Derek Chauvin on trial for the murder of George Floyd


  • Mr. Derek Chauvin and his three colleagues charged responsible for George Floyd’s death.
  • Chauvin charged the most seriously amongst the four.
  • Derek Chauvin still pleads not guilty.

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Former police Derek Chauvin has been brought to trial to be charged against the murder of George Floyd on the 25th of May, 2020. The 44-year-old policeman has been free on bail while masses have been waiting for this ‘moment of justice’ to pass. Upon the start of jury selection on March 9, Mr. Derek Chauvin will be held top convict amongst the four police officers who were involved in this matter. Chauvin will be facing second-degree murder charges (most weighty charges amongst the four) following the evidence of Derek Chauvin’s video filmed during the incident. In the video, Mr. Chauvin is seen pressing his knee against George Floyd’s neck before he breathed his last. However, Mr. Derek Chauvin still pleads not guilty.

Being a 19-yearVeteran in Minneapolis Police department, Mr Chauvin is the senior most of all the policemen who performed George Floyd’s arrest. However, Mr Chauvin’s record clearly depicts that there have been complaints regarding his conduct despite the fact that he was endorsed for a valour medal for shooting a threat who was aiming a shotgun at his colleagues.  After being held in prison in Minnesota from May during his arrest to October 7th 2020, he was freed on bail. The judge on his case released him on a £718M bail with a pending trial.  

46-year-old George Floyd was run in by the police due to suspicion upon using a twenty-dollar bill. He was seen to resist arrest as the policemen struggled to keep him down and handcuff him then take him into the squad car. However, Mr. Chauvin kept kneeling on George’s back and neck for around 9 minutes. Floyd is heard pleading that he couldn’t breathe a couple of times. He’s seen limp as he was carried away by the police in the video. Mr. George was later pronounced bereft of life an hour upon arrival at the hospital. May justice prevail!

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