Aljazeera FAQs

Al-Jazeera is one of the world’s biggest news broadcasting corporations. Here, some of Al-Jazeera’s most frequently asked questions (FAQs) will be featured.  

Al-Jazeera FAQs 

  1. What is the Al-Jazeera Media Network? 

Al-Jazeera Media Network is one of the world’s largest media companies with over 70 news bureaus around the world and several international news channels. 

  1.  Where is Al-Jazeera Headquartered? 

The Headquarters of Al-Jazeera Media Network is in Doha, Qatar. 

  1. What are Al-Jazeera sources of funding? 

Al-Jazeera receives a grant from the State of Qatar to provide media services to the globe. The network also gathers funds from advertising and sales. 

  1. What is Al-Jazeera America? 

Al-Jazeera America is an American channel, from the Al-Jazeera News Network. The award-winning news channel promises stories that are fact-based and in-depth and focus on the human side of the story. Al-Jazeera America covers stories on how world events affect lives. 

  1. What is the Al-Jazeera Media Network? 

Al-Jazeera is among the world’s biggest media companies with over 80 bureaus around the world, with 12 of them in the United States. Al-Jazeera offers broad international coverage in news, sports and family events and channels. Al-Jazeera has won several of journalism’s most prestigious awards, such as the Emmys, the Gracies, the Peabody’s, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Freedom Award and the DuPont Award. 

  1. What Does Al-Jazeera Mean? 

The word Al-Jazeera means peninsula. The Al-Jazeera logo is distinct and meant to be shaped like a drop of water. 

  1. What is the vision for Al-Jazeera America? 

Al-Jazeera America aims to provide unbiased journalism, based on facts, and in-depth for all its audiences in the US. It aims to broadcast local and domestic news in a global context while broadcasting global news in a domestic and local context. This interconnection is a critical element for Al-Jazeera America, as they attempt to focus on the human side of the story rather than just the political or analytical aspects of an event. 

  1. What Kind of shows are aired on Al-Jazeera America? 

The channel’s global coverage includes breaking news, business and investigative journalism. Their flagship show is America Tonight, which tackles the most pressing matters of our time with investigative reports, profiles and interviews with top newsmakers. Other shows include; the business finance show, Real Money with Al Veshi as well as Inside Story, which gives an in-depth view of headlines from different points of view 

  1. How can I find Al-Jazeera America on my cable or satellite provider? 

Al-Jazeera is available through many service providers. Here are some; 

  • Comcast / XFINITY 
  • DISH 
  • Time Warner Cable 
  • AT&T U-Verse 
  • Verizon FiOS 
  • Bright House Networks 
  1. Can I watch Al-Jazeera America Programming online? 

Episodes of TechNow, Talk to Al-Jazeera, and the Emmy award-winning investigative series, Fault Lines are available online. Also, check out Al-Jazeera’s Youtube channel. 

  1. Can I watch Al-Jazeera America’s programming on a mobile device? 

The website and all its contents are viewable on all mobile and tablet devices. Al-Jazeera America has authenticated live-streaming services with select operators including Comcast, XFINITY, Time Warner Cable, DISH and Verizon FiOS. 

  1. Is Al-Jazeera America’s Programming available on Satellite radio? 

Al-Jazeera America’s programming is currently not available on Satellite radio. 

  1. How can I stay ahead with news and information from Al-Jazeera America? 

Stay in the know by signing up for their email newsletter, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. 

  1. Where is Al Jazeera America available on HD?’ 

Al Jazeera America is available in HD with select distributors, including Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS, and Bright House Networks. Contact your cable provider to see if HD is available. 

  1. Why can’t I find videos I’m searching for? 

Select video clips are available on Al-Jazeera America’s website for a limited time. If you are unable to find a video by searching, they are currently unavailable. 

  1. Is Al-Jazeera English available in America? 

Al-Jazeera English is not available in the United States. Al-Jazeera America addresses the news and interests of American Audiences. 

  1.  What is the difference between Al-Jazeera English and Al-Jazeera America? 

Al-Jazeera America is completely different from Al-Jazeera English and all other channels in the Al-Jazeera Network. Al-Jazeera America is managed separately and independently while abiding by the same code of ethics as other channels in the network. 

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