GOtv Zambia Channel List, Prices, And Packages 2022

Are you a GOtv user in Zambia? Or you are probably thinking of acquiring one and becoming a subscriber. It is very important that you get to know how GOtv Zambia operates with prices and what channels and packages they offer.

There are different packages, each with different prices and channels. The channels and packages come in different banquets which have different price tags and are paid for differently.

You will choose one of them and enjoy GOtv services according to the amount of money you are willing to offer.  However, with this hack, you can use gotv premium free of charge for life!

The following is the full GOtv Zambia channel list, packages, and prices to keep you updated on the prices and the available packages.

Gotv Zambia Packages, Channels, And Prices

GOtv Zambia Package ListGOtv Zambia Channels ListGOtv Subscription fee
GOtv Max50ZMW 160
GOtv Plus42ZMW 110
GOtv Value28ZMW 50
GOtv Lite (Monthly)18ZMW 30
GOtv Lite (Quarterly)10ZMW 60
GOtv Lite (Annual)10ZMW 140
Gotv Zambia Packages, Channels And Prices summary
Gotv Zambia Packages Prices & Channels

GOtv Zambia Prices And Packages

The following are the GOtv packages in Zambia and their respective prices.

NO.package channelsprice of subscription
1.GOtv max65ZMW 160
2.GOtv plus42ZMW 110
3.GOtv value28ZMW 50
4.GOtv lite
10ZMW 30 monthly subscription
5.GOtv lite 10ZMW 60 quarterly subscription
6.GOtv lite10ZMW 140 annual subscription
GOtv zambia prices and packages

The above are the main GOtv packages in Zambia. The subscription is either paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis depending on the package you choose.

However, we need to know a little more about the packages separately since each one of them has different access to the services and channels available for viewing.

Now, let’s talk about the access and what each of the above packages has to offer.

GOtv Zambia Max Package

GOtv max is basically the best pass to all the channels that you may want to view. It has the highest subscription price on the GOtv Zambia list which makes it the best and has unlimited access to all the GOtv channels.

This package gives you the best of GOtv experience and offers a wide variety of spectacular viewing of your favorites including the best of sports selection on GOtv!

GOtv Zambia Plus Package

this package gives you a wide selection of viewing options across local and international channels but the access is restricted to 57 channels.

They are not too few for the price since they allow you to enjoy a wide array of choices as you enjoy the view at the comfort of your home.

Zambia GOtv Value Package

the GOtv value package immediately follows the GOtv plus option.

It has a relatively nice range of choices that gives you and your family, including your kids a very god time on any of the available 40 channels that are there to choose from.

Gotv Zambia Lite Package

GOtv lite comes in three different options to choose from in terms of the subscription plan.

There is monthly, quarterly and annual subscription plans that you can choose from. you can have fun on any of the available 23 cannels on any of the GOtv live plans.

Gotv Zambia Channel List

Each of the above channels have their own variety and there is so much to enjoy when you are on the different plans. some have more while others have few channels depending on the plan but all in all you get to enjoy a variety of the available channels.

GOtv Plus Channels Zambia List

  1. GO channel
  2. Iroko music
  3. Telemundo
  4. e-entertainment
  5. M-net movie zone channel
  6. Eva+
  7. Africa magic movies
  8. Africa magic family channel
  9. Africa magic world
  10. Africa magic Hausa
  11. Africa magic Yoruba
  12. Africa magic Igbo
  13. Zee world
  14. Vox Africa
  15. tele vista
  16. trybe
  17. galaxy TV
  18. B4U tv movies
  19. FOX life
  20. TV Africa
  21. BBC world news
  22. CNN international
  23. al Jazeera
  24. arise news
  25. TVC news
  26. faith broadcast network
  27. Islam channel
  28. Emmanuel TV
  29. Dove TV
  30. supersport blitz
  31. super sport select one
  32. super sport select two
  33. super sport select three
  34. nickelodeon
  35. Disney junior
  36. Jim jam
  37. Zambian local channels
  38. MTV base
  39. hip tv
  40. afro music English
  41. sound city
  42. planet radio tv

GOtv Max Channels List Zambia

the plan has more channels now and some good news for sport lovers is that super sport select four is now available on GOtv max alongside many others that e are just about to see.

The following is the list of channels on GOtv max-Zambia.

