Equity Paybill number – Send money from Mpesa to Equity

With the advent of me bile money transfer, everything can be done from the comfort of your seat. All payments, sending money, receiving money and now depositing money can easily be done from the comfort of your home. We prepared this guide of Equity Paybill number to help you send money from Mpesa to Equity.

Equity bank Paybill number for Mpesa

The MPesa Paybill number for equity is 247247. In the next guide, we shall show you how to send money to your equity bank account using from your safaricom MPesa account.

How to send money from Equity to Mpesa

Follow the below guide to send money from MPesa to equity.

  • From your STK menu, choose MPesa
  • From the MPesa menu, choose lipa na Mpesa option
  • On the lipa na M-pesa menu, select Paybill
  • You shall be prompted to enter the equity bank Paybill number which is 247247
  • For the account number, enter your equity account number or any other account that you need to send money to.
  • Next, enter your M-pesa pin
  • In the pop-up message, confirm wether the details you entered are right. If you discover any wrong information, sent eny ler or number to cancel the transaction. However, if the information is correct then cancel to proceed.
  • You shall recieve an MPesa message to confirm your transaction. Equity shall also send you a message notifying you about the deposit.

Equity Customer Care Contact Details

Box AdressP.O. Box: 75104-00200, Nairobi Kenya
Pysical AdressUpper Hill, Hospital Road, Equity Centre, 9th floor
Phone 0763026000
Email[email protected]
FacebookClick here
Help Desk0763063000
Equity bank head office contacts

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