DSTV Explora Ultra Decoder Guide

This article is a DSTV Explora ultra decoder guide for new buyers of the recently released Explora decoder. Being the most popular TV cable service in the world, DSTV has gained a huge following and users more than any other TV service. Multichoice offers DSTV services in a range of packages at varying prices.

DSTV Explora Ultra Decoder Guide

In our guide today, we’re going to illustrate how one can install their DSTV Explora Ultra decoder. The New Explora decoder has amazing features and an exclusive viewing experience far from ordinary. The Explora decoder is ExtraView compatible thus giving users a chance to link it to other decoders.

DSTV Explora Ultra Decoder Features

  1. Watch TV on your own Terms: You can record 220+ Hours of your preferred content for later viewing.
  2. Quality (HD) watching: User can enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and even sports in HD Clarity and more detail.
  3. Enjoy Movie nights: You can rent a Megahit or trending movies from the Box office and enjoy the night
  4. Catch Up: You have a wide range of entertainment content from the ‘Catch Up’ or ‘Find something new feature on the app.
  5. Discover: Users can search and discover more entertainment by using the search features on the decoder.
  6. Easy to Use: The new Explora remote comes with buttons for crucial features and HD menus making it user-friendly and easy to use.
  7. Double Duty: The Explora Ultra Decoder is adaptable to other XtraView decoders thus giving users with 2 decoders a chance to enjoy the Dual viewing experience.

How to Connect the DSTV Explora Ultra to the Internet

The DStv Explora Ultra can be connected to the internet and this will unlock two new features on the decoder known as ‘Connected Services. These ‘connected services’ are; the DSTV Catch Up Plus and Remote Recordings.

If your router is in the same room as your Explora, you can connect your DSTV Explora decoder to the internet using either an Ethernet cable or the DSTV WIFI Connector.

How to Connect the DSTV Explora Ultra to the Internet

Connect Explora Ultra to Internet Via Ethernet

  1. Press your remote’s Blue button and go to ‘Settings
  2. Click on ‘System Settings
  3. Go to ‘Connectivity Set-up’
  4. Insert one end of your Ethernet cable into your decoder’s Green Ethernet Port on the REAR, then insert the second end to your Router’s ethernet port
  5. Your Decoder will now run the ‘Set-up wizard’ and then test your internet’s connectivity.

Connect Explora Ultra to the internet Via DSTV WIFI Connector

  1. Press your Remote’s Blue button and Go to Settings
  2. Select the System settings option and go to ‘Connectivity Set-up
  3. Insert the cable on your Explora’s docking station into the USB port on the REAR of the decoder. (Avoid the port on the side of your decoder that has one)
  4. Insert your DSTV Connector to the ‘Docking station’ then put the station besides your decoder. The DSTV Connector’s LED should now stay solid-white
  5. Your Explora will search for available WIFI networks and display them
  6. Choose the WIFI network you’re connecting to then press OK

Make sure your router is turned ON and enter the right password when connecting to your network. After successfully connecting to the WIFI, you can now check its connectivity by hitting the HELP button, then going to TOOLS then the Connectivity checker.

DSTV Explora Installation requirements

  1. DSTV Dish- To catch the Signals
  2. Smart LNB- Catch and receive DSTV signals from the dish
  3. Multiswitch (If you’re using twin LNB)
  4. Signal Finding machine (Optional)

The Multiswitch is necessary if a user has a coaxial cable along with the Explora Ultra decoder. With all the requirements at hand, you can now begin the installation process. Let’s delve into it!

DSTV Explora Installation requirements

How Do I Install DStv Explora Ultra PVR

Time needed: 6 minutes

How do I install DStv Explora Ultra PVR

  1. DSTV Dish Installation

    Make sure your dish is installed in a proper location, away from buildings and trees for a good signal.

  2. Connect Coaxial cable to LNB Port

    You’ll require an F connector which you’ll use to create a connection from the coaxial cable to your LNB’s uni-cable port i.e the ‘Unicable IN‘ at the rear of your decoder.

  3. Quick Setup

    After plugging the Connector into your Explora Ultra, run the quick installation setup to begin enjoying the watching experience. You can call and hire a professional installer to help you with the setup or Check out the Setup HERE.

Hire a Professional for DSTV Explora Ultra Installation

If you’re facing challenges with your DSTV Explora Ultra installation, we recommend you hire a professional technician to help you handle the task. Fortunately, the DSTV technicians usually have the right tools and equipment for installation.

DDtv Explora FAQs

Where can I find my list of Box office movies?

If you can’t find your Box Office Movies after installing your DSTV Explora, you’re recommended to be a little patient after the process. Upon a successful installation, wait for your newly installed Explora to gain a strong signal to boost the downloading speed.

Can DSTV Explora work without LNB?

If a user doesn’t have a ‘Smart LNB‘, a twin LNB & a Multiswitch will definitely save the situation. Users sharing a communal dish in Flats and apartments usually face this challenge. This installation procedure will however demand extra cabling since one will need to run 2 cables connecting the switch to the main dish.

How can I solve the installation wizard on DSTV Explora Ultra?

To solve the DSTV Explora installation wizard, all you’ll require is your remote. Press the ‘Exit’ button or the ‘Back’ button on your remote a couple of times to instantly get rid of the wizard.

How do you find a Movie Box office on DSTV Explora?

To find a movie’s box office information on your decoder, visit the Title page and go to the ‘Box Office section. You can also get additional Box office info on the IMDbPro Page.

What is special about the DSTV Explora Ultra decoder?

The DStv Explora Ultra decoder comes with Exclusive Features that make it special in the Multichoice market. The User can:
1. Record 110+ hours
2. Pause DSTV live TV for up to 2 hours
3. Rent & watch Blockbuster movies from Box Office
4. Use the ‘Catch Up‘ feature to watch Latest Shows, and so much more!

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