Being amongst the top list of e-Learning institutions across Africa, the University of South Africa receives vast applications for admission not only from Africa but from all over the world. This is a guide meant to help to apply individuals check my Unisa Application status 2023.

Check My Unisa Application Status 2022/2023

If you’ve made an online application for admission to the University of South Africa for the academic year 2022 and awaiting feedback, this article will help you track your UNISA application status. The UNISA application verification might take 6 to 8 weeks after the application deadline and this ends up making applicants anxious for the results.

How to Track My UNISA Application Status 2023

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to Check my UNISA Application Status

  1. UNISA Application portal

    Visit the official myUNISA application status portal

  2. Student Number

    Fill in your UNISA student number in the required field

  3. Enter Surname

    Accurately fill in your Surname/Last name

  4. Forename/First name

    Next fill in your First name in the specified field

  5. D.O.B

    Enter your Date of Birth

  6. Track Application

    Upon accurately filling in your personal details in the Required fields, click on the Continue button to check your application status

  7. UNISA Application Status

    As soon as you click the ‘Continue’ button, an Application Status Page will be prompted on your screen. It could be ‘Admitted, Ineligible, Pending, Requires Action, etc.

Track UNISA Application | Status Meaning

MyUNISA Application StatusMEANING
AdmittedThis indicates that the applicant has been admitted to the specified program. Some qualification offers might have conditions included.
IneligibleThe applicant has been denied a space in the qualification applied for due to failure to meet the minimum, set, academic requirements.
CanceledThis means that your Application has been Canceled.
Pending ReviewThis means that your application was received by UNISA and is under review to check if certain documents will be needed to finish your application. Keep checking the portal for updates until the University makes an admission Decision after the review.
CompleteThis means that each requisite item required for the application has been submitted and received by the University of South Africa.
Requires ActionThis means that a few requisite items are missing from your application. Keep checking back to view updates on the UNISA application portal for unresolved issues.
Quota FilledThis means that regardless of the applicant achieving the admission requirements for the program, their Application has been Canceled due to a high level of competition in the respective application from other applicants.
Provisional AdmissionThis indicates the applicant’s admission to the qualification specified. The Applicant is however expected to submit some requisite items for the program and meet other requirements stated by the faculty.
Cleared Provisional AdmissionThis means that all provisions for a certain faculty have been achieved and therefore, Admission to the respective program has been confirmed
myUnisa application status checker

Requirements to Apply for myUNISA Admission

  • Certified Grade 11 Results Copy & any recent results for Grade 12
  • Application Fees Payment Receipt
  • Authorized Copy of Green-bar Coded ID
  • Passport Numbers from International Students

Reasons for Delayed/No Feedback for UNISA Application

  1. An inaccurate or missing Phone number might be the reason why UNISA can’t reach you. To receive a response, make sure you submit your functional telephone number during the application.
  2. You’re recommended to submit a working contact Email address to avoid miscommunication from the UNISA admission department.
  3. Application Fee Payment is a fundamental factor when applying for admission to the University of South Africa. Failure to present the payment receipt might delay your application verification.
Check My Unisa Application Status 2022/2023

Remember, the UNISA application processing might usually take up to 3 months due to the vast number of applications done from across the world. You’re therefore advised to keep calm and stay patient until the process is done.

UNISA Contacts

General Applications & Registration queries[email protected]012 4415888
Applications[email protected]012 4294016
Postgraduate diplomas & Honours Degrees[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Master’s and doctoral qualifications[email protected]012 4415702
College of Accounting SciencesUndergraduate[email protected]
Postgraduate[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
012 4415700
012 4415888
College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences[email protected]
College of Economic & Management SciencesUndergraduate[email protected]
BTech[email protected]
[email protected]
012 4415700
College of EducationUndergraduate[email protected]
[email protected]
012 4415583
College of Human SciencesUndergraduate[email protected]
[email protected]
012 4415701
College of Law[email protected]
[email protected]
012 4415703
College of Science, Engineering and Technology.
College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Undergraduate[email protected]
Tech[email protected]
[email protected]
012 4415704
Licensees[email protected]012 4415705
International Students[email protected]012 4415705
Exemptions[email protected]012 4415706
Access & Matriculation exemption[email protected]012 4415457
Re-Admissions[email protected]012 4415888
UNISA Contacts for Application Status Check

UNISA Application Status | Forgot Student Number

  1. Visit this page to Search for your Initial Student Number
  2. Enter your Surname/Last Name
  3. Enter your Date of Birth
  4. Enter your ID no.
  5. Enter your Passport number (International/Foreign students)
  6. Click on the submit button

Can my UNISA Application be Rejected?

