Emmanuel narrates their escape from Kamiti Maximum Prison (full story)

Emmanuel narrates their escape from Kamiti Maximum Prison (full story)


• It was found out that the three convicts that escaped Kamiti Maximum Prison were helped by the guards. Emmanuel narrates their escape from Kamiti Maximum Prison (full story)
• After the three convicts escaped, the guards suspected to have aided the escape were arrested for their incompetence at work.

How inmates buy their freedom

Emmanuel, a Prison convict that managed to get his freedom several years ago narrated his story on how he managed to escape Kamiti. He said that it took him about two months to fully plan the escape. He was supposed to stay in jail for one year though after six months, he was fed up about the living conditions in Kamiti that included bad food, inhuman treatment and poor living conditions.

Emmanuel created allies with the warders and could sometimes use their phones to call back home. He used to work at the farm in Kamiti though he noticed that there was no fence and all that was needed was a change of clothes and mix with the crowd to break free. He managed to escape with the help of the guards and travelled counties till the border and escaped to the neighbouring countries without struggling, he said.

Guards on Prison mistreatment

Guards on the other hand, have complained that there are being mistreated, working day in day out and still getting low payment. The payment isn’t enough to manage their daily activities and even pay school fees for their children. The senior officers get more money than the regular warders. Most guards tend to help inmates, especially if the inmates offers money. An inmate can offer ksh.100,000 to the warders to escape prison. The three convicts that escaped were caught and it was found out that some warders aided their escape. The suspected warders are now under investigation and are facing multiple charges.

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