Profile Summary of Angelo Adkins

Full NAMEAngelo James Adkins
Place of Birth/originalityUnited Kingdom
D.O.B (Date of Birth)October 19, 2012
Age 9 Years Old
Father’s NameSimon Konecki
Mother’s NameAdele Laurie Blue Adkins
Horoscope/Zodiac signLibra
UncleCameron O’ Sullivan
Paternal GrandparentsAndrew Konecki & Rosemary Konecki
Maternal GrandparentsMark Evans & Penny Adkins
Famous IdentityAdele’s Son
Hair ColourBrown

Angelo Adkins – Adele’s son bio

A Celebrity’s life is very interesting and at the same time the ‘most difficult’ lifestyle especially when their fanbase influence comes in. Being a celebrity means that one will have to experience a life of criticism and scrutiny from their fans’ surrounding and even one’s competitors as well. Therefore, we can all agree that leading such a way of living can bring a lot of advantages and disadvantages as well on the other hand. This makes the celebrities consider keeping their affairs and lifestyles private. In this review text, we are going to check out and highlight some parts of Angelo Adkins- Adele’s son bio.

After Angelo was introduced into the family, the fans were all over the internet speculating and trying to guess out the kind of lifestyle this little angel is going to lead under the care of his celebrity parent.

Angelo Adkins

However, Adele decided to keep any affairs involving her son and family private just like some other celebrities. It’s clear that Adele is not one comfortable lady who doesn’t tolerate a public lifestyle thus keeping all her business to herself.

This is the opposite of some celebrities who can’t go for a minute without showing off their kids live on social media platforms, or even in the streets before their media teams and congregations. Regardless of Adele keeping her son’s life and affairs away from public attention, we are going to look at a few things about it i.e. Angelo Adkins’ age, his father, Bio, age, and Angelo’s current lifestyle as well.

Who is Angelo Adkins?

Angelo Adkins is the son to one of the most popular pop singers and Grammy award winners, Adele. Adele gave birth to Angelo during her prime years in the music career. This is why the fans kept their hopes high, expecting Adele to share this part of the story with them. Adele however kept her Gem’s lifestyle private instead due to her own personal reasons.

When Adele divorced with Angelo’s dad, her fans were looking forward to an update about what was going on and how the resultant solo lifestyle would affect the kid. Since she didn’t mention anything about it on any social media page, we have prepared this Angelo Adkins-Adele’s son bio to depict more details about his lifestyle and upbringing.

Adele’s Son Biography

When Angelo Adkin’s photos were first revealed in the internet, his parents petitioned that the images had been taken without consent, thus declaring them illegal. This triggered his parents’ concern about their son’s privacy state thus making his lifestyle private due to so much pressure from the fans.

Angelo Adkins bio

When Angelo’s parents decided to divorce, Adele’s fans took a closer look into this since they were expecting Angelo’s raising terms to change. This however did not go as expected since Angelo is the key reason his parents still have a cordial companionship. They’ve left the fans surprised and guessing since they can’t understand what’s really going on unless Adele clears the air.

How old is Adele’s son- Angelo Adkins’ Age

Angelo Adkins was born on 19th October Friday, 2012 to Adele Laury Blue Adkins and Simon Konecki. Before giving birth to Angelo, Adele and Simon had dated for almost a year then. In June 2021, Angelo Adkin’s age was confirmed to be 8 years-old then.

Angelo Adkins’ Father

Married to the famous Music artist and Grammy Award winner, Simon Konecki (Charity Entrepreneur) became father to newly born Angelo Adkins in 2012 after dating with Adele for a year. They however kept their relationship private regardless of having a son until the 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony, when Adele asserted her audience that she was married to Simon Konecki (Mentioning her as her Husband). She also acknowledged her marriage to Simon during a concert in Australia back in 2017.

What does Simon Konecki’s Career- Adele’s Ex-husband

Simon is a recognized entrepreneur and businessman who started by working as an EBS Director before becoming Manager of a Senior Team of Brokers in Lehman Brothers. He later gave up on this post and co-founded a bottled water brand in UK known as Life Water beside his colleague Lucas White. His key objective was to make the world a better place by producing and supplying clean water in developing countries. The project went on successfully thus giving rise to the Drop4Drop Charity well known for providing clean water to growing countries as well.

Angelo Adkins Adele's son

Adele and Simon Konecki’s divorce

The fact that these two kept their marriage and Angelo Adkins’ life private made her fans even more curious about what was going on. One thing everyone was sure about was that they did this on purpose to maintain a healthy environment for upbringing their son. Their beautifu bond however came to a halt after they separated in 2019. The reason to their divorce is however unknown until today. In 2020, word spread across the globe about the Judge’s rule in favour of Adele that the £14M divorce secret should be kept concealed. Their divorce was eventually concluded and made official in 2021.

Angelo Adkins Now

Despite the separation and divorce, Simon and Adele decided to maintain a cordial companionship for the good of their son. The two decided to take this step for the well-being of their son. They supposedly keep a close since the two seemingly share a street for the sake of their beloved son, Angelo Adkins.

Angelo has brought so much meaning to his parents’ relationship regardless of the bumps and challenges they faced in their relationship. The two have however shifted their focus and decided to project the love to their son who means alot to them. Simon and Adele are successfully undertaking the task and they could do anything to make Angelo happy. Starting from providing for him, to keeping him off social media as much as they can. You now have the Angelo Adkins – Adele’s son bio at hand. Feel free to come back fot reference and share any comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Angelo Adkins

Who is Angelo to Adele?

Angelo Adkins is the son to Adele.

Does Adele’s son Angelo live with her?

Angelo Adkins lives with his mother Adele and also sometimes with his father.

Is Angelo’s real name Angelo?

Yes, Adele named her son Angelo Adkins.

What is the age of Angelo Adkins now?

Angelo Adkins was born on 19 October 2012. He is 10 years old as of the year 2022.

WhO is Angelo Adkins biological father?

Angelo adkins’ biological father is Simon KoneckiAngelo Adkins who is divorced with Angelo’s mother Adele.

What does Simon Konecki, Angelo Adkins Father do?

Simon Konecki, Angelo Adkins Father is a business man and broker.

Does Adele have a child?

Yes, Adele has a son who is called Angelo Adkins who’s biological father is businessman and broker, Simon Konecki.

What is Angelo Adkins gender?

Angelo Adkins is a male sone born to Adele and Simon Konecki

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