  1. super sport blitz
  2. super sport select 1
  3. super sport select 2
  4. super sport select 3
  5. super sport select 4
  6. BBC world news
  7. Al Jazeera
  8. CNN international
  9. Arise news
  10. TVC news
  11. eTV Africa
  12. MTV base
  13. hip tv
  14. sound city
  15. planet radio tv
  16. dove tv
  17. faith broadcast network
  18. Islam channel
  19. Emmanuel tv
  20. Zambian local channels
  21. nickelodeon
  22. Jim Jam
  23. Disney junior
  24. M-net movie zone
  25. GO channel
  26. Eva+
  27. Africa magic epic
  28. Africa magic family
  29. Africa magic world
  30. Africa magic Yoruba
  31. Africa magic Hausa
  32. Zee world
  33. Vox Africa
  34. Tele vista
  35. Trybe
  36. Galaxy TV
  37. B4U movies
  38. Fox life
  39. Iroko music

GOtv Value Channels List Zambia

We have a lot of variety on GOtv plans and value is part of the variety. if you’re new to GOtv use and you are not so sure about what you are about to subscribe to on GOtv value plan, this might be a very good place for you.

The following is the full channel list for GOtv value plan.

  1. 13 local Zambian channels
  2. go channel
  3. e entertainment
  4. Africa magic epic movies
  5. Africa magic world
  6. Africa magic Hausa
  7. Africa magic Yoruba
  8. Africa magic Igbo
  9. Trybe
  10. Galaxy TV
  11. Islam channel
  12. Emmanuel TV
  13. Dove TV
  14. Afro music English
  15. sound city
  16. planet radio tv
  17. fashion one
  18. spice tv
  19. super sport blitz
  20. super sport select 1
  21. nickelodeon
  22. Jim jam
  23. TVC entertainment
  24. BBC world news
  25. Aljazeera TV
  26. Arise news
  27. eTV Africa

GOtv Lite Channels List Zambia

For the lite package, we also have a variety of channels that are available and it is also important we get to see what we have on the list for GOtv lite list.

  1. 10 local Zambian channels
  2. ETV
  3. Aljazeera tv
  4. TVC news
  5. GO channel
  6. Galaxy tv
  7. super sport blitz
  8. TVC entertainment
  9. Afro music English
  10. Jim Jam
  11. faith broadcast network
  12. Islam TV
  13. Emmanuel TV
  14. dove TV

Gotv zambia Customer Care Contacts | Phone | Location | Code | Email

Short Code4688
USSD *668#
Email[email protected]
Customer Care Number+260 211368343
AddressMultiChoice Zambia Limited, Plot no. 34772/34773 Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka, Zambia P.O Box 320011
Gotv zambia customer care contact details

As a GOtv Zambia user, you now know the different channels that are available on every of the available packages and their different plans.

Its worth referring to this article before you go for any of the plans especially if you are not so sure about what they have to present.

This is the detailed GOtv Zambia channel list, packages and prices updated list 2021 that’s there to guide you in case you want some information about any of the those. Feel free to comment, complement or ask a question about GOtv Zambia.

Frequently Asked Questions About GOtv Zambia Services

How much is full package GOtv Zambia?

GOtv Plus is the full package and has 42 channels goes for ZMW 110 monthly in Zambia.

What are the GOtv packages and their prices?

GOtv Packages and Prices
✓GOtv Max
✓GOtv Jinja
✓GOtv Smallie

What channels are on GOtv packages?

GOtv Zambia Package List
GOtv Zambia Channels List
GOtv Subscription fee
GOtv Max
ZMW 160
GOtv Plus
ZMW 110
GOtv Value
ZMW 50
GOtv Lite (Monthly)
ZMW 30
GOtv Lite (Quarterly)
ZMW 60
GOtv Lite (Annual)
ZMW 140
Gotv Zambia Packages, Channels And Prices summary

How can I check my GOtv package?

To check your gotv package;
✓ Open the MyGotv App on your smartphone.
✓ Enter the mobile number on your Gotv account.
✓ Next, input your Gotv decoder IUC number
✓ Now, click on “Login” to sign in to your account.
✓ Once you are logged in, you will see your current Gotv package displayed on your dashboard

Does gotv Zambia have free channels?

Gotv comes with a one month free subscription. After this, you need to pay for GOtv packages and channels.

Can I upgrade my GOtv package?

Yes, you can upgrade your gotv package.
✓ Log into your gotv account
✓ Build a gotv package. ✓ Select Your New Gotv package
✓ Choose your preferred gotv payment method.
✓ Complete changing your gotv package.

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    Hi,I paid for K50 last week and it’s only showing channel 20

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    You guys I have been paying K279 Monthly and the channels have been changed. What’s happening kanshi?
    I need my old channels and all the channels.
    You can’t be giving me Telemundo channels. I need educative channels
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