Regardless of completing your UNISA admission application, your admission status might still need to be reviewed thus reading as ‘Pending’. UNISA will have to go through your application and even assess the Points-score system. For UNISA to offer you a place in their institution, they will first consider the following factors:

  • Admission Academic requirements accomplishment for your respective qualification
  • Applicant’s minimum points achieved
  • Number of vacancies available in your qualification

Applicants who meet the set qualification requirements will be automatically be granted a place in the University of South Africa. However, sometimes UNISA might reject a candidate’s application or grant the candidate multiple Admission offers in various qualifications. Remember, applicants are allowed to register for only one qualification offer regardless of multiple offers from the institution.

Check My Unisa Application Status 2022/2023

Register for the UNISA offer

If your application for admission to the University of South Africa becomes successful, you’re required to register for the offered qualification and semester to avoid losing the space. Failure to make your registration for the respective academic year in time, you’ll be forced to Re-apply for the next academic year.

University of South Africa (UNISA) Contact Details

Unisa registration and application Tel:  
012 481 2731/2831/2816/2831
Unisa registration Fax to email: 086 651 4772
Unisa registration E-mail: [email protected]
Assignments 012 429 3111
Assignments Fax to email429 4150
Assignments email [email protected]
Student finances Tell:012 481 2831
Student Finances Fax to email086 651 4772
Student Finances Email[email protected]
Students Learning materials Tel: 012 4812816 / 2731/2813
Students learning materials Fax: 086 651 4772
Student Learning materials E-mail: [email protected]
Examinations Tel:012 429 3111
unisa examination fax:429 4150
UniSA examination email:[email protected]
Unisa certificates Tel:012 481 2731/2816
Unisa certificates faxed to email086 651 4772
UniSA certificates email[email protected]
Unisa Ethics Hotline 0800 005 311
Unisa Ethics Hotline Email[email protected]
Unisa Main campus Pysical Adress: Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria
Sunnyside campus (applications, registrations & learning center):Cnr Justice Mahomed & Steve Biko Streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria
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Unisa Contac Details


How do I Check my UNISA Application Status?

Go to the UNISA Application status page and fill in the required personal info on the page i.e. student number, Full name (Surname and first name), & DOB then click Continue for the status prompt page.

Is UNISA application for 2022 open?

The application dates for the academic year 2022 for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications have been closed already. Check on the UNISA website or contact the institution for registration and application dates. UNISA will definitely announce additional dates for any available vacancies in the future.

How do I track my UNISA Application status?

1. Visit the official myUNISA application status portal
2. Fill in your UNISA student number in the required field
3. Accurately fill in your Surname/Last name
4. Next, fill in your First name in the specified field
5. Enter your Date of Birth
6. Upon accurately filling in your personal details in the Required fields, click on the Continue button to check your application status
7. As soon as you click the ‘Continue’ button, an Application Status Page will be prompted on your screen

How long does UNISA take to process an Application?

The formal & approval process for a UNISA application usually takes around 3 Months. The university assesses your academic requirements and checks if the admission application is done perfectly including all the requisites. If you qualify, you’ll be offered a space at the University of South Africa.

What is the UNISA application portal?

To access the University of South Africa’s application portal, visit the link (

How do I know if my UNISA application was successful?

To know if your UNISA admission application was successful, you should be patient for your application to be processed within the set period. UNISA will send you feedback as soon as all applications have been processed to let you know the outcome.

What happens after submitting my UNISA application?

If the application goes through and you get to be offered a space in the university, all first-time applicants are required to complete an FYE (First Year Experience) MOOC to access their qualification offer.

Does UNISA allow late applications?

No, the university won’t accept any applications done past the set application deadline for that academic year. If one wishes to apply for admission, later on, you have to reapply during the next application period.

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