Top Courses For A Plain Students

After achieving an A (Plain) or A- (Minus) in your KCSE exams, the next task is seeking and identifying the Best Courses For A Plain Students in Kenya currently.

Being the top grade in the high school grading system, scoring an A will give you a chance to explore a wide range of topnotch paying courses in, and outside the country.

Best KUCCPS Courses for D+ D and D-

Grade A students can apply for the top paying courses in Kenya like Medicine, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture, Accounting, and even Web Design. All you have to do is calculate your cluster points to identify the most favorable course for your career.

Here is a list of few marketable courses which can guarantee you a job immediately after graduating from your degree.

Best Kuccps Courses For KCSE Grade A

Best Courses for A Plain Students | Degree

  1. Bachelor of Medicine
  2. Bachelor of Law
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Architecture
  5. Pharmacy/Nursing
  6. Civil/Electric Engineering
  7. Accounting and Finance
  8. Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) + CPA/ACCA

If your grades’ cluster points qualify for a certain course, you can apply for the pogramme in the institution of your choice. You’re recommended to take time with your course research to make sure you can secure a job upon completion.

Going for the wrong course can end up frustrating you at the end if you don’t pick a marketable course. To avoid ‘Tarmacking‘ after graduation, remember to stay up-to-date with the job market of Kenya.

Which are the most marketable degree courses?

If you’re a KCSE graduate looking for marketable courses with vast opportunities, you can either work in the private, or public sector. On the other hand, you can start up your own business or firm and become self employed. You can venture programmes like Medicine, Computing, Marketing, IT, Agriculture and so much more.

1. Bachelor of Medicine

For several decades now, this course has been toplist amongst the best and most marketable courses for A Plain students in the country. Medicine is exclusive for A Plain students who manage to achieve the set cluster points for the course.

This is not only the Best KUCCPS Courses A Plain candidates but also the highest paying. Since different universities’ cut off points vary from one university to another, different candidates get picked by various institutions depending on cluster points qualification.

The Bachelor of Medicine is most appropriate for students who are enthusiastic in the medicine field. The reason to this is because the programme requires so much attention and time.

2. Bachelor of Law

To pursue a Bachelor of Law in Kenya, you need to achieve a top grade generally and a B+ average in the required subjects i.e. English & Kiswahili. This is another marketable Degree course in Kenya which requires a high level of entusiasim from the student.

Some candidates pursue this course blindly and end up complaining that the course is ‘draining’. There’s a wide range of concepts you need to comprehend and master in this field to succeed in a Law career. Law has many job opportunities since one can work as a Judge, Lawyer, or become a Legal Agent in a certain law firm.

Best KUCCPS courses for A Plain

3. Bachelor in Science Civil Engineering

The Bachelor of Civil Engineering is best for candidates who desire a technical career in the Engineering student. With an A in your KCSE, you definitely qualify to undertake this course in the institution of your choice. One can either go for Civil Engineering or pursue Electrical Engineering since these two are abundant in opportunities.

All you need to qualify is achieving the set cluster points for this field and identify the cut-off points of your desired institution. This courses are marketable in Kenya since the demand for skilled labor from this field has been rising rapidly.

4. Bachelor in Architecture

Architecture is considered one of the most marketable Degree programmes that are favorable for KCSE A Plain candidates. This course is so marketable yet the least competitive in Kenya’s job market.

Many KCSE candidates and university students consider this course as a complex one. Students who pursue Architecture are mostly structural and technical engineering enthusiasts who are passionate about the field.

This programme holds a wide range of job opportunities in the employment sector due to the high demand of skilled labor and personnel from this career field. A Degree in this course will definitely grant you a job as soon as you graduate.

5. Bachelor in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is considered one of the recommendable Best KUCCPS Courses For KCSE Grade A students if you’re willing to pursue the a medical field. This course is favorable for students who managed to score an A- and above.

Some students undertake this course after failing to achieve Medicine’s cluster points and they’ve never regretted this decision. The course is full of opportunities since you can either become self employed or work in a public firm to begin earning income.

You can found your own Pharmacy and avail products directly to patients. You can even partner with private hospitals or dispensaries to become their main drugs’ supply, patients counsellor, and even review drug utilization for patients.

6. Bachelor in Software Engineering

Due to the steady evolution in technology and internet in Kenya during the past few years, the demand for software engineers in the country has risen rapidly. The course has introduced a new space of jobs concerning creation of softwares, repairing broken software, developing programmes, designing graphics; computer systems, and other vast skills in the software engineer.

Best Courses For A Plain Students

Currently, a big percentage of firms in the modern world require software engineers in their departments to keep up with internet trends in the corporate world. Software engineers are crucial in companies since they manage the firm’s online presence, digital marketing and data management.

7. Bachelor in Real Estate

Real Estate has become in the modern world and it has become a very popular course in Kenya’s job industry. If a candidate wishes to venture into property sales, financial sectors, or insurance, we recommend them to pursue Real Estate. You can join a private or public firm to work as a Real Estate Agent or start up your Private company to work on contract and even have employees/agents to work for you.

