Forests are very important to the general human existence during this age full of pollution and climate change. Forests aid the planet through the process of photosynthesis, as they take in carbon dioxide as they release oxygen gas to the world. Forests also play a huge role in dictating the weather patterns and also store water. Africa has one of the biggest forests in the world that acts as a great heritage. Here are the 8 largest forests of Africa, discussed down below. 

A precise list of largest forests in Africa

  1. Congo forest
  2. Mau forest
  3. Cross Niger forests
  4. Ongoye Forest
  5. Budongo forest
  6. Newlands forest
  7. Niko Montane and Mount Cameroon forests
  8. Arabuko Sokoke

1.Congo forest 

The Congo forest is the largest forest in Africa and of course the second-largest rainforest in the world. It is only defeated by the Amazon forest in the entire world. It is found also in the countries DRC, Gabon, Guinea, and Cameroon. The forest inhabits various animals for example buffalo, Chimpanzees, elephants, and also different varieties of plants. It shelters many more human cultures. 

2.Mau forest. 

It is definitely among the  8 largest forests of Africa and among the largest forests in the East African part. It is found in Kenya. It is 675000 acres in area. It’s definitely the biggest water catchment body in Kenya. Numerous rivers in Kenya originated from there including the Njoro River, Southern Ewaso, Mara river, and Sondu river. 

3.Cross Niger forests 

It is a tropical forest found in the country of Nigeria and is found between the Cross River at the east and Niger River at the west with an area of 21,000 square km. The forest had a wet climate, the inland is dry and from the month December to the month February, there is a dry season. The forest also inhabits several wild animals such as elephants, hippos, leopards, warthogs, and lions. It is also home to different bird species. 

4.Ongoye Forest 

The Invite forest is definitely among the 8 largest forests of Africa. It is found in South Africa in Mtunzini town with an area about 4000 hectares .Some of the vegetation found in the forest include Pondo fig, Pock Ironwood, Forest mangosteen, Natal Krantz, White Stinkwood and giant umzimbeet 

5.Budongo forest 

This is most definitely one of the biggest forests in the East Africa. It is also the biggest Forest in East Africa Of mahogany vegetation. It is found in Uganda. It is inhabited by different wild animals such as the zebra, giraffe, cheetah, buffalo, Rhinos and Leopards. 

6. Newlands forest 

It is found in South Africa. It’s a forest conservancy place found at the table mountains at the Eastern slopes besides the Newland suburbs.  It is maintained and owned by Table Mountain parks board and with an area value of about 400 hectares. It is inhabited by various wild animals such as ground hornbill, alpine swift, Wild African dog cape canary and monkeys. 

7. Niko Montane and Mount Cameroon forests. 

It is found in the border between Cameroon and Nigeria, along a volcanic chain. It also extends towards the Southwest at Sao Tome and Annobo with an area 410 square miles. 

8. Arabuko Sokoke 

It is definitely the largest coastal  forest section found in The Eastern South Africa and isn’t it among the top 8 largest forests of Africa?  It has a area of about 425 square km. The forest is inhabited by over 260 different bird species including the Sokoke pipit, Amani sunbird, Clarke’s weaver, Sokoke scops bird owl, east akalat and the ground spotted thrush. 


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