To be able to be successful in a hardware business, you should be in a good position to consider fast-moving hardware products to stock your hardware within Kenya. Most hardware business owners in Kenya tend not to last for more than two years due to losses and slow-moving products.

best selling hardware products in Kenya

We are going to show you the best fast-moving products to consider for your hardware and successful strategies to ensure your business stays afloat.

Fast-moving hardware products for your hardware business

To ensure your hardware business remains afloat, you should sell fast-moving products that are high in demand. These products include;

  • Nails
  • Pulley
  • Locks
  • Screws
  • Faucet
  • Hooks
  • Nuts
  • Chains
  • Angles

Tips to increase your hardware sales


1. Employ quality staff

As a hardware business owner, you should ensure you employ quality staff that will be able to relate well with customers and guarantee sales.

2. Keep in touch with the market trends

You should keep in touch with market trends as they tend to vary from time to time. Ensure your products are in demand to ensure you maximize your sales and generate profit.

3. Good inventory management

Ensure your hardware store has good inventory management that will encourage customers to buy goods with ease and find it easy to find the products they are searching for.

4. Good product presentation

Display your products well and in an arranged manner to attract customers and ensure they find products with ease.

Frequently asked questions

Is the hardware business profitable in Kenya?

The hardware business is profitable provided you have customers. You can gain 10% profit from the total sales.

How much is it to start a hardware business in Kenya?

Depending on which hardware store you want to start, it ranges from ksh.200,000 to ksh.1,000,000.

What are some of the hardware items found in a hardware store?

These are items that can be seen and felt by hand. Hardware items include nuts, keys, locks, wires, belts, washers, screws, chains, and latches.

How can you increase sales in your hardware business?

To increase sales at your hardware store, you should train your employees well and have good and arranged inventory management.

Where do most hardware stores acquire their products?

Most hardware stores purchase from specialty manufacturers and regional wholesalers.

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