Best Courses for C+ C or C- 2022

Courses for C+ C or C- Students

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In this blog text, we’re going to take you through the best courses for C+ C or C- students in 2022/2023.

A student with the above KCSE grades will be lucky enough to earn a government degree sponsorship.

Therefore, you should take your time when selecting the program you want to pursue.

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Scoring a C+, C, or C minus will guarantee you the freedom to choose; and pursue a program of your choice in a certain institution.

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central placement services offer you five equal chances whereby; one is required to select five-degree programs that you’re interested in.

Best Courses for C+ C or C- 2022

Marketable Courses for C+ C or C- in Kenya

Make sure you go for the best and marketable course to avoid ‘tarmacking’ even after graduating.

Therefore, I’m going to cordially give you the list of several degree courses suitable for your C+ C or C- students in Kenya.

Upon deciding on a preferred course or occupation, you’ll be able to pursue and elevate to a higher education level of your wish.

Some individuals might want to pursue their courses from certificate level, diploma, while others go for a degree.

Depending on the grade you’ve qualified for, you can pursue your career in different institutions in the country to earn the best positions in your specific career field.

Best Courses for C+ C & C- in KCSE

First of all, all candidates who managed to score the above grades deserve to be awarded, to proceed with the same winning spirit as they take on the next educational levels. With a C+, C or C- in Kenya; you can pursue the following programs in the appropriate institutions:

Best Courses for C- Students 2022

  1. Web and Graphic Design
  2. Tourism Management
  3. Human Resource (HR) Management
  4. Purchase and Supply
  5. Finance and Accounting
  6. Project Management
  7. Finance and accounting
  8. Interior design
  9. Mass Communication and Journalism
  10. Cakes and Baking
  11. Sales and Management

Candidates who attain a C- average in their KCSE can either go for a diploma or certificate course in institutions where they are offered. Here are some high-paying diploma programs that a student with this grade can commit to:

1. Web and Graphic design

This is one of the highly demanded skill in the digital market today and; one can not only pursue it as a profession but also make it a passion. Nowadays, companies are in deep search of outstanding web developers to improve and maintain their information systems and the IT departments as well. Following the rising need for this service in the market, candidates are assured to earn jobs and earn their ‘dream salaries’.

One should attain the following grades to be certified to pursue this course:

Web and Graphic Design requirements

  • An average grade of C-
  • Must have studied Computer studies
  • A mean grade of C- in Kiswahili and English or in any other 2 subjects

2. Tourism Management

As we celebrate Kenya’s Mother Nature and the tourist attraction sites in the country, some people might be enthusiastic about it and end up pursuing it. For candidates who are wild for tourism, one can take this course and explore it to higher levels and attain their goals at the end. This course is best granted in Kenyatta University and it’s considered the top marketable course at the diploma level in Kenya.

Upon pursuing the course and earning experience In the Tourism management field, you will eventually secure a job in the Kenya tourism industry or even abroad. Search and apply for Tourism management scholarships and jobs online to win a job of your specialization. These are the requirements grades to pursue the course:

Tourism Management Entry requirements

  • A C (Plain) in Biology, Business/Computer, History/Geography, Biological sciences, and English/Foreign languages.
  • A C- (Minus) in Mathematics
Best Courses for C+ C or C-

3. Human Resource (HR) Management

This profession is highly competitive in our modern world’s business structures and systems. Human Resource specialists play a major role in a company’s decision-making. This makes them vital elements in a company’s management and success thus the rise in demand of the skill. Here are the required qualifications to pursue the course:

Human Resource (HR) Management Requirements

  • A minimum mean grade of C-

4. Purchase and Supplies

Purchasing and supplies is a very important sector in the modern day businesses since it enhances the daily transactions of a product-selling company. Being one of the sky-striking professions in the country, a candidate can pursue it to earn a reasonable salary amount at the end of the month depending on their authority and task management in the company. Below are the grades one should attain to pursue this course in Kenya today:

  • An average of C- (Minus)
  • 24-month duration
  • D+ (Plus) in Maths/Accounting/Economics/Commerce and English

5. Finance and Accounting

Collectively, the world will always be in demand of accountants and financial experts since the field of accounting seems to be expanding as days go by. Therefore, this has been listed amongst the top-marketed courses in the modern job market. Here are the target grades required to be approved for further studies:

Finance and Accounting Entry Requirements

  • A D- (Minus) in Math
  • A mean of D- in Kiswahili and English

6. Project Management (Monitoring and evaluation)

Regardless of the big masses pursuing this course at the moment, this is one of top-marketable programmes in the best courses for C+, C, or C minus students in the list.

