Dj AFRO Amingos Latest Movies Download And Watch (Action, Kihindi)

Movies are part of Kenyans and east African people’s leisure lives. James Muigai aka DJ AFRO has made it easy for Swahili-speaking countries to watch, listen and understand English action movies. DJ AFRO Amingos in Kenya chooses the best movies then commentates in Swahili-sheng slang to make it easy to understand. Starting in Nakuru, DJ AFRO Amingos has grown his audience over the past few years and now has millions of people always waiting for his next commentated movie. Below we bring to you DJ AFRO Kenya Latest movies to watch and download.

Before the dawn of YouTube and the digital revolution in the television sector, Afro had a few people knowing and listening to him. However, with the increase in television use and the dawn of YouTube, DJ AFRO movies are now played on some television stations and more if his movies are popular on YouTube. You can consider Dj AFRO Amingos Latest Movies Download And Watch (Action, Kihindi) for the best movie commentary in swahili and vernacular language. Now let us get to the list of the latest DJ AFRO Amingos movies you can watch or download to watch later.  

Dj Afro latest Movies Video

Dj Afro latest Movies Video

How to download and watch Dj AFRO latest Movies

  1. Download Dj Afro movies from your nearest movie shop

    The good thing about Dj Afro movies is that they can be found in almost all of movie shops at your local village and also in town. You can download and watch Dj Afro movies from movie shops with is very reliable.

  2. Download and watch Dj Afro latest Movies from youtube

    You can watch and download your favourite Dj Afro movies from YouTube. All you need to do is search the movie you want to watch and download it.

  3. Download and watch Dj Afro movies from the Dj Afro website

    You can consider watching and downloading your best Dj Afro movies from the official Dj Afro website of which is very effective and reliable.

List of DJ AFRO Amingos movies to watch and download 

  1. Magic crystal Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  2. The rebel Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  3. The force Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  4. Mirchi Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  5. The beginning Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  6. Temper Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  7. Shock wave Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  8. King of fighters Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download  
  9. Viral facto Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  10. The leader Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  11. Balupu Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 
  12. Badrinath Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 

1. Magic crystal Dj AFRO movie watch and download free 

Magic crystal Dj Afro movie watch and download

Magic crystal is best for those who live action movies. The movie storyline is about a crystal that can do good and bad using it’s magical powers. If the crystal falls on bad hands then the world shall suffer and vise versa. The action process comes in the process of protecting this crystal from falling into the hands of wrong people.  

Cythus Roth Rock and Andy Lau star this movie to make it one of the best DJ AFRO Kenya latest movies to watch and download.  

2. The rebel Dj AFRO Action Movie watch & download  

the rebel Dj Afro movie watch and download

If you love movies with an investigation story line, then this is the one for you. This movie is indian and is a syndicate group being investigated. What drew our attention more to this movie is the fact humorous manner in which DJ AFRO Amingos describes characters. Actually, you can never be bored watching dj AFRO Amingos movies even in boring parts due to his humorous comentating and localizing of characters.  

3. The force DJ AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 

The force Dj Afro movie watch and download

Here is a movie about drugs and a drug empire being taken down by a cop. If such themes are what you like, then relax and watch it download The force to enjoy your time. Abraham is a cop who works hard to destroy a drug empire, in the process the drug Lords also want him destroyed. There is a touch of romance within the action in this movie, yashvardhan and Maya play out this part that DJ AFRO Amingos commentates in a manner that left our ribs cracking, check it out now. 

4. Mirchi Dj Afro Amingos movie watch and download

Mirchi Dj Afro movie watch and download

Indian movies involve a lot of romance and extreme action, which makes their story lines and action interesting to watch. However, the Indian language is foreign in Kenya and other Swahili speaking countries in East Africa. DJ AFRO Amingos translates Mirchi, an Indian movie, such that you hardly realize that you’re actually watching an Indian movie.  

Mirchi was first named vaaradhi before Mirchi. It has a romantic storyline that starts with a vulebt group if goons chasing Manas, prabhas who is at that time playing a guitar helps Manas without any violence. Gradually the two start being closer together, however mManas later asks prabhas to leave her since she fears losing him if they get much closer. Mirchi is among the best DJ AFRO movies to watch or download and watch ch later.  

5. The beginning DJ AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 

The beginning Dj Afro watch and download

The beginning is one of DJ AFRO Amingos comentates movies that those who love diversity should watch. Being an Indian action movie, you can expect a lot of extreme action and touches of romance here and there. The movie is popular with over 100,000 views on YouTube. Since the movie’s original audio is done in Hindu, DJ AFRO Amingos translates it into Swahili-sheng and traces of Kikuyu.  

6. Temper Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 

Temper Dj Afro watch and download

Shall Rao rescue his girlfriend? This is the question you seek to answer by watching the movie Temper, that is comentented by DJ AFRO Amingos. Temper is an Indian movie that features a guy, Rama Rao, whose girlfriend is kidnapped. Rama Rao sets out to save his girlfriend. In the process you shall get a seriece of action and romance scenes.  

