4 Witches Burned in Kisii (Video/Photos)

4 elderly Witches Burnt in Kisii (Video/Photos)


  • A student is abducted at night, goes missing for hours,and is later found laying close to home, dumb. 
  • The neighbours and villagers recognized him and figured out what had happened to him i.e. a wild adventure with the witches.
  • The villagers spit on him one by one and he manages to talk after two women spat on him.This sets off chaos instantly.

Detailed News

4 elderly Witches lynched in Kisii (Video/Photos)

Four villagers are set ablaze at Nyangonyi village in Kisii county after being suspected to have abducted a secondary school teen mysteriously. The kid was found lying unconscious on a path near his home after going missing for a whole night. His family reported that he was looking sickly before he ‘left’ home. They also stated that he was abducted mysteriously at night. When the villagers joined the dots and realized what had happened to the boy, they decided to perform a small cleansing ritual whereby every villager was expected to show up, queue, and spit on the boy. 


The process went on smoothly until two women had spat on him and the boy was able to speak again. Upon regaining consciousness and his ability to speak, the villagers burst with anger and started charging the two women. The women made it worse when they started making accusations, bringing two other individuals into the mess. The villagers pounced on the two women and set them on flames on the spot. 

The villagers later approached the other two and lynched them as well under no compromise since they were trying to skip the cleansing process and they had been mentioned by their dead colleagues as well. The third woman had been dragged out of the house where she was hiding and set on fire together with her house and belongings. An 82-year old man was the last one to be blazed up by the angry mob. The four witches had abducted the boy on Saturday night when he was studying into the late night. 

Although his father denied talking to our journalists, a few villagers said that the witches had been giving them a difficult time, and they were grateful that such evil had been eliminated from their village. They further claimed that any other suspect will end up in smokes just like their colleagues, it sounded more like a Warning to any witches laying low at the moment. Watch the video

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