KMTC Afya Elimu HELB Loan Application 2022/2023

KMTC Afya Elimu HELB Loan Application 2022/2023

Time needed: 3 days.

Application of Afya Elimu HELB Loan 2021/2022- Step by step 

  1. Download and install the HELB loan app from the Google play store or dial the USSD *642#

  2. Sign up using your mobile phone no. to create a pin that you’ll be using to log in to your HELB account

  3. Ensure the mobile number used for creating your account is registered under your ID and name as well to 

  4. After reading and understanding the license agreement, you’ll have to click ‘accept’ to move to the next step

  5. Complete the registration by entering your first ID name and your valid email address as well

  6. Open the loans tab to select between certificate and diploma loan categories. Tap the ‘Afya Elimu 2nd and subsequent loans 

  7. Read the Financial guide provided and understand it before scrolling down to the ‘proceed’ button

  8. Answer the questions provided in the form before clicking ‘proceed’ 

  9. Verify your mobile number by clicking ‘confirm’ and making a ksh.1 payment from your Mpesa account 

  10. Read through the loan agreement and tap the ‘I agree button

  11. Click the ‘Submit’ tab to complete your application

  12. A pop-up notification will appear showing your loan serial number and a confirmation for the loan application process as well  

KMTC Afya Elimu HELB Loan Application Video

This HELB loan was introduced by the AEF ( Afya Elimu Fund) to help the middle-level group of students e.g. Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), Faith-Based Organizations, and other Medical-Course offering institutions across the country. The Afya Elimu Helb loan was launched in 2016 with the aim of improving and stabilizing middle-level students’ financial status. Using these funds, needy students can get to afford their tuition and upkeep during the studying period. We are going to cover the KMTC Afya Elimu HELB Loan, First, second and subsequent application. With its favorable and affordable interest rates, many students have gotten to apply for loans and comfortably pursue their careers and passions.  

First KMTC Afya Elimu Helb Loan Application Requirements

During the Afya loan application, the applicant must ensure all the categories are filled: 

  1. Your parents’ identification details 
  2. Personal profile info 
  3. Expense particulars 
  4. Your bank details 
  5. Your Guarantor’s details 
  6. Institution details  

Note that using a mobile number that isn’t registered to the student’s name or Identification will lead to the cancellation of one’s registration. I believe that by now you understand how to do an application for Afya Elimu HELB Loan 2021/2022, the first time and subsequent application.  

KMTC Afya Elimu Helb Application Portal

KMTC afya elimu helb loans should be applied using the kmtc afya elimu helb loan portal. Students can access the kmtc afya elimu helb loan portal.

Afya Elimu Contacts, Phone, Email, Offices

Student Service
M11. Afya Elimu Loan application, Disbursement & Queries

8 am –
5 pm
Afya Elimu Finance Office18th
1. Afya Elimu Cheque Reception and related Services
2. Afya Elimu cash deposit receipt.
8 am –
5 pm
Afya Elimu
Customer Service Centre
1. Afya Elimu loan compliance

2. Afya Elimu loan repayment

3. Helb Loan
Jielimishe Queries
8am – 5pm
Afya Elimu
Contact Centre.
N/APhone: 0711052000

Twitter: @helbpage

8am – 5pm
Afya ELimu Offices Location And Services Offered


Remember that this service is free and it shouldn’t be paid for under any circumstances; just a paperless approach. Feel free to contact the respective HELB officials for assistance. Make sure you do your application before the deadline (January 31st) to avoid being locked out. 

Afya Elimu Helb Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn’t my Afya Elimu Helb loan application go through?

There are many reasons why your afya Elimu Helb loan application was declined and didn’t go through, some of the reasons you were not allocated an amount of Afya Elimu Helb loan are listed below:
1. Incomplete or shoddy filling of the KMTC Afya Elimu Helb loan application form shall lead to the rejection of your application
2. You are not a needy student – Afya Elimu Helb loan was made available for only needy students who cannot manage to raise their college fees. In case the details that you filled into your Afya Elimu Helb loan application form show that you are not needy, your loan request shall be rejected or you shall be awarded a less loan amount. Some of the details that show you are not needy include your parent’s job details.