Lucky candidates secure jobs with Non-Government Organizations such as AMREF and other bodies since projects are usually carried out in most NGO’s and they end up seeking evaluation and monitoring individuals to help keep track observe progress. This course is best offered in AMREF, JKUAT and Kenya Institute of Management.

Here are the required grades:

  • An average grade of D+ in English
  • A D+ (Plus) in Mathematics/Business/Accounting/Commerce

7. Mass Communication and Journalism

This is one of the most decent-paying diploma courses in Kenya today. Due to the risen demand in content creation in our media industry today, talented individuals have gotten a crystal clear chance to display their skill in this course field and earn themselves a whooping salary during end month.

Depending on one’s area of specialization and interest, candidates can get to choose the appropriate programme and get to consider the best-offering institution as well. Below are the requirements for going after this diploma course in Kenya today:

  • An average of C+ in Kiswahili or English

8. Interior Design

With the current DIY and interior design trends buzzing across the internet today, many candidates have discovered this interesting diploma course that can suit creative and innovative minds. Previously, many students did not fancy this course in Kenya due to the gone low-level support for the art and design field. However, fashion and design as well as other DIY business sectors have expanded and increased job opportunities for interior design specialists in Kenya today. Here’s what you should achieve to pursue this course:

  • A mean grade of C- (Minus)

9. Sales and Marketing

This field requires one to earn experience gradually from entry to intermediate and eventually expert level for one to start earning enormous salaries. However, one gets to earn tons of commissions and promotions as well leading to salary increment which comes along expert experience in the field. Candidates are advised to be keen during the studying process to understand how this field works. Earning this skill in diploma can increase your chances of getting employment and earn your desired salaries in the future. Achieve the following grades to pursue this course:

Sales and Marketing Entry Requirements

  • A D+ (Plus) in English
  • A D+ in Mathematics/Economics/Business/Commerce

10. Cakes and Baking

Recently, many individuals have driven towards the Cake and Baking sector. Since a majority of students in this field are Cake and Baking enthusiasts, many have been pursuing and specializing in this field. Some get employed in big bakeries and cake companies while others begin their own business ideas and end up setting their own baking companies. You can start earning profits and income from self-employment and local sales. Here are the basic requirements to pursue this course:

  • Ability to read, write and speak English and; Kiswahili
Best Courses for C+, C, and C-

Best Courses for C Students 2022

  1. Hospitality Management
  2. Communication and Media
  3. Nutrition and Health
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Quantity Surveying
  6. Diploma in software engineering
  7. Electric and Electronic Engineering
  8. Clinical and Child Neurophysiology
  9. Estate Agency and property management

Scoring a C (Plain) in Kenya today gives a candidate a wide variety of course programmes to choose from and pursue as profession. Amongst the best courses for C+ C or C-students in 2021. Here are the various course programmes an individual can pursue upon attaining a C Plain:

a. Hospitality Management

 Hospitality Management has grown to be one of the most remunerative courses and its job market has raised the demand for skilled personnel in this field. With a C (Plain) in KCSE, one can pursue this course, specialize and achieve their career dreams in the specific sectors. In this field, one not only acquires managerial skills and tools but educational skills as well.

These skills are highly demanded in high-end restaurants and hotels whereby hospitality is needed to run the business. Experienced individuals in this course earn enormous salaries since these hospitality management hold lots of value. Here are the academic requirements a person should attain to qualify for this course:

Hospitality Management Entry Requirements

  • A mean grade of C- in Biology/chemistry, and English/Kiswahili
  • An average of C- in Biological Sciences, Home Science, English/Kiswahili, Physical Science, Mathematics
  • Alternatively, individuals with a KCSE mean of C- and a certificate from an identified institution in Hospital management or any related course programs                

b. Communication and Media

Being amongst the most competitive career fields in the country, the communication and media sector has developed thus increasing the number of employment opportunities. This has led to the rise of new media companies day by day. Since many people seek information updates and trends from these companies, the demand for media and communication personnel has risen rapidly.

