GOtv is serving the whole of Africa with the best cable tv services. In Malawi, Gotv offers affordable channels and packages with all the channels you need. Today we have our focus on the GOtv Malawi channel list, packages, prices, and every detail you need to know including their contacts.

There are different packages and they give a different amount of access depending on how much the package is but, all in all, every package has its variety and that is exactly what we are looking for. We shall start with a precise table showing the available packages, their prices, and the number of channels they offer.

GOtv Malawi Prices & Packages

GOtv maxMWK 1300040+
GOtv plusMWK880030+
GOtv valueMWK490015+
GOtv lite packageMWK 210010+
GOtv Malawi channel list, packages, and prices updated

GOtv Malawi Max Package

GOtv Malawi Max Package

Gotv max is the largest package that you can have on GOtv Malawi. It has nice access to the widest variety of over 40 world-class channels, local channels, and maximum entertainment for every member of your family.

It contains channels with every kind of category and you can enjoy unlimited access to any of them when you are subscribed under this package.

  1. price; MWK 13000
  2. Channels; 40+

GOtv Malawi Plus Package

With great access to the channels that we have on GOtv, this package can give you a variety of local channels to choose from and a number of international channels to make your enjoyment even greater. You can choose from up to 40 top local channels and several international channels.

  1. price; MWK8800
  2. channels; 30+

GOtv Malawi Value Package

The GOtv value package allows you access to several channels. Over a wide selection of channels, you can get access to several channels for more entertainment at a lower price.

The access is however not as limited since this is a nice package you can subscribe to.

  1. price; MWK4900
  2. channels; 15+

GOtv Malawi Lite Package


sometimes, you need to cut the cost of cable TV. this can be a very good choice if you consider that. It has a lower cost but with more than one payment option. 20 channels can be cool for its price. There isn’t much to spend on entertainment when you have this but you can still enjoy its variety.

  1. price; MWK 2100
  2. channels; 10+

GOtv Malawi Channels List

since the different available packages have different numbers of channels, it would be nice to see exactly what each of them has to present. That is why we are going to list all the channels in every package, just to let you know what you are about to subscribe to.

GOtv Max Package Malawi Channels

The following is a full list of all the channels that are available on GOtv max Malawi.

  1. super sport blitz
  2. supers port select 1
  3. super sport select 2
  4. super sport select 3
  5. super sport select 4
  6. nickelodeon
  7. Disney Junior
  8. Jim jam
  9. Da Vinci kids
  10. carton network
  11. discovery family
  12. Nat geo world
  13. spice TV
  14. discovery id
  15. MTV base
  16. hip TV
  17. Afro music English
  18. sound city
  19. planet radio tv
  20. Go channel
  21. faith broadcast network
  22. Islam channel
  23. Emmanuel tv
  24. dove tv
  25. Telemundo
  26. E! entertainment
  27. FOX
  28. FOX life
  29. Sony max
  30. CBS reality
  31. M-net movie zone
  32. Eva +
  33. tele vista
  34. Trybe
  35. Galaxy TV
  36. TNT Africa
  37. BBC world news
  38. Al Jazeera
  39. Arise News
  40. TVC news
  41. CNN International
  42. Real-time
  43. Africa magic epic movies
  44. Africa magic family
  45. Africa magic Hausa
  46. Africa magic Yoruba
  47. Africa Magic Igbo
  48. Malawi local channels

GOtv Plus Package Malawi Channels List

this is a smaller package but it still has a wide variety of channels to choose from. Here are the channels that you can enjoy with this package.

  1. GO channel
  2. super sport blitz
  3. E! entertainment
  4. nickelodeon
  5. Jim jam
  6. Afro music English
  7. sound city
  8. Planet Radio TV
  9. TVC Entertainment
  10. Trybe
  11. Galaxy TV
  12. faith broadcast network
  13. Islam channel
  14. Emmanuel TV
  15. Dove TV
  16. Al Jazeera
  17. BBC world news
  18. Arise news
  19. Africa magic epic movies

GOtv Value Malawi Channels List

This package immediately precedes the plus package. it has a variety of international channels and local ones. here are the channels available on this plan.

  1. GO channel
  2. supersport blitz
  3. TVC channel
  4. Africa magic epic movies
  5. Galaxy tv
  6. nickelodeon
  7. Afro music English
  8. Faith broadcast network
  9. Islam TV
  10. Emmanuel TV
  11. Dove TV
  12. Al Jazeera
  13. CNN International
  14. TVC Entertainment
  15. PBS kids
  16. Malawi local channels

GOtv Lite Package Malawi Channels List

GOtv Lite is the smallest GOtv package available on the subscription plans. however, you can still enjoy some local and international entertainment on this plan. These are the channels it has;

  1. GO channel
  2. supersport blitz
  3. PBS kids
  4. Galaxy TV
  5. CNN International
  6. TVC Entertainment
  7. afro music English
  8. faith broadcast network
  9. Emmanuel TV
  10. Islam TV
  11. Dove TV
  12. TVC news
  13. Al Jazeera
  14. Malawi local channels

Gotv Decoder Price In Malawi

Gotv decoder price in Malawi is MWK 24,999. For this price, you get a decoder, antenna, and a 1-month supa subscription

Gotv Malawi Customer Care Contacts

Short Code54688
FacebookCustomer Care Number
Customer Care number+265 1 895 777
AddressMultiChoice Malawi Independence Drive Namiwawa Blantyre Malawi P O Box 801, Blantyre, Malawi
Gotv Malawi customer care contacts


All the above channels lists and packages give us a hint of what we are about to subscribe to. it is very important for you to know this before you decide on a package. we still have a variety in every package and that’s what we need most. We have the GOtv Malawi channel list, packages, and prices updated information and we can easily decide on which plan would be best. You can pick on your best package and start enjoying it now.

Gotv Malawi

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