4. Diplo 

He was raised and born in the year 1974 in Mississippi. He is the founder and the leader of the group Major Lazer. He has then worked with big names in the industry such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber that has boosted his fan base. 

5. Hardwell 

 Hardwell is a well known DJ and recorder from Dutch.  He was the best DJ in the year 2013 but has since then gone down to position five. He has performed in the top music festivals including tommorow land and Coachella. 

6. The chainsmokers 

They are a well known group made up of two people namely Alex and Drew. They have released several hit songs including selfie that topped the charts. He has two American and Grammy awards and seven billboard awards  he is definitely among the top 20 best DJs in the world in 2021. 


He is an American recorder and DJ born in the year 1990. He began making his electronic music and performing at big stages in the year 2008. He has also worked with big names such as the chainsmokers. 


He is a well known and prominent DJ. He was born in the year 1989 in the country of Russia. He is well skilled in most of the instruments and not only does he do electronic music but also classic music nowadays. 


He is considered one of the oldest DJs in the entire world. He was born in the year 1967 in Dutch and was recently named the greatest Dj and recorder of all time. He is definitely among the best DJs in the universe currently. 

10.David Guetta 

He is a very popular music recorder and DJ. He was raised and born in the country of France. He has released several albums that have contributed to his success and fame. 


12 Calvin Harris 



15.Dj snake 

16.Amin Van Buuren 

17. R3HAB 

18.Don Diablo 

19.Sreve Aoki 

20.Aly and Fila 

These are the top20 best DJs in the world in 2021 that over the years have gained a ridiculous amount of money and their game and fan base has increased. Most of the names mentioned above have won a lot of awards including Grammys and billboard awards. It’s with great recognition that we respect the work that they have put in to give us the best quality entertainment. 

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