To pursue communication and media studies in Kenya, you can pursue this course and get to the peak through long-term experience. Since the industry seems to be crowded, talented applicants are always interested and determined to undertake this diploma programme and they possibly achieve their dreams at the end. Hereby, let’s check out the requirements for one to pursue this programme:

  • A C (Plain) in either English or Kiswahili
  • A C- (Minus) n Geography/History

c. Nutrition and Health

For individuals interested in this medicine programme, you can undertake a Nutrition and health programme with an average of C Plain in KCSE. Various private and public institutions offer this diploma programme to grant students with the public health and nutrition knowledge. With experience in this field, one can advise the society about nutrition and other health related issues as well. The minimum entry requirements include:

Nutrition and Health Entry Requirements

  • An average grade of C (Plain)
  • A C- (Minus) aggregate for individuals with a certificate in the field

d. Quantity surveying

This programme is best-offered in the University of Nairobi and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture. A big proportion of Quantity Survey graduates secure job opportunities immediately upon graduation; or a few months after the graduation. Moreover, some individuals take the path of self-employment and earn more money through cracking wholesome deals and projects.

Quantity surveying Entry requirements

  • A C (Plain) in English
  • C in Chemistry or Physics
  • A C+ (Plus) in Mathematics

e. Pharmacy

Pharmacy in Kenya is best-offered in Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, and the Kenya Medical Training College. The above institutions are considered the best since they offer high quality trainings to students specializing in this field. With a diploma in this field, one can set up your own pharmacy in an urban centre or offer pharmaceutical services to earn income. Consider the following requisites before making an application in to pursue this course:

  • A mean grade of C (Plain) in KCSE

f. Diploma In Software Engineering

In the modern world we are living in, technology has gotten to take over and shifting our lifestyles from analog to digital.   This course entails information and skills about web and app development which are major components of the internet. Many companies have shifted their presence from physical to online especially after the covid 19 pandemic period.

For that reason, companies have to hire and employ software specialists to maintain, upgrade and keep their information systems up to date. Individuals tend to be outstanding in this field end up working in big international companies; earning huge salaries. The requirements for pursuing this course are as follows:

  • D- (Minus) in English/Kiswahili
  • D- (Minus) in Mathematics

g. Electric and Electronic Engineering

There are a few companies in Kenya that demand this skill namely, KPLC, Davis, KenGen and Bamburi cement. As a result, many engineers in this field have the chance and opportunities to employ themselves and earn from contracts. However, venturing and specializing in this field can give you a chance to work in big companies and earn a good salary. Here are the entry requirements:

  • C- (Minus) in Physics and Mathematics

h. Clinical and Child Neurophysiology

Students in this field study and learn about the functioning of a child’s brain and adolescent functions as well. These individuals are responsible for handling several disorders that may pop up during the above growth process and brain functions as well. This course programme is best-offered in Kenyatta University. To undertake a diploma in Clinical and Child Neurophysiology, you have to attain the following requirements first:

  • A C (Plain) in Biology, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics
  • A C- (Minus) and 2 years experience in the field

i. Estate Agency and property management

This is one industry that has been buzzing lately and many new people get to join this field every single day. Due to the booming of real estate deals and contracting across the globe; the need for real estate agents has risen drastically. Therefore, pursuing this field will easily expose you to a bunch of opportunities and you might end up winning a gig in big real estate companies in Kenya and abroad. Here are the few requirements for applicants interested in this course:

  • A C (Plain) in English and Kiswahili
  • C- (Minus) in History/Geography

Marketable Courses for C+, C and C- in Kenya

C+ (Plus)C (Plain)C- (Minus)
Bachelor of PharmacyNutrition and HealthWeb and Graphics Design
Bachelor of CommerceHospitality ManagementTourism Management
Bachelor of EducationCommunication and Media StudiesHuman Resource Management (HR)
Bachelor of Economics and StatisticsClinical and Child NeurophysiologyPurchase and Supplies
Bachelor of Science in NursingPharmacyFinance and Accounting
Bachelor of LawDiploma in Software EngineeringMass Communication and Journalism
Bachelor of Arts in SociologyQuantity SurveyingInterior Design
Bachelor of Arts in Film and AnimationEstate Agency and Property ManagementProject Management
Bachelor of Business and Information TechnologyElectrical and Electric EngineeringSales and Marketing
Bachelor of Mass Media and CommunicationBachelor of Public HealthCakes and Baking
Courses for C+ C or C- 2022

Best C+ Courses in Kenya 2022

When a candidate achieves a C+ in their KCSE, they are usually free to choose from various programmes which are booming in the modern day job market. Below are the best courses for C+ C or C- students in 2022/2023 and the institutions they are best-offered in.

