ABSA Paybill number – How To Deposit Money From Mpesa To Absa Bank Account in Kenya

ABSA was formerly known as Barclays bank, as much as the name changed, much of the tradition and processes remained the same, including ABSA  Paybill number. In this article, we are going to show you how to deposit money from M-pesa to your ABSA bank account. In order to complete this transaction, you need to know the ABSA Paybill number which is 303030.

How to deposit money from M-Pesa to ABSA bank account in Kenya through Paybill number 

  1. Start your mobile STK app, then navigate to the m-pesa menu. 

  2. Select lipa Na M-pesa then select the Paybill option

  3. Enter the ABSA Paybill number which is 303030

  4. A pop up form for account number shall appear, enter your ABSA bank account number that you want to deposit money to.

  5. Next, enter your preferred amount that you want to send

  6. Finally, input your M-pesa pin and confirm the transaction.  

  7. You are done, wait for a confirmation message from m-pesa. 

How to withdraw money from ABSA bank account to M-pesa using USSD 

ABSA formerly known as Barclays Bank now allows it’s uses to withdraw money from their accounts to m-pesa using USSD. The big thing about USSD withdrawal option is that any mobile device can handle it, you don’t necessarily need a smartphone, a kabambe is enough. 

During this pandemic, going cashless has been the preferred option. Remember cashless tra sanctions were made free and therefore you aren’t going to be charged when withdrawing money from your ABSA bank account to M-pesa. Here is a step by step guide on how to withdrawoney from ABSA bank account to M-pesa using USSD. 

  1. On your phone’s dial pad, key in *224# 
  2. From the pop-up options, select m-pesa 
  3. Enter the m-pesa number that you want to withdraw money to 
  4. Next, enter the amount of money you want to withdraw 
  5. Next, enter your M-pesa pin number and click send to complete the transaction. 
  6. Once the transaction is completed successfully, you shall receive a confirmation message and your withdrawal amount in m-pesa. 


What is ABSA Paybill number? 

ABSA, fonerly known as Barclays Bank retained their Paybill number which is 303030 

Are there charges when withdrawing money from ABSA to m-pesa?

No, there aren’t transactional charges, the transaction is free of charges

How long does it take to withdraw money from ABSA to m-pesa? 

This process takes a few minutes, in case you experience a serious delay, over 30 minutes, reach out to ABSA through their official contacts. 

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