What is cryptocurrency? How does cryptocurrency work? These are common questions in the digital money world that we are going to answer today.   Our post today is an ultimate cryptocurrency guide favorable for both beginners and experienced investors in the market.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency?

How Cryptocurrency Work Works

Cryptocurrency is digital money that is designed to be anonymous and secure. Cryptocurrency uses a system known as cryptography, which is a system of coding that converts normal information into hard-to-crack code that tracks down transfers and purchases. 

Starting earlier as a method to secure information, cryptography has evolved over time to become a method to transact and secure money and information in the online world. In 2009, the first digital currency was created a d has remained relevant to date, this is Bitcoin. Despite other numerous players emerging, bitcoin has remained the most common and highly used cryptocurrency. This year has seen Bitcoin rise to $40,000 per digital coin. 

Using a decentralized technology, cryptocurrency lets users store and make secure payments in the absence of a bank or personal information. Currency holders have a public ledger with all the information about all transactions and are updated each time a new transaction is made. 

Cryptocurrency can be obtained through mining or buying units with the usual money. Mining involves people solving tough mathematical queries to earn bitcoin units in return. Cryptocurrency is stored in digital wallets referred to as cryptographic wallets.  

Being a new technology and currency, cryptocurrency is set to take more roles and shapes in the future financial world. There is a big possibility of stocks, bonds, and more financial assets turning to crypto as a means of trading. 

Why is cryptocurrency so popular? 

Cryptocurrency has been so popular and gained a lot of users and supporters over time. Here are some of the reasons that make cryptocurrency so popular. 

How Cryptocurrency Works

Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrency

  • Fans of cryptocurrency like the fact that it is not controlled by banks especially the central banks which cause inflation, thereby reducing the value of money. 
  • People who support crypto believe that it’s what shall become future money. They believe that the value of cryptocurrency shall increase over time and eventually replace current money. They are therefore buying a lot of it ‘early before its value hikes’ 
  • A group of cryptocurrency supporters isn’t interested in the possibility of it replacing money. However, the trade cryptocurrency appreciates in value. 

The legality of Cryptocurrency and Regulations

The legality of cryptocurrency depends on each state or country’s decision. In the United States, cryptocurrency is legal and investors are already trading. In other states like china, cryptocurrency is banned. Being a relatively new and unexploited idea, there have emerged a lot of fraudsters taking advantage of the buyer ignorance to con them, stay aware of such scammers. 

Why should I Buy and Invest in Crypto? 

The main reason for using cryptocurrency is that they are secure and do not have reversals or any tricks. The transaction fees are also low and the currency is available to everyone due to their decentralized system. 

Most investors go into cryptocurrency with the hope that it shall increase in value so they can get profits. Others are investing in crypto with the hope that it is the currency of the future and therefore shall be of high value and hard to attain in the future. 

How to Buy and Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be bought using dollars, however, some cryptocurrencies need to be bought using other cryptocurrencies. In order to buy cryptocurrencies, you first have to get an online wallet from where you shall use dollars to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. There are a number of these brokers including: 

  • Coinbase 
  • Etoro 
  • Robinhood 
  • Tradestation 
  • Sofi active investing 

How to Buy Bitcoin and other Crypto Safely

Before you buy bitcoins, we thought you need to be aware of the following facts: 

  • There lacks a financial service compensation for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is upon you, the investor, to keep your bitcoins safe. In case an online wallet gets hacked and your bitcoins go missing, you lose it with no compensation. To keep away from such instances, investors keep their coins in separate offline wallets. 
  • Bitcoin scamming is growing. There are a number of scam websites and marketers who are selling non-existent bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to unsuspecting investors. In order to avoid this, just stick to the common and proven sellers which are Coinbase, Etoro, or CoinCorner. 


Which cryptocurrency will go up in 2023?

Following the high blockchain market pressure Bitcoin is experiencing at the moment, many crypto traders have speculated that Ethereum (ETH-USD) is probably going to explode and go up in the future due to the level of potential the currency has shown.

Is Binance better than Coinbase?

When comparing these two wallets, we see that Binance is most suitable for individuals with experience in cryptocurrency lingo & investing options, whilst Coinbase on the other hand is built and meant for easy & convenient trading.

Which Cryptocurrency Coin has the best future?

Upon the market pressure being faced by the top crypto coin in the world initially (Bitcoin), currencies like Ethereum and Dogecoin have shown great potential and they’ve been therefore speculated to be the next big cryptocurrencies in the Future.

Which is the best cryptocurrency to buy in Kenya?

When seeking the best crypto to buy or invest in currently, there’s a variety of top currencies an investor can choose from. Considering the market capital for each, you can buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Tether, XRP, and even dogecoin; depending on their current performance in the crypto market.

Which is the most secure type of Bitcoin wallet?

The most secure Crypto wallet types for your cryptocurrency are the Cold Wallets. These wallets however require experience and familiarity during set-up. You’re therefore required to learn about safe storage concepts of both cold and hot wallets.

How can I choose a Crypto wallet?

When choosing a wallet for your cryptocurrencies, you should consider going for the most acknowledged wallets holding the best reviews and ratings from users. However, if you’re seeking a wallet for a specific coin, you’re recommended to check out the coin’s dedicated wallet.

Can one Crypto wallet hold different Coins?

No, every cryptocurrency/coin has its own dedicated wallet built to suit its functionality and user experience. However, there are several multi-currency wallets that contain different crypto wallets under a single interface.

Can One crypto wallet hold multiple cryptocurrencies?

Absolutely, we have several multi-asset crypto wallets which are built to allow the user to hold more than one cryptocurrency. These wallets can carry multiple coins ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even so much more; under one interface.

Which is the largest Crypto exchange currently?

Based in the United States, Coinbase has proven to be the biggest Cryptocurrency exchange globally, trading 30+ cryptocurrencies.

How do I get my Bitcoin (BTC) Private key?

To get your Bitcoin private key/number, you can use a coin, or pencil & paper. You’re recommended to toss your coin two hundred and fifty six times to acquire the binary codes of a random key you’ll use as your ‘Private Key’. The Public key will be extracted from the private key.

How can I find the Public Key for my Wallet Address?

You can easily find the public key for your wallet address using the ‘Validate Address RPC-Call’ or ‘GetAddressInfo’ from your wallet. The user can retrieve the key using the ValidateAddress if only the address is their


We hope you now comprehend what cryptocurrency is and how it works. As much as some investors view cryptocurrency as the currency of the future, it still got a long way to go, especially in the instability of its value. Currently, most investors are buying cryptocurrencies with the hope of selling them in the near future when prices hike. It is now upon you to decide whether you shall invest in cryptocurrencies or not. 

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