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  1. Stlukesorthopaedichospital eldoret says:

    please i am in need of afya elimu loan to help me complete my higher diploma course at Gertrudes INSTUDE OF CHILD HEALTH AND RESEARCH.

    1. Ian miyawa says:

      Hi a subsequent Applicant kidly help with afya elimu loan am in the final year having school fees challenges I may not be able to do my final qualifying exam 2020/2021 loan wasn’t disbursed kindly help 2021/2022.

  2. Carolyne Alice Adhiambo says:

    Is the portal for kmtc students open for subsequent applications for the year 2021/2022?and if not when is it due for opening? I am athird year student Persuing diploma in nursing and in dire need of a loan due to my huge fee balances


    I Have been applying Afya Elimu Helb Loan and is not going through. Am needy student taking Medical Laboratoty Student at EMBU KMTC A third year student with a huge school fees balance. am stranded i need help to manage my fees.

  4. Muniko joel wankaba says:

    Am a first year student taking orthopedics and trauma medicine at kisii kmtc..
    I’m in needy en i could not manage my fees , i request to help me for this loan so that i can complete my course.

  5. Doreen asindikha says:

    Am a first time applicant,when is afya elimu resuming to give their loans,am to join September 7

  6. Dinah Mbithi says:

    I,m a second year student doing in need of school fees to complete my partaking diploma.thank you

  7. Njeru Christopher says:

    Is first time application 2021/2022 on for kmtc student??

  8. Linet Onyango says:

    Is afya elimu first time application open for the year 2021/2022,,kindly reply the opening date if not yet opened

  9. When is the kmtc afya elimu first applicants 2021/2022 certificate level will be opened?

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Mr. Rama, Afya Elimu Helb loan Application for 2021/2022 was closed on 31st of January 2021.

      The Kenyan.

    2. Will afya elimu helb loan be opened for students doing their final exams in june?

  10. Carolyne Alice says:

    When is afya elimu subsequent loan portals will be opened ?

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Afya Elimu Subsequent Loan Application is closed for now, keep checking the Helb Afya Elimu application portal to know when it is open for application.

      The Kenyan

  11. Hi,I am James. I have a friend joining kmtc march 2022.when is the portal for afya elimu loan will be open so as to apply.

  12. Sweet will afya elimu loan be opened for especially for people who are doing their final exams in June? We are really stressed but the portal is yet to be opened .

  13. Faith Nyaboke says:

    Hello ,when will the elimu afya loan portal be opened in 2022

  14. Am a subsequent applicant,,when will HELB portal opened for 2022/2023
    Kindly help locked out from end of semester examinations
    I will be greatful for your response

  15. Am a subsequent applicant, when will HELB portal opened for 2022/2023, locked out for my end of semester examinations
    Kindly help,your response will be appreciated

  16. Kenneth Ochieng says:

    Hello..can one get afya elimu loane more than three times…. I’m worried.

  17. Joel Manyonge says:

    Hello? I have tried to apply for help but I haven’t get any response please update me about that

  18. Vyonne Millicent says:

    Halo, i want to apply for afyia helb loan but even to download the form its very difficult can anybody help me to get the form

  19. Kirui Nick harrison says:

    Am a needy student taking RIT course first year bt I don’t have money for fees and even for shopping plz I need your help

  20. Shalline jeronoh says:

    Is afya elimu loan for 2022/2023 open am a second year but just want to apply for the first time

  21. yvonne mutindi mbuki says:

    have been trying to make a subsequent application for countless times now but my application is not going through. kindly assist me. my phone number takes alot of time to get verified, when i dial *642# and log in my details, it turns out that i’m providing wrong id no which is not true.

  22. Naomi Wanjala says:

    Hello,,am a student at Embu KMTC,,taking a course in Medical Engineering first year and am having a problem in school fees please help me to access the loan

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