GOtv Packages, Channels & Prices In Kenya

GOtv Lite Package Channels Kenya

  1. Jim jam 
  2. Faith 
  3. Supersport Blitz 
  4. Afro english 
  5. Islam channel 
  6. Al jazeera 
  7. Inooro tv 
  8. eTV Africa 
  9. Emmanuel TV 
  10. Classic FM 
  11. K24 
  12. KTN 
  13. NTV 
  14. KTN News 
  15. Citizen Tv 
  16. KBC 

GOtv Kenya Value Package Channels List

  1. Africamagic Epic 
  2. Eva + 
  3. FOX life 
  4. Maisha Magic 
  5. Africamagic family 
  6. Real time 
  7. SELECT Sports channel 1 
  8. Inooro tv 
  9. NTV 
  10. KBC 
  11. KTN 
  12. K24 
  13. eTV Africa 
  14. SuperSport Blitz 
  15. E! Entertainment  
  16. Citizen Tv 
  17. Jim jam 
  18. KTN News 
  19. BBC news 
  20. Emmanuel TV 
  21. Islam Channel 
  22. Afro English 
  23. Nickelodeon 
  24. Faith 
  25. Classic FM 
  26. KTN News 

GOtv Kenya Plus Package Channels List 

  1. Iroko Music 
  2. GO Channel 
  3. Maisha east 
  4. Maisha Bongo 
  5. Maisha family 
  6. FOX 
  7. Eva+ 
  8. Zee world 
  9. Telemundo 
  10. Discovery family 
  11. NatGeo wild 
  12. Real time 
  13. FOX life 
  14. E! 
  15. SELECT Sports channel 1 
  16. SuperSport Blitz 
  17. SELECT Sports channel 2 
  18. Inooro TV 
  19. KBC 
  20. eTV Africa 
  21. KTN 
  22. NTV 
  23. K24 
  24. Citizen TV 
  25. KTN News 
  26. Jim jam 
  27. PBS kids 
  28. Nickelodeon 
  29. Disney junior 
  30. MTV Base 
  31. BBC News 
  32. Afro English 
  33. CNN international 
  34. Mnet zone 
  35. Al jazeera
  1. B4U movies 
  2. Faith 
  3. Africa Epic 
  4. Classic FM 
  5. Emmanuel TV 
  6. Islam Channel 

GOtv Kenya Max Packages Channels List

  1. Eva + 
  2. Telemundo 
  3. Star life 
  4. Zee world 
  5. Real time 
  6. Discovery family 
  7. NatGeo wild 
  8. GO channel 
  9. Discovery ID 
  10. Iroko Music 
  11. FOX Life 
  12. E! 
  13. FOX 
  14. BET International 
  15. Africa family 
  16. CBS reality 
  17. Maisha Bongo 
  18. ROK 2 
  19. Maisha East 
  20. Iroko plus 
  21. SuperSport Blitz 
  22. eTV Africa 
  23. TVC Entertainment 
  24. SELECT Sports channel 2 
  25. NTV 
  26. Inooro TV 
  27. KBC 
  28. K24 
  29. Citizen TV 
  30. KTN 
  31. Nickelodeon 
  32. KTN News 
  33. Jim jam 
  34. PBS Kids 
  35. Disney junior 
  36. Da Vinci kids 
  37. MTV Base 
  38. TRACE
  39. Cartoon network 
  40. Emmanuel TV 
  41. Faith 
  42. Islam channel 
  43. Afro English 
  44. Al jazeera 
  45. B4U movies 
  46. TNT Africa 
  47. CNN international 
  48. Mnet zone 
  49. BBC News 
  50. Classic FM 
  51. Africa Epic 

Gotv Channels Available In Kenya

GOtv Max Channels List KenyaGOtv Plus Channels List KenyaGOtv Value Channels List KenyaGOtv Lite Channels List Kenya
Africa Magic FamilyAfrica Magic FamilyN/AN/A
Mnet Movie ZoneMnet Movie ZoneN/AN/A
Maisha Magic EastMaisha Magic EastMaisha Magic EastN/A
Maisha Magic BongoMaisha Magic BongoN/AN/A
Africa Magic EpicAfrica Magic EpicAfrica Magic EpicN/A
eTV AfricaeTV AfricaeTV AfricaeTV Africa
Fashion OneFashion OneFashion OneN/A
B4U MoviesB4U MoviesN/AN/A
ZEE WorldZEE WorldN/AN/A
SuperSport BlitzSuperSport BlitzSuperSport BlitzSuperSport Blitz
SuperSport Select 1SuperSport Select 1SuperSport Select 1N/A
SuperSport Select 2SuperSport Select 2N/AN/A
SuperSport Select 3SuperSport Select 3N/AN/A
SuperSport Select 4N/AN/AN/A
BBC World NewsBBC World NewsBBC World NewsN/A
Discovery FamilyDiscovery FamilyN/AN/A
NatGeo WildNatGeo WildN/AN/A
Disney JuniorDisney JuniorDisney JuniorN/A
Jim JamJim JamJim JamJim Jam
Afro MusicAfro MusicAfro MusicAfro Music
Islam ChannelIslam ChannelIslam ChannelIslam Channel
Emmanuel TVEmmanuel TVEmmanuel TVEmmanuel TV
Citizen TVCitizen TVCitizen TVCitizen TV
Ebru TVEbru TVEbru TVEbru TV
Inooro TVInooro TVInooro TVInooro TV
Kameme TVKameme TVKameme TV
Gotv Channels Available In Kenya

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GOtv Prices And The Packages They Offer In Kenya 

According to the Updated list of GOtv Packages and prices in Kenya, GOtv offers its customers four packages as shown above.

Frequently Asked Questions GOtv Kenya

Which is the best way to contact GOtv Kenya? 

Reaching out to GOtv customer care might sometimes delay. However, the best way to reach them is via their Twitter handle. We have found it to be very effective and responsive. 

What packages and channels does Gotv offer?

Gotv Kenya offers affordable packages and channels as outlined in this article.

What is the mpesa paybill number for gotv in Kenya?

The Mpesa pay bill number for gotv in Kenya is 423655. Check the procedure to pay for your gotv subscription using mpesa

What channels are on GOtv plus Kenya?

Gotv plus package offers the below channels in Kenya;

How much is GOtv Super package in Kenya?

You get GOtv Supa in Kenya at Ksh. 1,499 per month.

How many channels are GOtv plus?

Gotv plus offers 57 channels in Kenya.

What is GOtv Plus now called?

Effective 1st June, GOtv Value & GOtv Plus bouquets will be phased out and customers migrated to the brand new GOtv JINJA & GOtv JOLLI

How much is GOtv Lite in Kenya?

GOtv Lite costs Ksh 1,525 per month in Kenya

Which is the cheapest GOtv package?

Gotv lite package is the cheapest package that GOtv offers going at 610 shillings per month.

Does GOtv have free channels?

No, GOtv doesn’t offer free channels, however offers channels at cheaper packages compared to DStv Kenya.

Is StarTimes better than GOtv?

Startimes is better than GOtv when it comes to flexibility in the subscription. They offer daily, weekly, monthly, and annual package subscription options.

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