7. Shock wave DJ AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 

Shockwave Dj Afro watch and download

Terrorist movies have a tendacy of captivating attention and creating tension as you watch, but not unless you get one commented by DJ AFRO Amingos. He uses his skill to translate and explain in a humorous manner alleviating the tension. Shock wave is a movie about terrorists who attack the town and want to blow up some parts and take people hostage. Andy Lau is the star who is to stop the terrorists moves. 

8. King of fighters Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download


king of fighters Dj Afro movie watch and download

With over 300,000 view, King of of  fighters is one of the popular comentented movies  of DJ AFRO Amingos that you can watch or even download. As the title suggests, this is an action movie that shall keep you entertained for hours. As usually, you get the funny comment from DJ AFRO to make the movie even more interesting. This is one of the best  DJ AFRO Kenya latest movies to watch and download. 

9. Viral factor Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download 

Viral factor Dj Afro movie watch and download

Hollywood movies are the best action movies you can ever set your eyes on, however not without DJ AFRO Amingos comments. For those who live Hollywood action movies, Viral facto is an action movie with a storyline of a scientist who stole a small pox virus copy and now has to be escorted by security agent Sean Wong.  

The storyline us complex and action comes in time after time especially when the convoy is attacked by assilants. Later Sean betrays the convoy for his own benefit. Find out what Sean did and wether he managed to escape with the virus or not. 

10. The leader Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download

The leader Dj Afro movie watch and download

If you like watching movies with indian storylines, culture and environment then this is a movie to keep you happy. DJ AFRO has comentented this movie making it interesting to watch. Watch The leader DJ AFRO movie or download it to enjoy later. 

11. Balupu Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download

Balupu Dj Afro movie watch and download

Dj Afro has displayed great commentary in this indian movie of which explains a story concerning Ravi. Ravi, a bank agent finds out that some people are cheating people in an attempt to steal their money. Ravi teaches them a lesson as the movie goes on while falling in love during the process.

12. Badrinath Dj AFRO Amingos movie watch and download

Badrinath Dj Afro movie watch and download

Dj Afro has five stars in commentating this Indian movie of which is about a young man, Badri. Badri is guided by his spiritual and martial arts master, Bhishima. Badri is supposed to become the protector and Pillar of the badrinath temple. As the movie goes on, badri meets an agnostic individual by the name of Akalananda and tries to revive his faith in God.

DJ AFRO Amingos Biography 

Over the years, DJ AFRO’s efforts have brought a shift in the manner Kenyans view and seek entertainment. Before DJ AFRO Amingos, a few percentage in f kenyans could enjoy movies. With the help of his translation and comentating, even the illiterate can understand, follow and enjoy movies. Small movie watching bases in Kenya primarily depend on DJ AFRO for content. 

DJ AFRO is his stage name but his real name is James Mungai. After getting into the commentating industry and his name DJ AFRO started growing, people started copying him, to keep his uniqueness he added a few more words to his name making it DJ AFRO Amingos AKA Kimonda.  

Little is known about DJ AFRO’s private life. In all his interviews this has never been shared and remains private.  

Dj Afro Latest Movies Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real name for Dj Afro?

Dj Afro popular movie rewriter real name is James Muigai. Dj Afro has attracted a lot of audience, with many people in love with his movie works and narration. Dj Afro is his set name.

Was Dj Afro banned?

Dj Afro was banned by Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board. Dj Afro is popularly known and loved by his fans Countrywide for his awesome narration skills in Swahili.

Why was Dj Afro banned from TV?

Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board banned Dj Afro’s content from Gikuyu TV, terming it unpalatable. Dj Afro’s content from the other movies has been termed illegal from years back and his work has been suspended from airing on the local TV stations.

Is Dj Afro signed by Netflix

Most of the movie organisers and directors aim to be included in Netflix programs, though it became a dream come true for Dj Afro. You will be able to find Dj Afro movie commentary on Netflix right now and watch and download the movie with ease.

What work does Dj Afro do?

James Muigai, as you popularly know him as Dj Afro translates movies into swahili and vernacular languages. This helps most of the people that are illiterate to be in a good position to enjoy movies as the rest do.

How many movie videos does Dj Afro have?

Dj Afro has been on the limelight for quite a while now. You can get in touch with Dj Afro’s content at his YouTube platform. He has around 191 videos on his YouTube platform that you can consider to watch and download.

What is Dj Afro’s net worth?

Dj Afro, for those that have followed his path to success know how much work he has put in. His net worth is around 536 Dollars as most of the sources reveal.

How much does Dj Afro earn in a month?

Dj Afro has not been active over the last couple of months though it was a major boost for his career when he got recruited by Netflix. Dj Afro roughly earns around 106 dollars in a month, though this might be more after landing the lucrative Netflix gig.

When did Dj Afro start uploading videos?

Dj Afro has been on the movie scene from back then and over the years has gained popularity among Kenyans. He uploaded his first video on YouTube on January 10th 2014.

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