The Kenyan government had promised a 60M reward to anyone who would help know the whereabouts and capture three terror suspects who escaped from Kamiti maximum prison, one of the most guarded and secured prison in Kenya.

Kitui Residents Identified The 3 Kamiti Maximum Prison Escapees.

A man in kitui led a group that identified the three suspects on 18th November 2021 has been identified by Kenyans as the one to be rewarded. However, the government of Kenya has not issued any official statement concerning the reward or the beneficiaries.

Proof of the identification

The man is seen in a selfie with the escapees which might be good ground to claim the reward. When interviewed, the man accounted that they had spotted the three Kamiti maximum prison prison terror suspect escapees walking in a suspicious manner. He reported that the men were careful not to lose track, at one point the reportedly retreated from a forest they chose to use after finding out that it was too thick to offer passage.

However some observers have said that the government shall make intense checks to identify and confirm the information before rewarding the rightful beneficiary.

The Government is now expected to give communication and direction concerning the 60M reward.

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