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Friendi KSA Internet Packages (latest)

Virgin Mobile offers the Friendi package that offers value for money to customers who would like to stay connected to their global friends and family. Here are details on the Friendi packages in KSA. In this post, we are going to check out Friendi KSA Internet Packages (latest).

1.99 SAR 30MB 1 Day 
4.99 SAR 100MB 3 Days 
8.99 SAR 300MB 7 Days 
12.99 SAR 500MB 10 Days 
14.99 SAR 750MB 14 Days 
17.00 SAR 1GB 21 Days 
25.99 SAR 1.5+0.4GB 30 Days 
39.99 SAR 2.5+1GB 30 Days 
60.00 SAR 5+2.5GB 30 Days 
99.00 SAR 20+20GB 30 Days 
110.00 SAR 10GB 90 Days 
189.00 SAR 20GB 90 Days 
260.00 SAR 50+25GB 90 Days 
330.00 SAR 100+50GB 90 Days 

Dial *108# to subscribe. VAT is included at the time of recharge. 

Fee National Calls (All Networks) Data Bonus Data Validity 
17 SAR 100 Min 750MB  14 Days 
43 SAR 250 Min 3GB  30 Days 
70 SAR 500 Min 10GB 2GB 30 Days 
90 SAR 900 Min 9GB 6GB 30 Days 
110 SAR 1000 Min 25GB 5GB 30 Days 

Dial *112# to access. VAT charges apply upon recharge.  

Daily capped bundles 

Daily Data Allowance Total Data Allowance Validity in Days Price without VAT VAT Amount Price with VAT 
512MB 3.5GB 30 SAR 4.5 SAR 34.5 SAR 
512MB 7GB 14 40 SAR 6 SAR 46 SAR 
1024MB 30GB 30 75 SAR 11.25 SAR 86.25 SAR 

Dial *118# 

Friendi KSA calling and minutes Packages (latest)

National Minutes 

Fees Validity National Minutes 
3 SAR 1 Day 25 Minutes 
15 SAR 7 Days 150 Minutes 
25 SAR 30 Days 250 Minutes 

VAT charges apply. 

Bonus Discount on Recharge 

 Recharge Denomination  Bonus – National Calls & PAYG Internet National Calls (On-Net) & SMS  Voice to Landline Validity 
10 SAR 2 SAR Free 50 Min 1 Day 
15 SAR 3 SAR Free 50 Min 1 Day 
20 SAR 10 SAR Free 50 Min 2 Day 
30 SAR 15 SAR Free 50 Min 3 Days 
50 SAR 50 SAR Free 50 Min 7 Days 
100 SAR 200 SAR Free 50 Min 14 Days 

VAT charges apply. Bonus may be used for PAYG local calls or SMS and mobile data. Top up with 10 Riyals and get free calls and SMS to friendi subscribers. 

3x Bonus Data Bundles 

Fee Data (6am – 12am) Bonus Data (12am – 6am) Validity 
39.99 SAR 5GB 15GB 7 Days 
79.99 SAR 10GB 30GB 30 Days 

VAT is applicable during the time of recharge. Dial *112# 

Friendi Local Calls/SMS 

Local calls and SMS to Friendi subscribers will go for one Halala per Second. It will also cost the same to call other numbers and landlines. 

Both local and international SMS cost 25 Halala per minute. VAT charges apply when recharging, or through transactions on the Virgin Mobile Website or App. 

On-net Minutes 

Fees Minutes Validity 
1.50 SAR Unlimited on-net calls 1 Day 
7.00 SAR Unlimited on-net calls 7 Days 
25.00 SAR Unlimited on- net calls 30 Days 

Dial *117# to access. VAT charges apply during recharge, or through transactions on the Virgin Mobile Website or App.  Consider your budget and choose from any of the above Friendi KSA Internet Packages (latest) that suits you at the moment.

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