Being amongst the top developed sector in the country, Kenya Healthcare has advanced and become one remunerative career option for many Kenyans. Due to the rise in demand for nurses and nursing activities in Kenya today, the government enrolls countless nurses annually. In this piece of text, we are going to have a look at attaining a Certificate in Nursing in Kenya; fees structure, requirements, and best-offering colleges in Kenya. As an individual, you just have to pursue the field well, master it and earn the experience that will earn you a good salary and achievement of your personal career goals. Having a certificate in nursing in Kenya today will guarantee you the opportunity of getting employment in private hospitals, public medical centers, and even international health organizations such as Redcross and USAID. 

However, one has to be qualified (trained and licensed) to be granted this opportunity. For one to pursue and specialize in their nursing career in Kenya, you have to attain a Certificate in Nursing. Fortunately, the government has worked with different organizations in setting up premises and institutions; whereby students can learn, train and earn licenses to qualifying in the job market. Let’s check out everything you need to know about obtaining a certificate in Nursing in Kenya.

Certificate in Nursing in Kenya; fees structure, requirements, and best-offering colleges in Kenya 

While various universities and colleges give the student the ability to customize their learning activities after intake; the basic intake and entry requirements have been the same across each and every institution in Kenya. Adjusting all the entry levels to have the same basic requirements ensures that every qualified individual gets equal job opportunities both in our country’s job market and internationally as well. Here are the required grades for one to achieve a certificate in nursing in Kenya:

  • An average grade of C- (Minus)
  • A mean of C- in Biology/Biological sciences
  • A C- in Kiswahili and English
  • A D+ in either Physics or Chemistry

Upon finishing one’s studies, one has to create a registration at Kenya’s National Nursing Council to train and practice in Kenya. Remember, you need to be qualified to work as a nurse in Kenya today. With the gained skills and experience during the field’s study, Kenyan nurses have the potential to work in any hospital across the globe. 

Certificate in Nursing in Kenya; fees structure, requirements, and best-offering colleges in Kenya 

The Kenyan Ministry of Health has aligned with the National Nursing Council to administer; and licence various institutions interested in availing Nursing programmes, especially at certificate levels. One can pursue their nursing profession in Kenya in private colleges, public colleges as well as community health nursing institutions across the country. 


The Kenya Medical Training College has been at the leading edge in offering training and practice for nursing students from 1990 henceforth. The KMTC equips all the students and trainees with the appropriate skills and experience required in different nursing fields. The Kenya Medical Training College is widely popular for students taking their diploma in nursing. However, KMTC can offer nursing Certificate course programmes as well as other medical-related guidance. This institution highly favors every qualified student from across the country since it has sixty-five campuses spread across the Kenyan map. 

Fees structure

In the field of Nursing, all nursing students pursuing a Certificate are considered self-sponsored. The annual fees payable for one to pursue this field at the Kenya Medical Training College is a whooping Ksh. 80,7000 for 2020-2021 intakes. 

The Nairobi Women’s

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital College has played a major role in offering the best nursing and other medical-related training in Kenya today. Apart from offering medical and nursing services for Kenyans, Nairobi Women’s has proved to have one of the leading institutions offering nursing courses and programmes in the country. For instance, this institution gives students the chance to diversify their nursing training at the Certificate level, unlike others whereby one has to take a general approach. 

Fees structure

Fees payment in this institution varies from one student to another depending on which Nursing programme one is undertaking. Therefore, the amount of fees payable will always be different in varying nursing programmes. The obligatory fees amount paid by a nursing student in the Nairobi Women’s Hospital College is around Ksh. 80,000 in a year. 

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Training Centre

Based in Eldoret, the MTRH training centre is one of the unsurpassed institutions of Certificate nursing programmes in Kenya. Studying nursing courses in this college can be of big advantage to students especially if one yearns to master the Kenyan health sector and most likely sink in the public healthcare. This government institution gives nursing students access to the largest referral medical centre in northern Kenya. Being a government facility, annual fees might be relatively lower in certain nursing programmes unlike other institutions in the country. 

