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  1. Igot B- but c in mathematic want to pursue clinical medicine is it ok any help plz

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Abdi,
      Yes, you can pursue Clinical Medicine at your preferred KMTC branch in Kenya. With a B- you can Join University in Kenya under the KUCCPS program, however, you shall have limited choice of the course to take and university to join in Kenya.

      The Kenyan.

      1. Kangwana Kevin says:

        I scored a B plain but failed in languages only which I got c plain in both can I pharmacy course any one help me plz

  2. I would like to pursue medicine and surgery and I managed to get a mean grade of B+ with B plain in three core subject and C+ in kiswahili is it possible to go for the course?

  3. I want to take automotive engineering, what are the qualifications please

  4. Hi am Joshua..i got a C- in Maths and a B in Physics…mean grade a B-…Is there a course please i can pursue…i didn’t take biology

  5. Hello am Alvin I managed tuh score a mean grade of B plain and I would like to pursue a medical course I had IN ALL the chore subjects I had B and above it’s only chemistry I had a B- which one do I qualify pliz am waiting for your reply

  6. Emmanuel kipkirui says:

    Hello,I scored a B plain and want to pursue a pharmacy course,will I qualify?
    a C in eng,C+ bio,B-chem and A in maths kindly help me work on this🙏

  7. Kiprono Elvis says:

    I got a B plain with C+ in Eng,A-inBio,B+in math and B in chem,,,can I qualify for medicine and surgery?

  8. Kiprono Elvis says:

    I got a B+ in math,C+ in Eng, A- in bio,and B in chem,,,,can I pursue medicine?

  9. stephanie says:

    l would like to pursue a course an engineering course in aeronautical engineering,, my mean grade is a B- and have a B- in physics and a B+ in math

    1. Allan Anyolo says:

      Hello guys, I had a B with a c in maths,b-in chem,b+ in bio and b in Kiswahili, which course can I do in the field of medicine

  10. Hello,am Brian and I scored mean grade B-;mathC+,phyC+ kisw B and Art B,is there any course I can take in the military?

  11. William Njoroge says:

    i would like to pursue a course in mechanical engineering what are the requirements

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