Our Crypto guide today illustrates the best cryptocurrency apps and exchanges in 2023. As times go by, it is getting easier and easier to do anything via mobile. Cryptocurrency trading is no exception. It is now easier to come up with a buy, sell and manage the funds via smartphone on Android or even iPhone.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps and Exchanges

The convenience gets greater and better with the development of applications that support cryptocurrency trade and management. We, therefore, find it important to briefly go through a number of applications that are relevant to cryptocurrency in general. As a matter of fact, not all of them are credible and convenient, we then have to find out the best cryptocurrency apps before we think of handling crypto on mobile. 

Factors to consider for the best cryptocurrency app 

  1. Security
  2. Availability
  3. Customer support
  4. Is it Up-to-date?
  5. Customer Fees
  6. Is it User-friendly?
  7. Currencies it supports
  8. Location


The worst thing about cryptocurrency is the fact that once a transaction is initiated, it might be hard to trace the progress not until the end if it was a safe transaction. That is why we have emphasized the level of s security.

The app that we choose as the best should be able to guarantee security for our investment. Preferably, we should consider an application with two-factor authentication as well as back-end encryption which together guarantee the security of our crypto investment.

This is very important to consider since at this point, it’s very easy for hackers and scammers to break into one’s account which may lead to great losses. 


Cryptocurrencies keep on changing the way they work. They develop and they change the way they work overtime, therefore an ideal app will give us real-time information about what is happening with the crypto world at a certain time, and here it’s relevant to know that it is available within the area we are in.

It is important since it provides information relevant to the tax constraints and the relative availability in the specific place we live in. So it is important to make sure that the application is relevant to the type of cryptocurrency available in the place we live in. 

Is it up to date? 

Find an application that is updated with the latest forms of cryptocurrency and is compatible with the ever-changing cryptocurrency forms and changing market prices. There are many apps but many of them tend to be restrained to some form of cryptocurrency or some way of operation.

It is therefore nice to do a little analysis of what we have in place and find out the best cryptocurrency app in terms of up-to-date information and system of working.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps and Exchanges

  1. Gemini
  2. Coinbase
  3. Voyager
  4. Binance.US
  5. BlockFi
  6. Robinhood
  7. SoFi
  8. Etoro
  9. Cash App

Now, after going through the important features that the best cryptocurrency apps should have, we can go through a few of the recommended applications, based on what we have discussed above.

Now the ones we are going through are just but a few among the many available in the market and it is purposeful to let us see what an ideal cryptocurrency application looks like, to make it easier for us to choose. 

Best Cryptocurrency Apps and Exchanges

1. Gemini 

Simplicity in creating a cryptocurrency portfolio, managing wallets, and transfer of the same is very important since many people get pissed off at the earliest stages of creating the portfolios.

Gemini is therefore easy to manage and work with the app. If your best cryptocurrency app is one that is simple to use, we can talk about Gemini as the best. The fact that this application is simple to use and manage, it is guarantees that we can find an easy time in tracking the progress of all the ongoing progress.

Consider Gemini for all the simplicity and ease to use with all the available tools, simple to work with. It is compatible with many available cryptocurrency forms. 

2. Coinbase 

Are you a beginner? Here is the best cryptocurrency application for beginners and it is the best suited for anyone who is thinking to get started on crypto. Through coin base, we can get to learn a lot concerning cryptocurrency wallets, how they operate, and their availability, and at the same time get to invest in cryptocurrency.

Coinbase is so good for the first step. It totally free to get started and it is perfectly available in a number of countries. However, in some, it is still not available though there are plans to make it available.  

3. Voyager 

Are you an iPhone user? Here is the best perfect choice if you want to get started in cryptocurrency. This application is free to join and offers a $25 dollar Bitcoin for signing up. In simplicity, it is the best cryptocurrency application in terms of simplicity on the iPhone.

It has simple-to-use applications that are very applicable to the iPhone system to help in tracking the progress with little difficulty. Voyager includes news updates and a number of secure exchange tools for ease of use. Any cryptocurrency investor on iPhone would better consider this. 

4. BlockFi 

If you ever consider having a cryptocurrency application that is compatible with all the software systems, this might be the best. We should therefore take into consideration the system restrictions sometimes institutional and some according to the tax constraints and commercial laws.

Make sure you find an application that is compatible with the available system constraints and laws. This one is great for exchange and quite easy to use with a number of systems related to cryptocurrency channels. Block Fi can work for institutional investments and a number of regulations related to cryptocurrency. It is a safe application to use for large investments in cryptocurrency. 

The most emphasis is placed on the ease of use in terms of tracking progress, exchanging value and wallets, and all that comes with having easy-to-use tools. It is therefore good to consider all that in the choice we want to make on a cryptocurrency application.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Trading

Crypto AppSupported CoinsFeesDebit/Credit Card Levy
Bitstamp50+0.5% per trade5%
DeFi Swap50+N/AN/A
eToro43, & 500+ convertible pairsFree, Spread-Only-on Trades0.5% & FREE for US users
Crypto.com250+0.4% commission2.99%
Aqru5 Crypto tokensNo Fees for savings accountsN/A
Coinbase50+1.49% commission3.99%
Binance1,000+, 60+ for US users0.10% commission4.5% + 0.5% for US clients
OpenSeaNFTs2.5% commissionNone
Best Cryptocurrency Apps 2022

Security is also very important and a major consideration when it comes to the important things that make one the best cryptocurrency application. We should have an easy time getting started and using whatever application we choose. Therefore, we believe you’ve seen the top and best cryptocurrency apps and exchanges acknowledged for their exclusive services in the crypto industry. Stay tuned to our page to stay up-to-date with the current cryptocurrency trends and updates.

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