Diana B (Marua) drops another song, says willy Paul is a hater


  • Miss B is out of the studio with a fresh second hit.
  • The determine wife and mother couldn’t just let it go and has pushed on despite the trolling she recieved from her last song.
  • Bahati, her husband is surprised and full of heckles to his wife.
Diana B (Marua)

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Diana B, seems to be determined despite the tough-love reception of her first song ‘hatutaachana’ In her first song Diana wore overly body exposing consumes like female rappers in the west do. However, her dressing and allegedly poor singing couldn’t hold back Kenyans from trolling her on social media.

If anyone expected the wife to former music singer Bahati to quit, then they have to face the reality of another song which she released on Friday. The song is a direct counter attack to the haters who have been trolling her on social media for the past one week.

In the song, the new female rapper in town notes that some people don’t love her but she’s taking over the industry by a storm. Diana later encouraged her fans and promised them never to stop despite the wide-spread negativity.

The controversial rapper later said that despite the hating, she already had a weekend busy and full of shows across Kenya lined up for her. The husband, Bahati heckled his wife Diana Marua for going out of her comfort zone and said she had surprised him with the move and utter success.

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