How do I apply for Afya Elimu Helb loan and get awarded the full amount?

In order to apply for Afya Elimu Helb loan and get the whole amount, you have to be proof that you are a needy student. Needy students are those without parents or without employed parents who can qualify as the poor and vulnerable in Kenyan society.

How do I apply for KMTC Afya Elimu Helb loan?

To apply for KMTC Afya Elimu Helb loan, follow the steps outlined in the guide within the article above.

When is the deadline for Afya Elimu Helb loan application?

The last day for Afya Elimu Helb Loan application is on 1st January 2022.

Is there Helb loan for KMTC students?

Yes, there is helb loan for KMTC students. The name of the loan is afya Elimu Helb loan which is deposited to your fee account balance. Unlike the undergraduate Helb loan for university students that is deposited both to the fee account and also to a student’s personal bank account, the KMTC HELB loan is deposited in full to your school’s fee account to be paid for your college fees.

When is the allocation and Disbursement of Afya Elimu Helb Loan?

The date for allocation and Disbursement of Afya Elimu Helb loan is yet to be confirmed. Once confirmed, we shall notify you here.

Who qualifies for afya Elimu Helb loan?

Afya elimu Helb loan is applied and awarded to all KMTC students and all other mid-level medical institutions in Kenya.

How do I apply for Afya Elimu Helb loan?

Follow the below steps to apply for the Afya Elimu KMTC HELB loan.
Visit The Helb Loan Official Website & Log Into Your Account here Both first-time, second and subsequent applicants should access and fill out the First Time Afya Elimu Fund Loan Application Form (LAF) from the HELB website.
Fill in the Afya Elimu Helb loan application form Ensure the form is properly filled and sign it. Have the form stamped by the relevant officials as requested.
Submit your duly filled Afya Elimu Helb loan application form at Helb loan offices or the nearest Huduma Center Submit one copy of the duly filled application form to the Higher Education and Loans Board office. It is located at Anniversary Towers Building, 18th floor, University Way, Nairobi. You may also proceed to the following Huduma Centers: Nairobi-GPO, Machakos, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kakamega, Kisii, Nyeri, Embu, Kitui, Bungoma, Lodwar, Meru, Trans-Nzoia, Kericho, Thika, Nandi, Muranga, Garissa, Narok, Migor, Chuka and Kilifi.
Retain and keep a copy of your duly filled Afya Elimu Helb loan application form Retain a copy of the filled form. This is mandatory.

KMTC Afya Elimu Loan Application Download

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    Is the portal for kmtc students open for subsequent applications for the year 2021/2022?and if not when is it due for opening? I am athird year student Persuing diploma in nursing and in dire need of a loan due to my huge fee balances


    I Have been applying Afya Elimu Helb Loan and is not going through. Am needy student taking Medical Laboratoty Student at EMBU KMTC A third year student with a huge school fees balance. am stranded i need help to manage my fees.

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    Is afya elimu first time application open for the year 2021/2022,,kindly reply the opening date if not yet opened

  9. When is the kmtc afya elimu first applicants 2021/2022 certificate level will be opened?

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Mr. Rama, Afya Elimu Helb loan Application for 2021/2022 was closed on 31st of January 2021.

      The Kenyan.

    2. Will afya elimu helb loan be opened for students doing their final exams in june?

  10. Carolyne Alice says:

    When is afya elimu subsequent loan portals will be opened ?

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Afya Elimu Subsequent Loan Application is closed for now, keep checking the Helb Afya Elimu application portal to know when it is open for application.

      The Kenyan

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  15. Am a subsequent applicant, when will HELB portal opened for 2022/2023, locked out for my end of semester examinations
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