Emmanuel TV’s TB Joshua Dead

  • Emmanuel TV’s TB Joshua has been confirmed dead this morning
  • Joshua has died at the age of 57 years.
  • The cause of his death has not been established yet

TB Joshua has established himself and been known worldwide for his preaching. He was specifically loved and followed for his controversial healing and peforming miracles to his followers. He has made great presence in digital media platforms which he uses to diseminate his teachings.

TB Joshua Has also left behind some controversies to reckon including the collapse of a church during one of his deliverance sessions in 2014. His U-tubd channel was also recently banned due to claims of hate speech in one of the content uploaded showing a session of his deliverance.

In the controversial video, TB Joshua claims that the man he was delivering was obsessed by gay spirits that would not allow him to settle down with a woman. He replied to the accusations saying he preaches love and has never affiliated himself with hate speech.

The reaction from his followers and the general public has been overwhelmed by sadness with some even fainting.

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