Fees structure

In MTRH, students get to pay a sum of around Ksh. 80,000- 100,000 in one academic year. However, the amount of fees payable in a year in this college is adjustable thus varying from one programme to another.

Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research

Located in Muthaiga, Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research is one of the most outstanding private institutions that offer a Certificate in Nursing. It’s many students’ favorite nursing college since it offers a unique training programme that comes along with an international inspired module of education. GICHR is the perfect place for individuals enthusiastic about pursuing children-care and related programmes. 

Fees payment

In Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research, the amount of annual fees payable will be determined by the course programme one is pursuing; and the breadth of whatever you want to pursue. For more details and information, dial 020 7206000 to contact GICHR administrators. 

Consolata Hospital, Nkubu School of Nursing

Nkubu School of Nursing under Consolata hospital is geographically based in Meru county. The institution’s key agenda is to train and prepare nursing students how to offer their nursing skills and services to humanity. When looking deeper at Certificate in Nursing in Kenya, fees structure, requirements and best-offering colleges in Kenya; Consolata Hospital and school of nursing comes toplist. This private nursing institution offers affordable training sessions just like public colleges. 

Fees payment

To study at Nkubu School of Nursing, a student might get to pay annual fees ranging from Ksh. 95,000-150,000. However, this amount varies from one programme to another. Since it’s a nursing school aligned to a hospital, Nkubu School of Nursing students can freely access the hospital’s premises. 

PCEA, Chogoria Hospital Clive Irvine College of Nursing

Clive Irvine College of Nursing is a certified medical training college based in Chogoria under the PCEA Chogoria Hospital. This institution offers both certificate and diploma nursing programmes. Clive Irvine students don’t have to make any payments to access the PCEA Chogoria hospital, one of the most competent hospitals in Meru county. 

Fees structure

Although the college is under the PCEA church, the course schedules and fees payment is adjusted by the ministry of education via TVETA. Day scholars pay a total ranging from Ksh. 95,000 to Ksh. 151,500 depending on their course programme and year of learning. 

Fafa Medical Training College

The FMTC in Kakamega was launched by the government in 2018 to give nursing students a chance in pursuing their profession and achieving their career goals as well. This training college is administered by the Ministry of education and the Nursing Council of Kenya as well. FMTC offers a certificate in Nursing whereby all learners get to acquire all the nursing skills and services marketable in today’s job market. Jus like other colleges, this institution carries a similar approach in admission and intake in terms of minimum entry grades i.e. an overall mean grade of at least C-; a minimum of C- (Minus) in Biology/Biological sciences, a D+ (Plus) in Physics/Chemistry, and C- in Kiswahili/English. 

University of Eastern Africa Baraton

This is one of the few private universities that offers a Certificate in nursing and other medical-related fields. Based in Eldoret, the university is surrounded by some supreme hospitals in the area. Students in this university are highly advantaged since they can access a number of hospitals in the region during reference times thus inducing diversity in their studies. Moreover, the university holds qualified instructors and tutors who are highly skilled and endorsed due to their experience levels. This explains the big numbers of graduates from this institution working overseas in big hospitals. 

Fees payment

This is the most affordable university offering a certificate in nursing in Kenya. Unlike other universities and institutions offering the same course, students in this university incur the lowest payable fees amount per year. The amount of fees payable in a single academic year is around Ksh. 40,000 excluding all administration expenses. 

Now that you have the details for a certificate in Nursing in Kenya; fees structure, requirements and best-offering colleges in Kenya; you can pursue your nursing course for 2 ½ years. Upon finishing this course, you can undertake training in nursing for about 2 years before making the cut for another course. Earning this experience can make you an outstanding subject in the modern job market; thus increasing the chances of getting a job locally or even internationally. Good luck as you chase your dream career!

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