Don Trump JR’s Texts to Mark Meadows during Jan 6th Capitol Siege Exposed- Watch Video

Donald Trump JR’s Texts to Mark Meadows during Jan 6th Capitol Siege Exposed- Watch Video

  • The House Committee has revealed Donald Trump and Fox News hosts texts sent to Mark Meadows during the Capitol Siege that happened on January 6th
  • Trump Jr and other Fox News lawmakers texted the Former US president to send a signal to the crowd and stop the violence since the situation was getting out of hand.
  • The Texts were revealed by the Committee on Monday evening since it was about time Meadows was reffered to the Justice department to face charges.
  • The Vice Chairlady of the Committee, Rep Liz Cheney clarified that the texts clearly exposed distress amongst Trump’s inner circle during the Siege since they were aware that he could Stop it if he wanted to.
Don Trump JR’s Texts to Mark Meadows during Jan 6th Capitol Siege Exposed- Watch Video

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Donald Trump JR’s Texts to Mark Meadows during Jan 6th Capitol Siege Exposed- Watch Video

The House Committee Vice Chairlady, Rep. Liz Cheney reads Donald Trump jr’s texts amongst others sent to Mark Meadows concerning the 6th January violence in the US capitol. The texts were clearly urging Meadows to reach out to Donald Trump and advise him to stop the siege immediately.


Donald Trump Jr sent a couple of texts, followed by others from Fox News presenters calling out for a peace signal for Trump’s supporters who were bringing Chaos to the capitol.

One of Trump Jr’s text messages to Meadows was yrging him to tell President Trump that he needed to do something about the situation since the ‘Capitol police tweet’ wasn’t enough. Liz Cheney launched a motion at the house committe whereby the members voted 9-0 for Mark Meadows’ contempt resolution.

The Contempt report was released on Sunday and deeper investigations triggered since Meadows could still be in sync with Trump’s Whitehouse. This was after Mark Meadows failed to address about the Text Messages during a discussion about the committee’s vote at FOX News.

Mark Meadows actions according to the text show that he clearly understood what was going on and he was likely part of the President’s planners for the day.


Liz Cheney revealed more texts sent to Mark Meadow claiming that it had been a ‘terrible day. Mark Meadows replied to the unknown lawmakers thay he was actually sorry ‘nothing seemed to work’. The Committee of 9 has therefore decided to file a contempt report for Mr. Mark Meadows concerning the US Capitol Violence on 6th Jan.

The House Committee Reveals Texts Sent to Mark Meadows

Liz Cheney revealed that a text was sent to Mr. Meadows on the day of Chaos telling hin that Mike Pence (Former Vice President) should announce all ‘unconstitutiona votes’ cancelled and declared as ‘no votes at all’. These texts clearly unfold the fact that the White house was clearly aware of the unfolding events of 6th.

Here are more texts that were sent to Mr. meadows by Trump’s son, Fox News hosts, and ‘unknown Lawmakers’:

  1. ‘We are under siege here at the Capitol’.
  2. “Mark, the protestors are literally storming the capitol, breaking windows on doors, rushing in. Is Trump going to say something?”.
  3. “There is an armed stand-off at the House Chamber Door, and another one from someone inside the Capitol. Wr are helpless”.
  4. Donald Trump’s Son- “He’s got to condemn this ASAP, The Capitol Police Tweet is not enough”.
  5. Mark Meadow’s reply to Trump Jr- “I’m pushing it Hard. I agree”.
  6. Donald Trump’s Son again- “We need an Oval Office address. He has to lead now. It has gone too far. And gotten out of hand”.
  7. Unknown Lawmakers (Jan 6th)- “Yesterday was a terrible day. We tried everything we could in our objections to the 6 states, I’m sorry nothing worked.”

House Committe- ‘Key Witnesses to Testify’

A few days ago, Mr. Mark Meadows withdrew his concern in the Jun 6th investigations. The House Committee decided to laubch criminal-contempt proceedings to make sure Mr. Meadows faces the law and justice is done concerning the Capitol attack.

At first, Mr. Meadows had seemed to cooperate with the committee to undertake the investigations until the text messages topic was brought in.Apparently Mr. Meadows has withdrawn from the investigation, thus triggering the House Committee to get deeper into the case.

The chairman of the Committee Mr. Thompson stated that Witnesses are going to be brought in to give testimony about certain events that unveiled on 6th Jan, that are connected to the event.

He’s asserted the Americans that the committee is in control of the case and each available witness will be brought forward to testify. He believes that the committee has all it takes to bring Justice upon the ‘terrific Capitol siege’ which was probably enhanced by the White House then.

The committee affirmed the press that they’re going to approach this one keenly until justice prevails. Investigations by the committee are underway and they promise to announce any new findings as soon as they come. Stay Tuned for more LIVE UPDATES concerning Mr. Meadows’ possible Criminal Contempt and more unfolding info about the January 6th Capitol siege.

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