Former Tahidi High Actor ‘Omosh’ pleads for financial support again- Jalang’o responds


  • Ex Tahidi High actor Omosh claims to be broke again 
  • Actor Kamau Kinuthia claims that some well-wishers made empty promises
  • Jalang’o responds to Omosh’s financial support pleads, “Hii si ni ujinga tu!”

Detailed News

Omosh’s begging spree

A few months ago, a video of Omosh tearfully and bitterly explaining how his rent arrears and life expenses were overwhelming him went viral. He claimed that his rent credits had exceeded Ksh.100,000, not forgetting that he has children wants he needs to accommodate like school fees and day-to-day care. Hereby, Jalang’o stepped up and affirmed to help him raise Ksh.1 million to help him start over again and he seemingly actually did. Well-wishers also hopped in and offered assets and property that would at least keep him going. 

Tahidi high ‘Omosh’ broke again

As soon as Kamau Kinuthia popularly known as ‘Omosh’ published the interview today, many Kenyans were already complaining about Omosh’s status becoming too much, especially at the point where Omosh started pleading and asking them for menial jobs. Kenyans advised him to pick another occupation or field if acting doesn’t seem to work out for him. They also highlighted his drinking problem whereby some Kenyans concluded that this was the onset of his financial challenges. However, Omosh affirmed Kenyans that he’s been on a rehabilitation course and it has really done some big change in him.  He promised to set up mechanisms and start working to make sure he never holds the begging plate again.  

Jalang’o reacts to Omosh’s money woos

Famous radio presenter Jalas responded to Omosh’s claims by posting on Instagram and despising Omosh’s pleading behavior. Jalang’o said that Omosh was taking it too far since he really has all one can need to step up and make themselves better. He revealed to Kenyans that Omosh had made more than one million from his show and a couple more from well-wishers. Jalang’o concluded that Omosh ‘must be kidding around’ since complaining for the second time was the last thing he’d expect him to do. 

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