Chelsea Legend Didier Drogba’s 20-year old son scores his fisrt Professional goal against Caronnesse


• Isaac drogba scores his first professional goal against Caronnesse

• Young player expected to shine and rise in the Italian career with his current form

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Chelsea’s legend Didier Drogba’s 20-year-old son scores his first professional goal Being a legend’s offspring, Isaac Drogba has a big future to live up to. With high expectations from fans across the globe, the rookie is expected to achieve highly and have a fruitful soccer career all along; like father like son, right? Isaac managed to score his first professional goal in their 1-0 win against Caronnesse during the weekend. A good start sign for this gentle man.

Isaac Drogba scored the winning goal for Caratese by netting the ball againt the Caronnesse keeper, keeping their team ahead till the end of the match. After starting off in the Stamford bridge academy, he later joined Caratese early this year. He’s made a couple of league appearances and is now racking up goals as well.

“I think I’ve seen that celebration somewhere before!” Isaac is going to experience heavy pressure with his family name responsible. We believe he will grab the awards and achievements in his career following his good start in the Spanish league; to keep this great name going. Go Drogba!

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