Ticks are acommon problem to anyone with a dog  or cat at home. You will naturally find them unless the conditions are 100% ideal which is quite rare. Now, there are four factors we have to acquaint ourselves with when it comes to the dogs and cats  and how they’re affected with ticks. Basically we have to consider if your dog or vat is a rural one with respect to how they roam around tick infested areas, urban dogs or cats, with same reference as well as where the dogs stay in both cases. All these are major considerations but we have to know chemicals that control ticks in cats and dogs since chemical control is the major way of controlling them.

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Dog tick control chemical forms

Now, there are very many ways of availing the chemical to the tick infested area on the dog or cat. However we are going to major our focus on the main ones that people use. They include; spot-ons,

  •  tablets
  •  collars,
  •  shampoos
  • soaps,
  •  powders
  •  Sprays

We therefore have to know how to find my of these, where to find them and how to use them. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. All the above products are founda in any of your preferred farm and domestic chemical outlets worldwide. Their efficiency depends on the situation of the infestations and the pet itself. Additionally the situations we talked about, there can be where the animals live, where they walk and many other factors to consider. So the method will depend on all these and whether the trends will affect the effectiveness of the tick treatment method. Let talk about all the methods separately to know how to use them.


These are chewables that are ingested by the animal to kill ticks that come into contact with the blood during bloodmeals. This is specifically a good option for those who do not want the mess around insecticides especially those with little children. There are so many varieties  of this and the availability tends to bary according to the authorities of the country where you stay. The tablets cannot act on the ticks until the rocks bite the animal. This is an advantage since the ticks must feed and sometimes when we can reach them physically, they can die from sucking the blood.


These are thick plastic or textile strips that are impregnated with tickicides and are hang around the dog or cats neck to make contact with the hair coat around that area. The hair coat around usually gets the insecticide progressively and it goes on spreading until the whole animals hir coat is filled with it. Within a month or two, the ticks would have been dealt with in great numbers. They also serve to reduce a tendency of reinfestation of ticks or fleas after they have been dealt with.

Spot ons

These are chemical substances that are applied to a specific point on the body of the animal and it dissolves through to the whole body. The usually have an active chemical substance that aids with the spreading and absorption of the chemical on the animals skin. They are apllied on the neck or back of the animal and they take time to get through the whole body.

Powders, sprays and shampoos

These are common substances that we use to control ticks. Probably very pet owner might have used one of these products. It is easy to work with them and they are effective whenever used well. It is just a matter of ensuring they reach the whole body of the animal.

Those are the main methods that we have in the control if fleas and ticks and hey are very effective. What matters is how you use them. There might be a variance in varieties but the products and their use is just the same. So what to check on is mostly the effectiveness of the products as we use them. I hope just one method is good at a time. Those are the chemicals that control ticks in cats and dogs.

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