How To Change GOtv Package

How To Change GOtv Package

Time needed: 5 minutes.

This is a step-by-step guide on how you can change your gotv package online.

  1. Visit the gotv website

    Visit the official GOtv website.

  2. Log into your gotv account

    Click the login button and fill in your mobile phone and IUC numbers on the spaces provided

  3. Build a gotv package

    Following a successful entry to your account, select ‘build a package from the page’s dashboard

  4. Select Your New Gotv package

    Select the new GOtv package you’d like to downgrade or upgrade to then hit the ‘NEXT’ button upon completion

  5. Choose your preferred gotv payment method

    Hit the ‘PAY’ option on the page and choose your preferred payment method before heading to the next step. Make sure you fill in all the payment credentials correctly to avoid payment failure.

  6. Complete changing your gotv package

    Enter the required personal details accurately to complete your payment and your subscription will be activated in around 10-15 minutes.

Currently, this MultiChoice cable TV product has become many people’s favorite due to its affordability; as well as the free and simple installation process. GOtv has spread its wings across Africa recently since it gives users a chance to select and choose a cost-effective package that favors their budget. Hereby, we are going to look at how to change the GOtv package, and GOtv customer care and service contacts. These packages allow you to access different channel categories such as Movies, Entertainment, news, sports, and even local coverage.

The ability to upgrade and downgrade from one GOtv subscription to another is the key factor that has increased the number of GOtv users in Africa today. Customers can decide to switch their package after receiving their trial package, or when they want a package that well suits their current subscription budget. Many users choose to upgrade their package to access and experience more channels. Below are different approaches one can take to upgrade or downgrade their GOtv packages:

How To Downgrade/Upgrade GOtv Package Via SMS

how to change gotv package subscription via sms

This is one of the simplest approaches to use when changing your GOtv package. All you need is your mobile phone, and airtime to send the upgrade/downgrade SMS to the GOtv servers. Basically, send an ‘Upgrade IUC number’ text to 22688 to be prompted to the next step; or use the contacts stated at the bottom of this text to reach the GOtv customer care or service line for an upgrade. 

  1. Start a new text message
  2. In the message, body write ‘Upgrade IUC number
  3. Send the message to gotv customer care USSD code which is 22688 to change your package
  4. Follow the next prompts to change your gotv package via sms

Changing Gotv Package Online

GOtv Africa has set up a platform known as ‘Easy self-service’ which acts as a portal for all GOtv users. On this platform, users can get updates and development notifications. Hereby, subscribers can reach their closest GOtv dealer, and downgrade, or upgrade a package from the comfort of their space. Consider the factors below before changing your GOtv package at any time:

  • Users with an ongoing subscription are advised to wait for their current subscription to expire before making a downgrade or upgrade to one’s package
  • Upon upgrading or downgrading your GOtv bouquet, make sure you pay for the new subscription rather than the old one to avoid confusion
Changing Gotv Package Online


Using the guidelines outlined in the text above, you can now change your GOtv package today. You can downgrade or upgrade your subscription to access a certain category of your favorite channels. Feel free to use this post as a reference when you need to change your gotv package subscription.


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How To Change GOtv Package Online & SMS

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