Best courses for C+, C, or C minus students in 2021

Scoring a C+, C, or C minus in 2021 will guarantee you the freedom to choose; and pursue a program of your choice in a certain institution. The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central placement services offer you five equal chances whereby; one is required to select five-degree programs that you’re interested in. In this blog text, I’m going to take you through the best courses for C+, C, or C minus students in 2021. A student with the above registered will be lucky enough to earn a government degree sponsorship. Therefore, you should take your time when selecting the program you want to pursue.

Make sure you go for the best and marketable course to avoid ‘tarmacking’ even after graduating. Therefore, I’m going to cordially give you the list of several degree courses suitable for your C, C+, C plain and C- as well. Upon deciding on a preferred course or occupation, you’ll be able to pursue and elevate to a higher education level of your wish. Some individuals might want to pursue their courses from certificate level, diploma, while others go for a degree. Depending on the grade you’ve qualified for, you can pursue your career in different institutions in the country to earn the best positions in your specific career field.

Best courses for C+, C, or C minus students in 2021

First of all, all candidates who managed to score the above grades deserve to be awarded, to proceed with the same winning spirit as they take on the next educational levels. With a C, C+ or C- in Kenya; you can pursue the following programmes in the appropriate institutions: Continue to page 2

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