How Much Do Lawyers Charge In Florida?

Usually, lawyers in Florida charge between $200-$420 per hour. The charges that a lawyer in Florida asks for each particular case varies depending on factors that we discuss later on. Use the table below to determine the average expected charge of your case by a lawyer/attorney in Florida. Remember, the average hourly rate of a lawyer in Florida is $200 – $420

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Table Showing Attorney/Lawyer Fees & Costs And Charges In Florida

Florida Lawyer Practice TypeFlorida Lawyer Hourly Rate
Florida Administrative Lawyer$280/hr
Florida Appellate Lawyer$360/hr
Florida Business Lawyer$320/hr
Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer$340/hr
Florida Collection lawyer$290/hr
Florida Civil Litigations Lawyer$270/hr
Florida Commercial Lawyer$300/hr
Florida construction Lawyer$290/hr
Florida Criminal lawyer$300/hr
Florida Contracts Lawyer$280/hr
Florida Corporate Lawyer$330/hr
Florida Labour Lawyer$330/hr
Florida Elder Lawyer$400/hr
Florida family lawyer$300/hr
Florida Immigration Lawyer$420/hr
Florida insurance Lawyer$270/hr
Florida Government Lawyer$260/hr
Florida Interlectual property lawyer$320/hr
Florida Personal Injury Lawyer$290/hr
Florida Mediation & Arbitration lawyer$320/hr
Florida Tax Lawyer$350/hr
Florida Real Estate Lawyer$290/hr
Florida Workers Compensation Lawyer$200/hr
Florida Traffic Offences Lawyer$260/hr
Florida Wills and Estates Lawyer$340/hr
Florida Trusts Lawyers$340/hr
Table Showing Attorney/Lawyer Fees & Costs And Charges In Florida

Determining Lawyer Fees In Florida

Lawyer fees in Florida is determined considering many factors as listed below. Usually, the complexity of your case and the level of skill and experience of the lawyer you approach shall determine the charges.

Factors Determining Lawyer Charges In Florida

  1. The complexity of your target case
  2. A lawyers cost of running their law firm – overhead.
  3. The experience of the lawyer you approach
  4. A lawyers services.

lawyers go into rigorous research and analysis the moment you prezent your case for representation. This kind of preparation is time, labour and capital consuming. The time spent on a particular case shall depend on the complexity of the case, the more complex the more the time hence the more the charges.

The overhead charges usually cost almost 35% of the total cost of lawyer fees in florida. These are the charges for the lawyers equipment, their employees salaries and for maintaining their level of skill and education on legal matters. Before leaving an attorney’s office, you need to discuss in detail what level of complexity your presented case is, what shall go into the case, the average time expected to be spent by the lawyer in analysis and research and finally the cost that your chosen attorney in Florida shall charge. Ensure everything is tabled and your two reach an agreement of the process and the fee of your chosen lawyer in Florida before you leave to avoid future misunderstandings.

How To Find A Lawyer Near You In Florida

Need a lawyer in Florida? Follow the below step by step guide to find your ideal lawyer in Florida.

A lawyer is a personal legal representative who shall get to know part of your confidential and private information. For this reason therefore, you need to search and find the right lawyer and person for this delicate position. Find someone who you can trust and be comfortable to have them share your private information.

  1. Confirm your lawyer is authentic

    First, if you have a lawyer you are considering, check wether he is authentic by going to the Florida bar website. Enter their name and click search to get the full profile of the lawyer. If they do not appear then the lawyer is not authentic.

  2. Find a lawyer whose services are available in Florida

    To find a lawyer in Florida, you can user the local bar referral service program which makes it even affordable as we shall see below. Still you can user the statewide bar service, call them using the toll-free number 800-342-8011.
    You can also use a legal aid and public service in your local area in Florida. The legal aid officers offer legal support to those members of the society who cannot afford to pay for personal lawyer consultation services.
    You can also use your local library to find a volume of lawyer services directories, the advantage with this method is that you get to know the lawyer in detail because it contains lists of lawyers, their contact details, area and even a profile.

    You can do a quick web search to find legal services online. A lot of legal firms and layers in this error do advertise on televisions, search engines, radio, magazines and extra.

  3. Compile a list of your desirable lawyers

    A lawyer who shall represent you needs to be selected with great care. Remember, your chosen lawyer shall have confidential and personal information about you and sometimes your family, therefore they need to be a person of high integrity whom you can trust. We suggest you come up with a rough list of the lawyers you consider. After this, follow step one to authenticate their legality, go on, further call their offices and talk to them or their representatives. Visit their offices multiple times and conduct a survey of their operations, reception and handling of clients. You can also try searching on Google for any previous cases they were involved in or even any scam or scandal reports.

  4. Meet up with your lawyer for initial assessment. Use smart ways to pay for your consultation.

    After you have narrowed to one among your selection of lawyers, now it is time to meet them in person. It is of advantage if you are subscribed to a prepaid legal service plan or Employer union or any organization you are part of and offers prepaid legal services. In Florida, you can opt to use the lawyer referral service by a few among the many local bar associations, the advantage with local bar associations is that you get to pay cheaper for your consultation service, usually you can pay as low as $25-$50 through a lawyer referral service in Florida.

