Funniest Meme Video – Kenyans can’t stop laughing

The #understandchallenge is arguably the most popular challenge in Kenya this week. The challenge has seen Kenyans exploit their creativity to come up with rib cracking videos and netizens can’t hold their excitement. Most videos were obvious, except for this clip we came across on YouTube from Wanafuu tv. We couldn’t help but laugh at the funny presentation by the crew and as usual decided to share it with Kenyans. Watch the video below.

Wanafuu Tv

Our attention goes to the creators and actors of this videos, Wanafuu Tv YouTube channel. Wanafuu is a YouTube channel with incredible actors who have done a couple of nice comedy and vines. They produce quality comedy content and trending challenges too like the ones you see on tiktok and Instagram. Their latest video was the #UnderstandChallenge, inspired by Omah Lay’s Music video by the name Understand.Wanafuu stepped ahead of the game by performing the challenge in different geographical locations and other extreme environments like literally dancing in fire which made their challenge absolutely outstanding from other #Understand challenges. If you like their content why don’t you subscribe to their YouTube channel and avoid missing the next sizzling hot challenge.

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