Diamond Platinumz exposed

Diamond’s ex-manager exposes his ‘fake lifestyle’


  • Diamond Platinumz Former Manager exposes him and claims that he’s leading a fake lifestyle
  • Diamond exposed by his ex-manager for living a lie (fake lifestyle)
  • Ex-manager exposed Diamond Platinumz for living a fake lifestyle

Detailed News; Diamond’s ex-manager exposes his ‘fake lifestyle’

Diamond’s ex-manager has exposed what he claims is a fake lifestyle of Bongo superstar Diamond platinumz. The manager says many artists are living a lie. Ostaz Juma, who manager the Bongo artist at some point says he is literally living a big lie. Talking to one newspaper in Tanzania, the ex-manager says that many artists are living a big lie, and though he was part of it at one point, it ought to really stop.

Further explaining the worrying situation of the music industry, Ostaz says not only Diamond but many others are faking a posh lifestyle both to impress and to chase clout. He says that they used to even fake performance fees and indicate a higher figure to make it appear more expensive. Expressing his worry, the ex-manager says many artists including Diamond are still doing that, making it as real as possible for the crowds to believe.

Diamond Platiinumz living a lie

Earlier in August, the Bongo star was said to be having plans to acquire a private jet. His business development manager and planner said on Wasafi FM that it made business sense to acquire the jet fully than hiring it out. Ostaz claims that the plans have never been executed despite the short timeline that was mentioned by the business development manager. Failure or success in executing such plans is what Salam mentions as the true revelation of whether the musician is playing the public with a fake lifestyle or it’s really true that he is living that life.

Despite the charges that are actually not the first ones of their kind, many still thirst for the star’s lifestyle which they follow very closely on social media. However, Ostaz strongly holds that musicians and many other celebrities should stop it with the fake lifestyle.

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