In the everyday use of any decoder, there might be problems. The main issue however is how you do solve them? Some might need advanced help, which you might need to call in customer care services. You can’t do this without having the relevant details that would put you through. Here, we will focus on the various ways that we can use to reach the DSTV customer care Nigeria if there is something we need their help in something. We must have customer care contact details. Here are the DSTV Nigeria customer care contact details.

There are basically four main ways that one can reach DSTV Nigeria customer care. Some of them are accessible via the mobile phone while others are accessible via the internet on the computer. Any DSTV subscriber can use any of them at any time. You can also reach them at their mult8ichoice offices in Lagos. We are going to have their physical address too so that you can visit them when need be. First, let’s get to know how we can reach DSTV Nigeria via their different platforms.

My DSTV app

Managing the DSTV account has never been easy. This is why you need to have a platform to have everything in control from. This is why we have the application available for use by all the DSTV subscribers. You can download the application on your mobile. The mobile app is available on Google playstore and app store. With this application, you can be able to do the following

  • Renew subscriptions
  • Compare the packages
  • Find new programmes on DSTV
  • Self service
  • Contact customer care for further help

DSTV Whatsapp

You can now find quick help by contacting the DSTV Whatsapp line. However, for ease of use, we need to have our details. By details, I basically mean the smartcard number and the surname that you registered for. With the contacts ready, you can Whatsapp the following number; +2349082368533. The only thing you need to do is to say Hi and follow the prompts that will come up there after. This one is a simple way to access the customer care services and you can do the following via the Whatsapp line.

  • Resolve errors
  • Check subscription status
  • Renew subscription plans
  • Compare packages.

DSTV  customer care USSD line

The only condition given for this customer care USSD is that you should ask help from the number that you registered with only. The process is very easy and you can do a number of things byues of this USSD number. This system is accessible to any DSTV subscriber at any time. To access the DSTV customer care via the USSD line, you simply the following number;


After dialling this, with your details intact, you can do any of the following by following the relevant prompts on the screen depending on what you want to do:

  • Fix errors
  • View your transactions
  • Reconnect the account.

4. The DSTV chat

The DSTV chat is found on the DSTV website. To access the DSTV website, you can do the following;

Visit on your browser

On the bottom right hand, there would be a chat icon that you can use to get into the chat. After clicking it, you can now sign in to your account and get the kind of help you want. You can acess various services via the DSTV website chat and you can have your issues resolved or advised on how to resolve them. On the chat you can access the following;

  • Resolve issues
  • Change packages
  • Renew subscriptions

Multichoice Nigeria office physical address

Some issues need the subscriber to visit the office physically. Sometimes the wait on the call centr queues can be so long and they are bound to make some people impatient. This is where the office comes in. some issues can be fixed so quickly and with a lot of ease when you visit the customer cre support at the office. Here is the address to the office.

Multi choice Nigeria Limited, plot 1381, Taimayu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. You can visit these offices at any given time of the day within the week days. There are several services that you can access when you visit the offices physically alongside resolving a number of issues.

Other DSTV Nigeria customer care contact details

Apart from all the other details, there are direct line contact details that you can also use to reach the DSTV services. They include the telephone number and the email address.

When it comes to the customer care contact details, there is usually not much we have to say but the details are so important to have at your disposal in case there is something you need to resolve or any kind of information you have to find out about the services offered by DSTV. This article covers all the DSTV Nigeria customer care details that can help you reach help at any given time. Some of them include aspects of service that would save you the hassle of having to wait on the long call center queues or the physical office limited access. Since we have a variety, we can use any of them that would be available at the moment you need it.  

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