• Big defeat for chelasea as westbrom aim for big win against wolverhampton tomorrow

After the international  break, Stamford bridge was the first stage to host a Barclays premier league face off. Chelsea, a team that had not seen defeat in 14 top flight games were ready to extend their unbeaten run against Westbrom. Well, maybe ‘were ready’ were the wrong terms to use. It was an undoubtingly bad day for the blues and their manager Thomas Tuchel  after a precipitous loss at home. Not even England had seen it coming. Sam Allardyce had five reasons to smile after bringing down a Chelsea  that had been crippled by confusion and tactical ridity.

The 5-2 loss could be a big blow to the blues if the hammers manage to win their game against  Wolverhampton tomorrow. Luckily for them , Leicester failed to move three points forward after failing to beat league leaders Manchester City which showed world class football yesterday. Tuchel’s Chelsea gets beaten at a time when they have shown stinginess in conceding goals and had only conceded 2 goals in around 14 epl games . To stain it all about 70% of the goals they have conceded since Tuchel  come from a single relegation threatened team.

Westbrom on the other side showed a lot of flair and flash with concise attacking fashions and brilliant football in the final third. Ostensibly, Westbrom had had a sound defense in previous games and were usually outwitted when it came to scoring goals. The win will boost their confidence levels and assure them a place out of the relegation zone should they adopt consistency .

Chelsea quality was conspicuous in the opening 20 minutes . They did well to create half chances and Thiago could be seen picking out Alonso on a few occasions. A well taken set piece by Alonso hit the upright and was returned by a meticulous Christian Pulisic. Hell broke loose after Thiago was awarded a second yellow card and sent off the pitch creating a one man deficit. A wave of disorientation swept through the defense allowing moments of sloppiness even with Christensen in the hood.

Matheus Pereira the star boy of the match utilized all chances he had and ensured the first half ended Westbrom way. The second half had Robinson and Diagne introduced into the score sheet in the 63rd and 68th minute respectively. Defensive bottlenecks continued throttling Chelsea and many times Marcos Alonso was caught up high during attacks. Westbrom created 5v3 overloads and made it easier to score. Kurt Zouma had a difficult time on the left back side alongside Jorginho who did not have the best of his games. Although Chelsea carried out several attacks and created chances , Westbrom maintained enough cool heads and ensured they sealed the deal in a late Robinson moment 19 minutes after Mason Mount nicked in a second Chelsea goal.

Thomas Tuchel reported it was their inability to adapt that lead to their defeat and pointed out they had to bounce back in a ucl week against Porto.

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