  5. Consider a number of law firms that you have narrowed down to do this final selection of the lawyer to represent you in Florida.

    Now that you have all the information needed to know your desired lawyer and pay for your consultation services in a cheaper manner, it is time to narrow down to your final selected legal service or lawyer to represent you in court. Proceed and meet your final selected lawyer in Florida and start your corporation. Good luck in your search for justice.

How Do I Find An Attorney/Lawyer Near Me In Florida?

Are you caught up in a legal emergency and need representation by a professional experienced lawyer in Florida? If yes then find your lawyer that is near you in Florida through the below means you can trust.

List Of Trusted Attorneys & Lawyers Near You In Florida

Search For A Lawyer Near You in Florida Below

Trusted LawyerContact DetailsLawyer Profile Link
List Of Trusted Attorneys & Lawyers Near You In Florida

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Frequently Asked Questions About Attorney/Lawyer Fees & Costs And Charges In Florida

What is the hourly rate of a lawyer In Florida?

The average hourly rate of a lawyer in Florida is $200 – $420

How much does a civil litigation charge per hour in Florida?

A civil litigation lawyer in Florida charges an average of $270

How much does a family lawyer charge per hour in Florida?

A family lawyer in Florida charges and average of $300/hr

Who is the highest paid type of lawyer in Florida?

The higgest paid type of lawyer in Florida is the immigration lawyer with an hourly rate of around $420

Who is the lowest paid attorney/lawyer in Florida?

Tge lowest paid lawyer in Florida is the worker compensation lawyer with an average of $200/hr

How much do lawyers take from settlement in Florida?

In florida, lawyers take 40% of the settlement ammount.

What is the standard contingency fees for a lawyer in Florida?

The standard contingency fees of a lawyer in Florida is 33 1/3% however sometimes it might increase to 40% depending on the particulars of a case.

Who pays attorney fees in Florida?

The attorneys fees in Florida is based on the ability and need to pay for the lawyers fees. In most circumstances, both parties share in paying the attorneys fees.

How much are court fees in Florida?

Registry fees are collected at time of deposit Pursuant to Florida Statute 28.24 (10). Payable only by certified funds – cash, cashier’s check, or money order.First $500: 3%Each additional $100: 1.5%.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer in Florida?

The average cost to hire a lawyer in Florida is between $200 to $420/hr. The cost of hiring a lawyer in Florida varies with the kind and nature of the legal matter you want to be represented in. Check our above comprehensive list of the cost to hire a lawyer in Florida in all legal areas.

What is the best recommended site or app to find a lawyer in Florida?

1. Google lawyer reviews
2. Yelp
3. Avvo
4. Martindale–Hubbell
7. Facebook

How can I find lawyers near me now in Florida?

To find lawyers near you now in florida, use an online lawyer referral service, preferably Google lawyer reviews. Below is a list of the top trusted online lawyer referral services.
1. Google lawyer reviews
2. Yelp
3. Avvo
4. Martindale–Hubbell
7. Facebook

Does Florida have free legal services?

In Florida, people who cannot afford personal legal consultations services and who are of good conduct can access free legal aid services at the local legal aid.

How do I find an attorney?

In Florida, there are many ways in which you can find an attorney. Use the local library to access lawyer directory volumes from which you shall get numerous contacts of lawyers near you in Florida.
The easiest way to find a lawyer in Florida is using an online lawyer review site like Google lawyer reviews. Below is a list of the best online lawyer review sites and apps you can use.
1. Google lawyer reviews
2. Yelp
3. Avvo
4. Martindale–Hubbell
6. Facebook

How do I know that a lawyer is legit in Florida?

The easiest way to know that a lawyer is real and legit is through conducting a few searches online. First, search the name on the Florida Bar website, if they appear then they are a lawyer and if they don’t they aren’t. The second simple way to confirm the legitimacy of a lawyer in Florida is by using an online lawyer review site. Below are the best online lawyer review sites and apps that you can trust.
1. Google lawyer reviews
2. Yelp
3. Avvo
4. Martindale–Hubbell
6. Facebook
Another way is by using the Florida Bar referral service either at national or local level.
You can also find a lawyer in Florida by using lawyer directory volumes that you can access for free in your local public library.

What is the difference between a lawyer and an attorney?

A lawyer is a legal person who has passed the bar exam. A lawyer is often the practitioner in court. An attorney is not only one who has gone to law school and passed the bar exam but also someone who practices in court.

Is attorney higher than lawyer?

An attorney is fairly higher than a lawyer because on top of practicing as a law practitioner outside court, they also work in courts.

Can someone take the bar exam without going to law school?

This used to happen, however as by 2022 only the state of Carlifonia, Virginia, Vermont and Washington allow someone to take the bar exam without necessarily going to law school

Did Kim Kardashian pass the bar exam?

Yes, Kim Kardashian passed the ‘baby bar’ exam offered in carlifonia where she was accepted to lean through apprenticeship.

Is Kim Kardashian in law school?

No Kim Kardashian isn’t enrolled in law school. Whoever, Kim Kardashian is learning law through apprenticeship which is accepted in carlifonia as a qualification to take the bar exam.

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