South Africa’s M-Net and MultiChoice services decided to launch the GOtv product in the country to provide users with affordable free-to-air TV services. This cost-effective pay-TV service was introduced to support low-budget customers, and offer them a variety of channels in packages that suit their cost-effective packages. In this post, we are going to check out Gotv South Africa package prices and channel lists offered by each.

Gotv South Africa

Does Gotv Work In South Africa?

Digital GOtv packages are already popular and functional in African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, and even Uganda. To start enjoying your GOtv subscription in South Africa today, you’ll have to purchase a GOtv decoder first at R700. Moreover, you might need a GoTenna which costs around R300 to complete the hardware setup. Upon purchasing these items and a GOtv package, you’ll surely receive a free installation to complete the whole process. 


However, only two GOtv bouquets have already been launched in South Africa i.e. the GOtv Lite package as well as the GOtv Value package.

How Much Are Gotv Packages In South Africa?

GOtv Lite PackageR45 per month10 + channels
GOtv Value PackageR99 per month12 channels
Gotv South Africa Packages And Prices

GOtv Lite Package South Africa Channels


A GOtv lite package in South Africa costs R45 only for a monthly subscription. This is considered the most economical GOtv subscription since it goes for the cheapest monthly subscription. Moreover, it comes with two TV cable channels ranging from entertainment to local channels as well. So what are the channels available in the gotv lite package in South Africa? Below is a list of the channels you shall get.

  1. Dumisa
  2. Mzanzi magic music
  3. M-Net movies zone
  4. Mzanzi Wethu
  5. Africa magic Epic
  6. Mzanzi Biskop
  7. TLC Entertainment
  8. Nicktoons
  9. Supersport Blitz
  10. Disney Junior
  11. Mzanzi magic Music
  12. Channel O
  13. Dumisa

GOtv Value Package Channels In South Africa

GOtv Value Package Channels In South Africa

Purchasing a GOtv Value package goes at ZAR99 for a monthly subscription. It is a cost-effective GOtv bouquet since it is affordable and holds up to 10+ channels. This package gives you a variety of channels to choose from thus giving you different tastes in every category. The GOtv value subscription holds slightly more channels than the lite package which is considered the most affordable GOtv package. These channels include:

  1. M-Net movies zone
  2. Mzanzi Wethu
  3. Africa magic Epic
  4. Mzanzi Biskop
  5. TLC Entertainment
  6. Nicktoons
  7. Supersport Blitz
  8. Disney Junior
  9. Mzanzi magic Music
  10. Channel O
  11. Dumisa

Gotv Decoder Price & Installation In South Africa

The price of a Gotv decoder is R699 in South Africa. Get yours today and start enjoying the diverse channel experience as soon as you subscribe. A Gotv antenna in south Africa costs R299, you shall also need to pay for the installation services or do it yourself if you have the knowledge.

Gotv Decoder Price & Installation In South Africa


South Africa aims at converting analog TV users to digital and affordable pay-TV services. Since the analog TV system is expected to be switched off soon, many South Africans have considered going for the GOtv because it offers an awesome experience over cost-effective package prices. With the Gotv South Africa packages, channel list,  and prices updated guideline above, you can purchase your GOtv South Africa bouquet today and enjoy!

Enjoy gotv life

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