• Liverpool to consider new contracts signing as the Transfer window draws nearer.
  • Mohamed Salah ‘open’ to participation in the top 2 Laliga clubs.
  • Key team signings to that will determine Liverpool’s success.

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The current Premier league champion club, Liverpool; is likely going to lose a number of players as a result of expiry of numerous contracts at the same time. The club is holding debates to consider which players it’s going to tie to the contract, those to be released, transfer and most importantly new signing deals. In this blog page, we are going to look at the four Liverpool contract signings that are going to strengthen the club’s core later and in the current and upcoming seasons.

4 Key contracts that will strengthen Liverpool

As the club loses one of its key players to a free transfer during this summer break, Georginho Wijnaldum; Liverpool’s officials are looking forward to keep four of the club’s star players bound within the club. Mohamed Salah is one amongst the four and the management is so keen on replenishing his contract for the team’s success now and in future. The Egyptian forward raised the club’s tension after his suggestion that he’d be ‘open’ to experience play in Barcelona as well as Real Madrid in a Spanish league interview.

The managment is holding discussions with this star player to probably lengthen his contract as his current expires in 2023.

The remaining three players are Virgil VanDijk, goalkeeper Allison and Fabinho. According to The Kenyan, the club is also going to hold a meeting discussion with the remaining trio to talk about their future contracts and commitment in the club. With the outstanding perfomance and top goal scoring in the team, liverpool has no intent of letting Mo Salah go anytime soon. Moreover, the club might make new signings into the team to strengthen the team and cover any ‘gaps’ on the squad. The club officials are holding sittings to make sure the team is well set to light up the dimming flame, hasta la vista!

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