E-wallet South Africa- how to reverse payment

E-wallet in South Africa has made sending money to other people very easy and is very cheap and efficient. The amazing thing about E-wallet is that you can send money from your personal bank account to a registered South African line and not necessarily to another bank account. Hereby, we’re going to take you through E-wallet South Africa- how to reverse payment.

The recipient will immediately receive the money and can withdraw it from his FNB bank account. Sometimes you can make a mistake and transfer money to another account and would like to reverse it. It is very simple to reverse the money to your account as we are going to show you.

How to reverse eWallet transfer
How to reverse eWallet transfer

Reversal of money to your E-wallet account

In case you have done a mistake and you would like to access the money back, do not worry. You can access the money by contacting the FNB customer service. The FNB centre will manually reverse your money back to your account after four working days and fifteen days if the number you sent the money to is not working. You will also be charged a small fee of R50, to be able to successfully reverse your money. You can also follow the following procedure to easily reverse back your money:

How to Reverse E-wallet payment South Africa

  • Dial the number *120*321#
  • Go to option 4 which entails send money
  • Choose option 5 which entails E-wallet reversal
  • Select which transaction you wish to reverse back your money

E-wallet reversal key details

You should be in a good position to know that in case you send money to the wrong number, you should not waste time and immediately contact the FNB customer care for a reversal appointment.  For reversal of your money to be completed, it might take you about four working days for your money to reflect to your account and 15 days in case the number you sent to is not in use.

How to reverse eWallet transfer

Cost of reversing money back to your E-wallet account

Reversing money back to your E-wallet account is not free and a small charge will be required for you to successfully reverse the money and sometimes the procedure might not work the way you wanted to. It will take you around R50 to reverse back the money, therefore we encourage you to be very careful went transacting cash to other South African mobile users to avoid taking a lot of time trying to recover the money. We encourage you to continue using E-wallet to complete your daily transactions with ease and efficiency.

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