GSU Graduates In Viral Video Get Painful Punishment


  • The kenya national police service has launched investigations on the viral video of GSU graduates.
  • In the video that went viral. the graduates are seen rowdy and uttering threatening sentiments aimed at kenyan citizens.
  • Kenyans expressed mixed feelings about the sentiments and actions of the fresh GSU graduates.

Detailed News
Viral Video Of GSU officers recklessly celebrating their graduation with threatening utterances that angered kenyans

The national police service has begun investigations on the GSU viral video. In the video which raised concern and widespread reactions from Kenyans, the fresh graduates are seen celebrating their graduation from the general service unit and further proceed to threaten Kenyans about the power they were awarded.

After the video went viral. the national police service orders that the deployment of the duo be suspended. The group shall now have to remain in the GSU training camp as they await their fate. The National police service is probing on how they were admitted to the GSU force and their motivation behind joining the service. The investigation shall also include finding the exact number and individuals who participated in making the provoking video.

Bruni Shioso, the police spokesperson said that actions to be taken against the group shall be in line with the National Police Standard Operating Procedures.

“Of course we understand these are young officers who are full of excitement for their 1st day of service. It was a big day also in terms of the chief guest present, but there must be a review of what happened. We can’t make assumptions,”

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