With this KCSE Grade in Kenya, the applicant is eligible to join a public or government university in the county; and study a course of their choice. Below is the number of course programmes an individual with a C+ can undertake:

Best courses for C+ 2022

  1. Bachelor of Commerce
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Film production and Animation
  4. Bachelor of Education
  5. Bachelor of Economics
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  7. Early Childhood studies
  8. Diploma in Architecture
  9. Bachelor of Business Information Communication and Technology
  10. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

1. Bachelor of Commerce

This is one of the highly undertaken courses by C+ students today. Venturing and getting to earn experience in this filed gives one advantage in the commercial field today. However, this course has proven useful when combined with her related programmes e.g. CPA, ACCA, CFA, and CIFA. The entry requirements are:

Bachelor of Commerce Entry Requirements

  • An average of C+ in KCSE
  • A C (Plain) in English and Mathematics

2. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

This course programme comprises a combo of human as well as social knowledge that is essential in attitude formation, policy management and personal management as well. Specialists in this filed can handle cases in sectors such as human rights, ethics, nepotism, child labour, tribalism, marriages as well as unemployment. This service is highly demanded and marketable in the society. To qualify and earn experience in this course, you must have attained the following requirements:

  • A mean grade of C+ in KCSE

3. Bachelor of Arts in Film production and Animation

The steady development of communications and media has led to the growth of this well-paying course field; whereby media content is highly valued than anything else. Accordingly, this explains the rise of new media companies and TV channels across the globe. For this reason, production of film and animation content has been recognized as one of the highest paying profession in the digital world.

Applicants can apply, qualify and pursue this field to specialize and earn profitable job opportunities. You can either work independently (on deals and contracts) or as a company employee to earn your monthly cut and achieve your career goals in the future. Below are the right requirements for this field:

  • A mean of C+ in either Kiswahili or English

4. Bachelor of Education

Being amongst the most popular course fields in the country, Bachelor of education degree is offered in most top universities and institutions in the country. Ranging from private to public institutions in the country, one can apply and pursue this course to earn a job in the job market as soon as they graduate. With the appropriate subject combination and specialization, one takes a short time to earn a job upon graduation unlike in other courses; whereby an individual can tarmac for years without getting employment. Here are the entry requirements for this field:

Bachelor of Education Entry Requirements

  • A mean of C+ in your Career subjects

5. Bachelor of Economics

Upon completion and graduation in the Bachelor of Economics field, one is assured to secure a job as an economist and start to earn a rewarding salary. As you master the field and earn more experience, you are probably going to earn a higher pay as you get promoted with the new skills every single moment. You can either work as an independent contractor or win a job opportunity to work in a firm; or both! Here are the qualifications you need to check on before making an application:

Bachelor of Economics Entry Requirements

  • A B- (Minus) in Mathematics
  • C+ in English/Kiswahili
  • A C+ in Chemistry/Physics/Biology
  • A C+ in any commercial or humanity subject

6. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

Most Non-Government Organizations are currents demanding the skills and services from experts in this particular field. This is because most organizations make contact with the community thus the need for someone to address all the grievances, and needs of the society to the organization. Here are the requirements to pursue this programme:

  • A mean of C+ in KCSE
  • A C (Plain) in Mathematics

7. Early Childhood studies

The fact that this is the course with the fewest experts in the country makes Early Childhood studies a very marketable field in the modern society. With the ever-shifting social-economic circumstances in our lifestyles today, the demand for experts has been steadily rising. Since parents spend very little time with their children due to commitments like career and profession; childhood specialists hop in as educators and guardians for these little ones. Here are the required qualifications:

  • A C (Plain) in either Kiswahili or English
  • A C in Mathematics/Physics, Chemistry, Geography/History/CRE

8. Diploma in Architecture

With the rapid growth and development of infrastructure in Kenya today, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the resultant numerous job opportunities. If you don’t get a job after graduation, which is next to impossible; you can start up your own firm and aim at earning cash from contracts and deals. Below are the entry requirements:

  • An aggregate of B- in JKUAT
  • A C+ (Plus) in TUK
  • C+ in both Maths and Physics
  • A C+ in two subjects amongst Geography, History, IRE, CRE, and HRE

9. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

To earn a space in this programme’s job market, you’ll have to be nothing but outstanding. Therefore, interested applicants should be enthusiastic about the field and be dominant in subjects such as; Business studies, Mathematics as well as Physics. Since every company and business will most probably be in need of data analysis from proposals, deals and projects; you will get a chance to explore and succeed in your career. Regardless of earning employment, one can freelance and win contracts on B2C as well as B2B clients. Here’s what you need to qualify for this course:

