Alibaba offices in Kenya: How to buy and ship goods from China to Kenya

Alibaba, as most people in the world know and over the years learned how to use it, is among the biggest companies that deal and offer almost every type of product together with services online. It is an online trading platform that was created by Director Jack Ma. The company was founded in the year 1990 in the country of China and over the years has become one of the biggest if not the largest trading platform in the world for customers with total revenue of billions of US dollars. 

Alibaba offices in Kenya: How to buy and ship goods from China to Kenya, has become a burning issue for Kenyan citizens particularly those who aren’t well informed on e-commerce. Alibaba company has made buying and selling of devices and goods in the world with ease. You can now be able to buy anything you want from Alibaba despite your location, including our beautiful country, Kenya. 

Benefits of purchasing from Alibaba 

The international buying of services and goods is easier and cheaper as opposed to purchasing them in your own country from certain dealers. Alibaba has also made it possible for many entrepreneurs located in Kenya to conduct trading as it offers them a wide platform for them to conduct their business with ease. This also ensures that they emerge with better profit margins as opposed to selling their services and goods locally. 

Alibaba’s method of exporting and importing goods in Kenya. 

Alibaba offices in Kenya: How to buy and ship goods from China to Kenya is discussed down below.  

  • First of all, if you are in Kenya, you should go to the Alibaba webpage and order your goods or service  
  • China in particular has got a lot of outlets including Dalian, Guangzhou, and Shanghai are some examples. You can decide whether the goods you bought should be delivered to you after you have completed your online purchase. 
  • In case you are the seller, the customer will choose the destination place and the courier service, only after finishing their online purchase. 
  • Search for a courier firm that offers delivery to Kenya, of which are available in each port. This will help you clear with offices that deal with customs there. It is highly encouraged that you search for a firm that has available offices within Kenya to make the tracking and delivery process easy. 

Companies that offer these services. 


It’s a logistics and postal company with one of the largest global networks covering over 230 countries worldwide including Kenya. It’s reliable and safe and your ordered goods will be delivered in great condition 


The EMS is from China and is half airmail and half courier delivery service worldwide. It’s highly affordable and reliable and will deliver your ordered goods in great condition and you can track your goods with ease from their platform. 

How to access your goods 

If you decide to transport your goods using the air method, then you are supposed to come for your goods from the airport and if you used the sea method, you will pick them at the Mombasa port. At the Mombasa port or rather an airport, you will pay for customs duties and inspection charges. From there you can acquire a forwarding and clearing agent to help with the transport process making it fast and easier for you. Alibaba offices in Kenya: How to buy and ship goods from China to Kenya is very easy and reliable for the common mwananchi at this time, especially during this pandemic.

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