Booking SGR madaraka through Mpesa

As long as you have your Safaricom sim card and phone, you can comfortably book SGR madaraka through Mpesa from the comfort of your home. There are a lot of ways to book madaraka SGR. Today, we prepared this simple detailed guide on booking madaraka SGR through Mpesa.  

How to book madaraka SGR through Mpesa – USSD method. 

  1. On your phone’s dial pad, dial #639 
  2. Next, choose your departing point 
  3. Then choose your destination station 
  4. Choose your date of travel  
  5. Now choose your preferred class. For economy class, the amount is 700 while for the first class it’s 3,500 shillings. In case you have kids under 3 years, it’s free. For kids between 3-11 years, you pay half the amount while for kids above 11 years, they pay the full amount. 
  6. Choose the number of passengers you are booking for. The maximum for each transaction is five.  
  7. Now, enter the number of children. Their rates are as indicated earlier on.  
  8. Then you need to enter the details of those traveling including the full names and I’d numbers. For children, choose ‘child’ 
  9. Select your preferred payment option, which is either pay now or pay later. 

A message to confirm your booking and payment shall be sent to you via text message. Keep your message safe and you are done.  

Booking Madaraka SGR through Mpesa – Madaraka Express train MPesa Paybill number 

  1. First, you need to call 0709388888 and give your mobile number and travel itinerary. 
  2. Next, the cashier you contact shall use your mobile number and travel itinerary to generate your cost of travel. 
  3. Then you shall get an SMS with the Paybill number, the payment ID and the amount to be paid. 
  4. Now use the payment details sent to you and pay through Safaricom’s lipa na Mpesa payment service. 

You shall then receive an SMS with your ticket details. When you get to the station, you should access a self service machine and print your ticket. You have suceessfully booked the madaraka SGR train.  

What is the fare of madaraka express train? 

Madaraka express train charges 1000 for the economy class while first class costs 3,500 per ticket.  

What are the pick-up stations for Madaraka SGR express train? 

The pick up stations for Madaraka SGR are two, one for 7:00 am Amanda the other for 1:30 pm  

7am Madaraka SGR express train pick up station. 

  • From Nairobi Central Railway Station on Haile Selassie Avenue to the Nairobi SGR Terminus. 
  • From Mombasa Railway Station on Mijikenda Street to the Mombasa SGR Terminus in miritini. 

1:30 pm pick up station for Madaraka Express SGR train 

  • From the Nairobi SGR Terminus to Nairobi Central Railway Station. 
  • From the Mombasa SGR Terminus to Mombasa Railway Station in the CBD.  

Booking SGR madaraka through Mpesa is that simple, if you have any queries, you can reach the madaraka SGR express train customer care through their contacts provided below. 

Madaraka SGR express train customer service contacts 

  • Mobile phone contacts: 0728603582, 0708571587, 0708572574, 0728603581. 
  • Madaraka SGR website: 
  • Physical address: workshop Road Off Haile Selassie Avenue opposite The Technical University of Kenya. 

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