Bachelor of Economics and Statistics Entry Requirements

  • A C+ (Plus) in Mount Kenya University
  • B- (Minus) in Egerton University
  • B (Plain) in Business Studies/Accounting/Economics/Commerce
  • A C+ (Plus) in Mathematics
  • A C (Plain) in Mathematics and English

10. Bachelor of Business Information Communication and Technology

In the modern digital world we are living in right now, the demand for software and IT services has gone from 0-100 within a very short time. Since vast businesses have switched to an online presence, companies need these IT experts and specialists to help keep the company running. From maintaining the information systems to upgrading and keeping them up to date; BBIT degree holders have proven very useful in the digital world.

Having a degree in this field can save you an opportunity in a huge company with an awesome salary. Moreover, one can be self-employed, create a firm and work on contracts to win cumbersome deals which come along with income. Here are the required qualifications for this course:


Lastly, every candidate is advised to go for the particular skills in their field; rather than just aiming at getting a certificate, diploma, or degree in their courses of choice. Following the best courses for c+, c, or c minus students in 2021; one can acquire the appropriate skills fit for the modern job market and earn their dream salaries.

We therefore recommend you to concentrate on improving and sharpening your skills upon undertaking your preferred course, to earn experience in your respective industry and achieve your personal career goals.

Comprehending your field’s skills and gaining work experience will make you outstanding in the market thus increasing your visibility before firms and employers.

Best Courses for C+ C and C- FAQs

What Course can I do with a C+ (Plus)?

After achieving a C+ Grade in KCSE, the candidate has the chance to choose from several marketable courses in the Kenyan Job market. Namely:
1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
2. Bachelor of Commerce
3. Bachelor of Education
4. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
5. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
6. Bachelor of Law
7. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
8. Bachelor of Commerce
9. Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation
10. Bachelor of Education

Which Courses are currently marketable in Kenya?

The Kenyan job industry in Kenya has proven to be very competitive since some courses have vast opportunities while others don’t. Here are the top 7 marketable courses in Kenya:
1. Bachelor of Medicine
2. Bachelor of Engineering
3. Software Engineering
4. Architecture
5. Bachelor of Law
6. Computer Science
7. Pharmacy

Which courses can I do with a C in Kenya?

With a KCSE Mean grade of C Plain in Kenya, the candidate can pursue courses like Nutrition & Health, Hospitality Management, Communication & Media Studies, Clinical & Child Neurophysiology, Pharmacy, Diploma in Software Engineering, Quantity Surveying etc.

Can I do a Diploma in Education with a C?

Absolutely, this programme is available for all candidates who managed to score a mean grade of C (Plain) in KCSE. The Entry requirements to this course demand a minimum of a C in either English, or Kiswahili.

What Courses can one do with a C- (Minus) in Kenya?

Upon scoring a C- KCSE Grade, the candidate is eligible to choose from and pursue the following programmes in Kenya:
1. Web and Graphics Design
2. Tourism Management
3. Human Resource Management (HR)
4. Purchase and Supplies
5. Finance and Accounting
6. Mass Communication abd Journalism
7. Interior Design
8. Project Management
9. Sales and Marketing
10. Cakes and Baking

Can I do P1 with a C- (Minus) in KCSE?

The new P1 qualification requirements for candidates looking forward to pursue a Diploma in Education requires applicants to have at least a C or C- in KCSE.

Can I go to KU (Kenyatta University) with a C?

The KU Admission authorities allows candidates with a grade of C- in KCSE to apply for Diploma and Certificate courses for a space in the institution.

Can I do Teaching with a C- in KCSE?

To pursue a Bachelor of Education in Kenya, the candidate needs to achieve a KCSE grade of C+ and a minimum of C+ in the two respective teaching subjects.

Can one be a Primary Teacher with C?

Absolutely, with a C (Plain) in KCSE, a student can pursue education and become a Primary teacher. However, to become a secondary school teacher in Kenya, you’ll be required to score a C+.

Can I do Nursing with a C?

To pursue a Diploma in Nursing in Kenya, one needs to score a minimum grade of C in KCSE, a C plain in Kiswahili/English, and a C- in Chemistry, Biology/Physics/Mathematics.

Can I do Pharmacy with a C Plain?

To undertake a Pharmacy with a grade of C in KCSE, you’ll have to begin with diploma and excel in this level. The entry grade requirements for a Diploma in Pharmacy are a Mean of C plain in KCSE, a C in Biology/Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Kiswahili/English.

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