Axe-shaving Barber in Thika- charges Ksh. 500 per head

Axe-shaving Barber in Thika- charges Ksh. 500 per head


  • A barber living in Thika using his Axe to shave and has managed to attract a number of clients who are curious about his skill
  • The Axe Barber, Julius Mwangi made his decision a few months ago, took up his axe, and it ended up working perfectly
  • Many people are amazed by his unique and outstanding skill, while critics claim that this is a top-notch marketing strategy. 

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The Axe Barber in Thika

Mr Julius Mwangi, a barber from Thika has become the talk of the internet in Kenya today after hitting the headlines for using an axe to give his clients clean shaves. People have started visiting his barbershop known as the Clipper-Kings barber. After interviewing Mr Mwangi, he told us that he began his shaving career back in 2014 but the ‘AXE’ idea came to his head and he executed it 3 months ago. He said that he’d decided to include an axe in his toolbox with the aim of charming new clients and it actually seemed to work. We noticed that some local citizens were so intrigued about the idea and some would get on the seat just because of curiosity.

Check out this Turkish Barber executing the same Axe-shaving set of skills.


Some clients approach him just to see this amazing act and take photos while others really want the axe on their head. The big challenge that he’s been facing is clients who want to be shaved but they’re overwhelmed with fear. He however helps most of them to curb it and ends up giving them a neat and sharp look, sharpened his axe I guess! He also told us that the axe-shaving technique comes with an advantage i.e. it’s best suited for ‘Jordan style’. Moreover, the axe gives him an upper hand when the lights are out or whenever a blackout hits the area since he doesn’t require any electric power to shave using the Axe.

He concluded by telling us that he’s looking forward to buying a new and lighter axe to make his work easier. For the current axe, he charges Ksh.500 per head, but he’s planning to raise the price as demand goes up.  It’s the first time we’ve witnessed such an incident in Kenya. However, some countries like India have reported a few individuals using this technique locally as well.

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