Atwoli Rewarded by Uhuru as Son is Appointed Head of Mathari Hospital While things Toughen for Ruto.

Prof. Lukoye Atwoli Appointed Head Of Mathari Hospital

Today, COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli was glowing with joy After President Uhuru Kenya appointed Prof Lukoye Atwoli, Atwoli’s son as the leader of Mathari Teaching and Referral hospital.

In a notice published on the Kenyan Gazette today 16th October, Francis Atwoli was also appointed a non-executive chairperson for the next 3 years.

Who is Dr. Lukoye Atwoli?

Dr. Lukoye Atwoli is a professor of psychiatry, an extensively learned scholar and a leader whose appointment to Mathari Hospital might comes with a lot of hope. Early this year in July 2020, Prof Lukoye was crowned the Dean of the medical college of Agha Khan University.

Prof. Lukoye Atwoli’s Appointment

With a bachelor’s degree of medicine from moi university and a master of medicine in psychiatry from the University of Nairobi and a PHD from the department of Psychiatry at the University of Cape town in South Africa.

Mathari Teaching And Referral Hospital

Mathari has, for long, been the only mental hospital in Kenya until the resent opening of Gilgil hospital that is a settelite mental hospital. In November 2019, Mathari Hospital,s teaching and Referral department was established by the cabinet.

Atwoli support for Uhuru and BBI

Now, it should be noted that Atwoli has been a firm supporter of BBI and has come out publicly, not more that once, to Dismiss Moves and action by Deputy president William Ruto. This comes at a time when Ruto and Uhuru’s once strong relationship is shrinking at a fast pase.

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