Whether you are planning to collect and store rainwater, or planning for construction or irrigation, a quality water tank is a must. Of late, water tanks have been busting just days after buying making Kenyans lose their hard-earned cash. When buying a water tank, you should be careful to ensure you go for a quality durable tank. Today, we decided to educate and guide Kenyans on the best types of water tanks in Kenya and suppliers to trust, no more surprise bursts.  

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To begin with, there are two types of water tanks that you can buy.  

  • Steel water tank  
  • Plastic water tank. 

Each if these types have its own advantages and disadvantages. In this guide today, we shall give you the details of which and how to determine quality in each. 

Here are indicators of a good plastic tank in kenya 

A good tank should be: 

Resistant to rust

A good tank, especially the metal tanks should be rust resistant. This can be achieved throught coating or being made out of pure stainless steel. Rust degrades your tank before time, rust shall also intoxicate your water. 

Easy access to clean  

One issue you shall realize with tanks is their tendency to accumulate dirt and residue at the base. Some ranks are hard to access the inside and clean, making it tough to maintain. You should consider a tank with a wide opening that can allow access to clean. Ensure you can lower a lader into the tank you are buying.  

Blocking sunlight 

The tank you choose should be able to block sunlight from water. Water plants flourish in sunlight making your water unsafe for use, especially for domestic purposes. A tank which totally blocks sunlight from reaching the water is the best.  


Go for a tank that shall age with you. To know durable tanks, you shall check the quality of material used in making. Also, the best way is going for tank manufacturers who offer long time  


Best types of water tanks in Kenya and suppliers to trust 

The following are water tank manufacturers who have proven their quality over time in kenya. The list is general and doesn’t rank in whatever sequence.  

  • Kentank tanks 

Kentanks is among the pioneer tank manufacturers in Kenya, they manufacture quality tanks ranging from 500 – 10,000 litres.  

  • Jumbo tanks 
  • Top tanks 
  • Roto tanks 
  • Techno tanks 
  • Premier tanks 

This list is not exhaustive, these are just but a few of the many plastic tank manufactures. You can choose among others you shall find in your local hardware. However, the above are top brands that have lasted for a while. 

Steel tanks in Kenya 

Steel tanks are not that popular in Kenya. They are however used by some few individuals and most at times corporations in water storage and handling. Steel water tanks are better in the following ways. 

  • Steel tanks are rust-resistant. Most metal tanks can easily rust making your water unsafe, whoever, steel just like plastic doesn’t react with water. 
  • They are very durable. Steel tanks are usually made from heavy metal pieces that shall last forever. 
  • Offer effective UV light protection. Steel tanks are finished with a shiny surface to reflect back sunlight, they are also sealed to keep light away from your water leaving it clean and safe. 
  • Steel tanks come with high water storage capacities. Unlike plastic tanks, steel tanks can be adjusted to any size and can handle any amount of water. 

Steel tanks installation designs 

Steel tanks can be installed in three ways. The method you choose shall greatly depend with your budget and the space available. 

Underground steel tank  Installation 

This is the kind of installation where the tanks are placed underground to save space. The tanks are not literally buried, there is made space between the ground and the tank. This kind of installation is rarely used for steel tanks. 

On-ground tank installation 


Onground steel tank installation is that where an area on the ground is lifted a little bit to make comfortable space for placing the tank.  

Raised steel tank installation 


This is the common installation of steel water tanks in Kenya. It is where tanks are raised very high to achieve pressure without necessarily using a generator. These kind of installation is complicated and need specialist. You shall need engineers to design a safe tower that can handle your planned amounts of water without issues.  

Generally speaking, you shall have noticed that plastic tanks are cheaper than steel tanks. However, plastic tanks are limited when it comes to size and aren’t permanent like the steel tanks. 

Water tank accessories 

After buying a water tank, you shall realize that you need a number of accessories for installation. We compiled a few here to keep you on the radar. 


Gutters come in handy especially if you are planning to collect rain water. They collect and direct rain water from your roof to the tank. When buying gutters, go for plastic gutters since the metallic ones rust over time. 


Taps shall be needed at water collection points. After installing the tank, water at collection points shall need taps. 


You need different types of pipes to install your tank and start using.  

Water tanks are a must-have for construction, domestic use, or professional use such as irrigation and water supply. We have identified some of the best types of water tanks in Kenya and suppliers to trust. It’s now your duty to make an informed purchase.  

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