Real Estate has been introduced in the University of Nairobi recently for interested KCSE candidates. It’s amongst the most profitable and marketable courses for individuals who desire to venture property sales. Before moving into this field, you should first research about the respective targeted location to understand the market.

KCSE Grading System

2D- Minus
3D Plain
4D+ Plus
5C- Minus
6C Plain
7C+ Plus
8B- Minus
9B Plain
10B+ Plus
11A- Minus
12A Plain
KCSE Grading System

KUCCPS Courses 2022 Cluster Points

  • Cluster 1- Law and Related 1
  • 2- Business and Related 59
  • 3- Arts and Related 15
  • 4- GeoScience and Related 15
  • 5- Special Education 5
  • 6- Kiswahili and Related 4
  • 7- Engineering, Technology and Related 60
  • 8- Architecture, Design, Planning and Related 22
  • 9- Computing, IT and Related 17
  • 10- Agribusiness and Related 9
  • 11- Science and Related 31
  • 12- Mathematics, Economics and Related 28
  • 13- Design, Textiles, and Related 2
  • 14- Sports, Physical Education, and Related 6
  • 15- Medicine, Nursing, Health, and Related 31
  • 16- History and Related 3
  • 17- Agriculture, Food Science, Environment, and Related 81
  • 18- Geography, Natural Resources Management and Related 1
  • 19- French and Related 2
  • 20- German and Related 1
  • 21- Music and Related
  • 22- Education Science and Education Arts 15
  • 23- Religious Studies and Related 14

Now that you have a list of cluster points for Degree courses, you can identify the cut off points for a specific course before taking a step forward to undertake one. Moreover, you can calculate your subjects’ cluster points using the simplified calculation formula illustrated below.

Cluster Points Calculation Formula: W=√(r/m*api/spi)*48

  • W: Weighted Cluster Point
  • R: Raw Cluster Performance Index Per Cluster for every enrolled Subject
  • M: Maximum performance Index Per Cluster for every Subject and Student
  • Ap: Aggregate Performance Index
  • Spi: Maximum Performance Index
  • /: Divide by

Now that you’ve gone through and identified the Best KUCCPS Courses For KCSE Grade A, you can now select, apply for, and undertake your preferred degree course from the list. We recommend you to calculate your subjects’ cluster points before making an application to be certain which course favors you the most.

KUCCPS Courses For KCSE Grade A- FAQs

How do I choose KUCCPS courses?

To choose your preferred KUCCPS career courses, a student should list all his/her choices from the top preference to the last one.. Consequently, the Head of institution signs in to the KUCCPS portal submit and confirm the selection on the Principal’s manual.

Which are the most marketable degree courses in Kenya?

This list of the most marketable degree courses in the country is fit for outstanding candidates who managed to achieve a C+ and above. As a result, you can pursue the following programs which are on high demand in Kenya today:
1. Bachelor of Medicine
2. Engineering
3. Computer Science
4. Pharmacy
5. Architecture

How can I contact KUCCPS?

If you’re wondering how you can contact the KUCCPS service for assistance concerning your placement or portal you can do so using the KUCCPS service numbers; 0734 879 662, 0723 954 927, or the landline 020 5137400.

Which is the best course for future?

If you’re seeking the best courses for 2022 and the upcoming future, you can choose from the crème de la crème list of programs listed below:
1. Medicine
2. Pharmacy
3. Civil Engineering
4. Architecture
5. Software Engineering/Web Design

Which are the best courses for A students?

If you score an A in KCSE, you can pursue the top and highest-paying courses in Kenya. Most A plain candidates are usually into Medical courses, Actuarial Science, and Engineering. Here’s a list of the Best KUCCPS Courses For KCSE Grade A:
1. Medicine
2. Law
3. Civil Engineering
4. Aeronautical Engineering
4. Architecture
5. Computer Science
6. Pharmacy

How many points Make an A Plain in KCSE?

Achieving an A grade in KCSE in different subjects certainly varies from one subject to another. Here are the points a candidate needs to score to get an A in specific subjects:
Mathematics- 12 Points (70-100)
English- 12 Points (80-100)
Kiswahili- 12 Points
Biology- 12 Points (80-100)
Chemistry- 12 Points (65-100)
Physics- 12 Points (60-100)
History & Government- 12 Points (80-100)
Geography- 12 Points (66-100)
CRE/IRE- 12 Points (90-100)
Agriculture- 12 Points (88-100)

How long does bridging a one Subject take?

To bridge one standard KNEC subject can take around 6 Months. However, some KNEC units are quite flexible since a student can attend the unit’s studies part-time, fulltime, or even during weekends thus taking relatively more time.

Which is the best course for KCSE Grade A students?

The best curse for Grade A Candidates in Kenya is considered to be a Bachelor in Medicine since it’s amongst the highest paying KUCCPS programmes. However, A Plain candidates can still go for courses like Computer Science, Law, Engineering or Architecture.

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