The personality of cats change depending on the breed and the individual cat. Experienced cat owners can confess each of their pet cats have had a distinct character and behaviour. However colours of pet cats have been linked to their personality, an idea that has been negated by most researchers. Surveys and cat owners have nevertheless claimed to discover that pet cat colour actually influences the cat’s personality. Let’s find out the facts.

Does your cat pet’s color actually influence it’s personality, what’s true and what’s not?

Most pet cats that are kept at home are the common domestic cats with short hair. Such cats as witnessed in most homes come in different colours but share the almost the same personality. It is common for a black short haired domesticated cat to give birth to a white or mixed colours cat and so on. It is not therefore a guarantee that the colour of your domesticated cat shall influence it’s personality.

That said, most people believe that color actually influences the behaviour of pet cats. Firms and individuals have conducted surveys to prove it ‘unscientifically’ In most of the surveys conducted, most pet cat owners actually claimed that the color of their cats influence their behaviour. For instance, in one of the surveys, it was concluded that cream, red and tortoise shell kittens struggle to let go for a longer time when handled by new people compared to other colours.

People’s Beliefs About Cat colors and their influence

There is hardly any scientific evidence that the colour of your cat might influence the character. This proves that there is little relation between cat colors and their personality. However, the opposite is true, our perception of colors and their meaning ngs tend to influence our cat pet choices.

Pet cat breeds effects on personality

While cat color makes little to no impact on the behaviour and character, the cat breed does influence a cat’s personality. Cat breeds come with distinct behaviour, for instance, persian are known to have a placid personality. It is therefore important to research on breeds and their personality before getting yourself a pet cat.
Therefore, when selecting the color of your pet, the influence should come from your color preference and not perceived behaviour from observing a cat’s color. Below are types of cat pet colors.

Types of cat color patterns

Most short-haired domesticated cats are multicoloured. While the patterns come in many versions, the patterns can be narrowed down into the below cat color patterns.

  • Tabby – These are either stripped, ticked, dotted or swirly patterned
  • Color point – These types of cats usually have dark marks located on the tail, face and paws.
  • Self Color (solid)- This is a cat with a single color.
  • Bicolor – A cat with a white body color and patches of another color.
  • Tortoise shell – these are types of cats with a red and black color pattern.
  • Calico (tri-color) – These are cats that are colored white, red and black.

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